Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

The Regulatory Council of D.O. Valdeorras, the winemakers and the entire team of "the mother of the wine"  wish you  Merry Christmas .

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Meet the new wineries that presenting their videos at the DO Valdeorras web

Christmas is coming and from The mother of wine we are pleased to offer you three new videos of the Valdeorras wineries that, through the Web site of the Regulatory Council, will present you the excellence of their work.

So that you may know a little better these wineries, we go with the video and a brief description of their work:


Ago today more than a century, Manuel Guitián put their first plantations on the sunny slopes of Córgomo, thus starting a family tradition that reaches today.

Manuel Guitián taught his son José and this tought  his son, Ramon Guitián, care of the plantations.Today, is the son of the latter, Berna Guitián with his wife, who wanted to continue this long family tradition of winemaking, through the creation of a winery for the development of production of these own vineyards, located in the Córgomo slopes.

DBERNA winery is equipped with the latest technologies winemaking, where applying new production techniques, combined with technology and family tradition, it gets a magnificent quality in its Godello and Mencia wines that are a true reflection of the Valdeorras quality seal .

Adega Jose Aristegui

Adega Jose Aristegui is a signature wines winery and with a near implementation which began operating in 2012 with initial production of about 6,000 bottles.

In its first year, has achieved significant awards from some of the most prestigious nationwide competitions of new wines. Done that catapulted it, immediately, to have a important presence also in the international sector.

In developing its wines: José Aristegui Mencia, José Aristegui Godello and Traste, the winery use a carefully process to select the grape varieties in the centenarians plots for the vinification.

Bodega Roandi

The Family Moral in their 4th generation of winemakers, assumes the project of founding Roandi Winery. This latest generation of the family, grown with innovative flair while respecting tradition, are aware of the possibilities of autochthonous Galician  strains coupages and in this careful balance, endow their wines with a distinctly and  unique character typical of the Galician red varieties .

 The vineyards sit on slopes of 525 m. of altitude on slate soils and clayey nature. These vineyards are composed of ancestral strains, mixed with the conversion of 16 hectares of a Galician noble varieties wineyard and, with a balanced compendium, endow to their wines with a large set of complex feelings, different and unique. With this, Roandi makes a wines of high common sense, based on respect for the earth and ways to work it inherited following the traditional line of ancestors.