Monday, February 25, 2013

The wine "Godello A Coroa" wins for the second year running the Swedish Monopoly Network.

The godello wine of the "A Coroa Winery", attached to the DO Valdeorras appellation, reaffirms its position in the Swedish market when winning for the second year running the Swedish Monopoly Network.

The fact of achieving the highest recognition from this market for two consecutive years is described as "exceptional" by System Bolaget - Swedish state organization that governs the monopoly -, since rarely a winery gets the highest score twice.

The Winery of the DO Valdeorras appellation, which sells 50% of its production in some of the most important international wine markets - USA, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland , Germany, Sweden - qualifies this fact as a great opportunity to continue reaffirming its position in Sweden and the Nordic market.

The offer of System Bolaget, aimed to the Galician wines and which got the answer of 33 wineries, ended with a scoring of 23 out of 27 votes for A Coroa, putting the winery in a comfortable position with a wide margin of difference regarding its competitors.

The state company System Bolaget, or monopoly, is unparalleled in any other place in the world. It has more than 2,300 registered trademark products from 40 different countries, including beer, wine and spirits. In addition, its suppliers have in stock about 8,500 products available upon request at any store in the country and it launches about 2,000 new products annually.

Currently System Bolaget has 418 stores and over 500 agents that cover smaller communities. Employees are qualified people and good experts in food and drink, who offer the best service to customers. They all perform a thorough preparation and all products, regardless of their origin, are entitled to the same treatment.

System Bolaget is defined as a company dedicated to the sale of alcoholic beverages responsibly, while seeking to provide a first-class service. This is achieved by a controlled access through a limited amount of stores, of opening hours and of sales regulations.

The winery A Coroa is delighted of being once more part of the cast of products that form the Swedish monopoly, since it means its wine has passed through strict quality controls and also a professional tasting, in which the best wines are chosen among all those that arrive at the headquarters of the Swedish company.

According to the Commercial Director and Exports Manager of the winery, Marta Sertaje: "for a familiar winery as it is A Coroa, the fact of being in this market once more is a unique opportunity to reaffirm our presence abroad. Last year about 50% of our production was exported and over the 10 years that our wines have been in the market we have broken records in sales".

Bodega A Coroa, though being a familiar winery, counts on a modern winemaking equipment. A rational viticulture that uses well the personality of its variety Godello and always looks for quality is the philosophy that guides the work in A Coroa, where they are convinced that wine is mainly achieved in the vineyard.

Its elaboration is focused on a careful and rational treatment of the grape, which makes use of the best technology and respects the diversity of the land, being the first winery attached to the DO Valdeorras appellation that makes a controlled production in its vineyards.

The international prestige of the A Coroa wines comes endorsed by numerous awards. Among them, the following are the most important of 2012:

Best Wine - The New York Times Selection - Blind tasting

Gold Medal - World Selection of Wines of Canada

Gold Medal - International Wine Competition of Lyon

Silver Medal - Best Spanish Wines for USA

"Gran Mezquita de Oro" - Mezquita Awards 2012

Grand Gold - Galician Wines Guide

Gallaecia Distinction 2012

Silver Bacchus 2012 - Awarded by the Spanish Tasters Union

Monday, February 4, 2013

The wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation reinforce their presence in the Brazilian market.

A batch of 24,000 bottles will travel from the cooperative-winery 'Jesus Nazareno’ bound for the Brazilian market, along with high expectations of expansion in one of the emerging and most interesting markets for the wine industry.

A batch of 24,000 bottles of 'Menciño' is the way through which the wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation will be launched onto the Brazilian market. This was announced last week by the president of the cooperative-winery 'Jesus Nazareno', Manuel Fernandez, who explained that the Export Department of the company is, at this time, finalizing the details of the business deal.

As said by its president, the cooperative of O Barco and the vast majority of the wineries of the DO Valdeorras appellation bet on foreign markets a long time ago, being this the reason of their presence in countries like USA, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. He also added that finding new clients is not limited to foreign markets and that the cooperative-winery 'Jesus Nazareno' has been working for year with major national food chains, with very encouraging results.

The great time of the wine cooperative is endorsed by sales data; "This month we have sold 20,000 Euros more than last year" said Manuel. In this sense, the high prestige that the wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation have achieved abroad in recent years is confirmed, mainly based on the good balance of between quality and price.

To the high quality of the wines is added the increase in sales, which has been possible due to the high production of the winery. According to the data provided by its chairman, about 1,8 million kilos of grapes came in its facilities, not being the available deposits enough big to store that must and having to keep a consignment of 70,000 liter into several complementary tanks.

The great expansion of the winery over recent years has led the amortization of the new facilities, causing that the board of directors is looking into the possibility of distributing the capital and allow the entrance of new partners.

The consumer's acceptance of the wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation, along with the current socio-economic situation, have led the recovery of vineyards which for years haven't been worked, being these replanted with native varieties of Valdeorras.

This consolidates an expansion plan which bases its evolution and development on the production of top quality wines at competitive prices.

Manuel Fernández became the president of  "Jesús Nazareno" in 1986 and will remain in his charge four years more, after the associates ratified his position as head of the cooperative two weeks ago.
The short term plans of "Jesus Nazareno" contemplate the recovery of the old facilities of the cooperative, those from which the first wine of the company came out in 1963. Despite of this, this is a possibility that the governing board is still looking into and besides, the difficulties in finding funding are hindering its execution. However, the implementation of the project in several phases would allow to a more likely investment.

In this way, slow but surely,- like the process of elaboration of the good wine-, the wineries of the DO Valdeorras appellation continue to expand their prestige and recognition both nationally and internationally.