Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Exceptional reception for wines of Valdeorras in A Coruña, beating record of sales and attendance.

The wines of Valdeorras beat record of attendance and sales of stock during their presentation in A Coruña last week.

The attendants of A Coruña respond greately to the Wine Tunnel event of the wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation held last week, and in which wines were able to be bought in the hall.

"The response has been impressive. It exceeded the organization expectives and wine stock of many wineries was sold, having to be even replenished several times during the act". These were the words of an excited Jorge Mazaira - Technical Director of the  Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras appellation- who, apart from showig his gratitud for the great response of attendants, also appreciated the friendliness and warmth of the people of a city in which, as the topic says, "nobody is a foreigner".

There, about 500 "herculinos" visited the Hall thoughout the two days that the event lasted. Among them, there were not only professionals of the sector  but also general public that could enjoy and buy the wines at the same prices sold in cellars.

Wines from cellars were praised by all visitors and their purchases were massive. Despite the great experience that the Regulatory Council has at national and international presentations - Madrid, Barcelona, ​​San Sebastian, Zurich, Tokyo, New York, Dallas ... -, there were several wineries that had to replenish up to 3 times all their wines.

For their part, the organizar company SERVINO, congratulated the DO Valdeorras apellation on the quality of its wines and on the great expectations aroused by the public of A Coruña, exceeding "by far" the best expectations created around the event.

For all this, from the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras appellation and its wineries,  it is imperative to send a warm thank to A Coruña city and its people, highlighting the great wellcome received and the exquisite kindness of all attendees.

Thank you very much to all!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The wines of the DO Valdeorras apellation will be presented exclusively in A Coruña, the following 7th, 8th and 9th of August.


16 wineries and 38 comercial marks, under the quality seal of the DO Valdeorras apellation, will be presented in A Coruña, sharing with the audience their quality and colaborating with the Rías Altas Food Bank.

This initiative is presented through the collaboration between the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras and SERVINO promotion company, combining quality and commitment in a  unique and innovative approach in the sector.

The events will start on Wednesday, August the 7th, with a guided tasting coordinated by the technical director of the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras, Jorge Mazaira and to be held in the tasting class of SERVINO - Rua Europa 3, A Coruña -. In addition, this act will serve to will present the Project as well as to provide the most prominent data of the DO to journalists.

Throughout the coming days, thursday the 8th and friday the 9th, the event will move to Miramar Hall of Hesperia Finisterre Hotel Center - Paseo do Parrote 2-4. A Coruña –, where the Valdeoras Wine Tunnel will be shown from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm both days.

The Wine Tunnel, in which attendees will enjoy a total of 38 trademarks belonging to 16 wineries of Valdeorras, will be characterized by the non-presence of winemakers, being the Technical Director of the Regulatory Council along with two prominent Sommeliers, the responsibles for advising the audience and answer to the required technical specifications of the wines there exposed.

The great novelty that presents this event is focused on the possibility of acquiring all the wines in the same place, optimizing the visit of all attendees and offering the possibility to take home the top wines from the Hall.

To participate, each  attendee must provide 1kg of non-perishable food that will be transfered to the Rías Altas Food Bank, with the firm conviction of making a particular aid to the neediest people.

Participants must request the invitation on: info@servino.net

Valdeorras and its wines are waiting for you in this joint commitment: you can not miss the event !

Monday, July 8, 2013

Vanguard cuisine and unique pairings are waiting for you at the16th Valdeorras Wine Fair by the hand of Román Dacosta Fernández

Young, but also very well prepared, is how the young chef Román Dacosta Fernández  is defined and who, after having had experiences in important restoration centers in Italy, the U.S. and Galicia, arrives at Valdeorras to share unique dishes and unforgettable pairings within the acts of the 16th Valdeorras Wine Fair.

Attendees of the 16th Valdeorras Wine Fair will have the opportunity to enjoy the culinary art of one of the greatest Chefs and with most projection of the new vanguard cuisine of Galicia, Román Dacosta  Fernández who, through the most innovative cuisine, proposes unforgettable pairings through unique dishes and elaborated exclusively for the 16th Valdeorras Wine Fair.

Totally for free, attendees will not only taste them and know their preparation, but will also have the  chance to know the synergies of these with one of the most fashionable wines in the international wine scene: those produced under the seal of quality of the DO Valdeorras appellation.

At his 24 years old, Roman considers himself a big fan of the cuisine of prestigian galician chef Pepe Solla: "Solla is a reference, I love his cooking". The cook also stands out by his professional experience in the Italian cuisine and through which, in his words: "I went into a fusion cuisine. A traditional cooking, but of reformed tradition. "

In turn, the chef states that the baggage obtained abroad related to this fusion cuisine and applied afterwards to the traditional product of Galicia, confers to his creations an atavistic touch as well as innovative.

In Valdeorras and through a well prepared Showcooking, Román will propose attendees the possibility of adapting the traditional product of Galicia to new international avant-garde cuisine - "Through this Showcooking, we pretend to approach the public to varied dishes made of no complicated products or elaboration methods. Everybody should be able to cook, a posteriori, all the proposals without any difficulty at home. It aims to demonstrate that through simplicity we can also achieved delicious and new flavors. "

Regarding the wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation, he highlights their quality and exclusivity, being the whites a great bet for dishes that go from scallops to cod, and the freshness of the reds Mencia a right choice to pair with all types of meats and tartar.

In this way, we advance you the dishes made exclusively for the event; you will not only know its elaboration, but you will also taste them at the 16th Valdeorras Wine Fair, to be held the coming 13th and 14th July and in the schedule that we attach below.

This is:

Saturday,13th July (from 7:00 pm to 9 pm)

1. - Scallop with Paraguayan and shallots with salty butter of cilantro.
2. - Leg's veal confit with Mencia and aromatic oil. Served with mashed potatoes and horseradish.

Sunday, 14th July (from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm)

1. - Salmon marinated in soy and Godello with a smoked touch and fat cream of salmon with "fricossé" of carrot with dill.
2. - Chicken thigh with Shitake jam with macerated Mencia grapes.

(from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm)

3. - Veal sweetbreads with roasted reduction of Valdeorras, young garlic and  hazelnut.
4 -. Galician Octopus with olives, Mencia and potato confit.

We would like to remind you that we hope to see you at the Fair and do not forget that there will be bus lines to the exhibition center - Recreational Area do Aguillón, in  A Rúa of Valdeorras.

Are you going to miss this?!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Coroa, Ruchel and D'Berna, winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively at the Acio Awards 2013

The Ministry for Rural Affairs and Sea of the Galician Government gives the distinctions that identify the best wines and spirits of Galicia and for which, once more, the wines of Valdeorras continue to shine with their own light.

In this way, and among the award-winning wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation, Godello A Coroa 2012 has won the Gold, Ruchel Mencía 2012 the Silver and D'Berna the Bronze. Furthermore, Joaquin Rebolledo Mencía 2012, Godeval Godello 2012 and Viña de Fornos Godello 2012 were awarded with a diploma.

In a framework of incomparable quality of the Galician wines and within the international prestige of the DO Valdeorras appellation, the Godellos and Mencías of Valdeorras are still characterized by their nature year after year. Thus, in the 2013 edition of Wines, Spirits and traditional Liqueurs of Galicia, the work of winemakers has been rewarded once more through the following awards:

Golden Acio for A Coroa Godello 2012

Adega A Coroa continues its evolution in terms of recognitions, obtaining this year the Golden Acio award, after having achieved the silver in the previous edition. This endorses the work of one of the most international wineries from the DO, since over 50% of its production is sold in major markets like the U.S., Japan, Central Europe, Scandinavia and Britain, among others.

After a 2011 vintage that has earned prestigious awards and great international recognitions  (Best wine - The New York Times Selection - Blind tasting; Gold Medal - World Wines Selection of  Canada; Gold Medal - International Wine Competition of Lyon; Silver Medal - Best Spanish Wines for the U.S.; Golden "Mezquita" - Mezquita Awards 2012; Grand Gold - Galician Wine Guide; Gallaecia Distinction 2012 and Silver Bacchus 2012 - Awarded by the Spanish Tasters Union, apart from winning for the second year running the Tender of the Swedish Monopoly), the harvest 2012 pretends to follow the same line, taking an important step in its national positioning with this Golden Acio.

Godello A Coroa 2012 has the following tasting notes: fresh and daring colors, loaded of light and gleam that evoke spring garden of green leaves flowers with light yellow colour.

To the nose, it shows warm notes with hints of refreshing and sweet flowers such as elderflower, jasmine and grass, that merge with freshly cut fruit such as pear, apple and mango with refreshing citrus finish.

To the palate it gets fresh and vivacious, combining with the warmth needed to achieve an outstanding balance. It is structured and powerful.

With also hints of citrus juices -specially of grapefruit with subtle bitterness-,  the aftertaste turns long, delicate and very elegant.

Silver Acio to Ruchel Mencia 2012

Ruchel Winery achieves with its Mencía the highest recognition for the reds DO Valdeorras appellation in this edition.

The work of the winery follows the line achieved in 2010 with its Godello, selected best white of Galicia 2011, confirming this time the great development of the reds DO Valdeorras in recent years.

The winery, known for its notable international presence and a great care of its supply chain, has been one of the pioneers to settle in the Brazilian market and its wines are marketed under the prestigious seal "Galicia Quality".

The tasting notes of Ruchel Mencía 2012 are: of red cherry colour, middle layer, bright. It is characterized by a medium intensity, excelling in its sharpness which highlights the tones of the variety Mencía.

To the palate is soft, tasty and subtle, with an harmonious balance that touches exceptional roundness and in which the gradation, since it is no excessive, acts as an interesting factor that gives it a careful balance.

Bronze Acio to D´Berna Godello 2012

Winery de Bérna, with an idiosyncrasy marked by an affinity for the natural environment of Valdeorras, had known how to extraplote these features to their wines, in close relation with a family tradition that dates back to the last century as well as with the latest innovation; this confluence of factors have provided their wines an unmistakable stamp of prestige, that always distinguish the winemakers of Valdeorras.

The peculiarity of their vineyards, settled on the slopes of Córgomo and with an exceptional geographical orientation, is conjugated to mature plants and a very characteristic mineralized ground, turning their production into great interesting wines and of prized exclusivity.

The tasting note of D´Berna Godello 2012 are: To the nose it shows notes of melon and apple, with honey and lemon tones. Notes of minerals in the end.

To the palate is fruity, of silky touch, with hints of ripe white fruit, subtle sweetness, herbal tones and a unique taste of slate. Creamy, fresh and fruity, with a light and elegant end.

Thus, we offer you the possibility to taste them "in situ", visiting the Valdeorras Wine Fair the coming 13th and 14th July in A Rúa of Valdeorras. Besides of taking pleasure of trying the prized wines of Valdeorras, you will enjoy a broad range of activities that, for sure, will delight all attendees.

We will be waiting  for you!