Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The 2011 harvest of the DO Valdeorras has been qualified as "Very Good" .

The 2011 harvest of the wines joined under the guarantee of quality DO Valdeorras have been rated as 'Very Good', as the Regulatory Council announced last week. Meanwhile,  the City Council of A Rúa gave its "Cigurro" wine awards to the DO Valdeorras wines.

The multitude of national and international awards that the DO Valdeorras wines have earned through the 2011 harvest, have become the hallmark of the international prestige of a crop that, from the beginning, was expected as a sign of quality and recognition to all work made by producers and winemakers in Valdeorras.
In this line, and following rigorous analysis criteria founded on excellence and quality, the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras  has described the 2011 harvest as "Very Good", in a clear framework of continuity with the work carried out in recent years by the DO,  that has positioned these wines among the most stylish in the international wine world, being recognized as the great promise of Spain in the international wine industry by some of the most prestigious specialists in the sector.

For its part, the Regulatory  Council of A Rúa has given its first tasting awards this weekend - Wine contest of the DO Valdeorras.

 An amount of 33 wines took part in the tasting organized by the City Council of A Rúa, that yesterday gave its awards set out in three categories for the contest.

In the white wines category the "Cigurro" was for A Coroa Winery, the red wines "Cigurro" was for Melilla Winery and the Golden "Cigurro", established for other years harvests, was for Viña Somoza Winery.

The memebers of the jury were José Serrano, Ramón García, José Luis Bartolomé, Jesús Mielfa and José Manuel Fernández Anguiano.

In addition to the trophies and medals, wines awarded in the different categories will be present in all the institutional events of the City Council of A Rúa during a whole year.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Caramelized Bananas With Aguardiente ( Eau de Vie) From Valdeorras and Caramel Custard Ice Cream

 To sweeten the weekend, from the Mother of the wine we present you this amazing avant-garde gastronomic recipe of Galicia, in close pairing with a Godello Lías DO Vadeorras. This dessert, by courtesy of the prestigious Chef of “Grupo Nove” Pablo Romero and of the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras.

Pablo Romero, restless tracker of products, he goes daily around the markets looking for products for his menu. His menu is very flexible, it changes quite often because he doesn’t find what he’s looking for. Many times the market decides for us.

His love for cuisine started very soon at “A Costa da Morte”, where his grandmother create, at the family restaurant, those famous pies, fish and shellfish. His family has always valued good product. Later he decided to make of that hobbie his profession, leaving his university studies and working full-time in this. Altough he makes modern cuisine, he always keeps in mind the traditional recipes.

At his restaurant, “Allo e Aceite” (in Pontevedra) we discover a new way of enjoy the daily chosen products. Simplicity in the creation, surprise in your mouth.
Selected products and simple creations made with avant-garde techniques and respect, all with a modern presentation.

So this is how Pablo presents his dessert and its wine pairing

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It starts the “Live and Drink Godeval Route" through ten bars and restaurants in Ponferrada

Info: El bierzo digital
 A dozen bars and restaurants of Ponferrada have launched a promotion with which they try to build customer loyalty with a Godello white wine of the neighboring region of Valdeorras.

Godeval winery, a pioneer in the recovery of this variety in Valdeorras, has been chosen by the distributor "Bodegas La Seca" to carry out this promotion. Ten establishments from Ponferrada will distribute, by consuming this white wine, a card numbered to participate in a draw on next August 1.

The initiative could be enjoyed until the end of July. The awards to win are batches of wine and a special award consisting of a dinner for two people in one of the participating restaurants. To join the contest and enjoy of a great wine as Godeval is, you only have to perform the route shown on several posters in the participating establishments.

On the Route "Live and Drink" partcipate: Café Teatro , Bergidum, La Carrá, Vinomio, Lugar de Montejos, Las Cuadras, El patio de la Obrera, Capricciosa, Bernain, Alhaja.

The First Fair of Excellence Products of the Euroregion gets an amazing success in the village of O Barco

Photo: Manu Sánchez (Alan de Val) Info: Manu Sánchez - La voz de Galicia - La Región
The First Fair of Excellence Products of Galicia and Northern Portugal, in which the Valdeorras wines have played an important role, closes with figures of around 35,000 euros in profits for producers, in the words of its responsible, Irene Dacal.

During the weekend, the Malecon avenue of O Barco was closed to traffic so the 22 producers of quality products from Galicia and Portugal could set up their stalls. Visitors could buy everything;  from wine to honey or even traditional "mirabeles" and cold meat of Portugal and Valdeorras.

There were sold sweets for 1 euro, but also wine bottles for 25 , so the balance made ​​from the Department of Tourism and Economic Development of O Barco notes that this weekend's food fair has generated "between 30,000 and 40,000 euros in sales», according to data released today by the responsible, Irene Dacal.
This is the calculation made under the 2,500 purchasing tickets delivered, that give the right to participate in a drawing for various prizes. She said that "the producers were delighted, and even there were some that had to go and got more products because they had already sold all"; some of them also pointed to their intention to return whenever possible.

Several wineries of Valdeorras have joined the act from their respective stands, offering the excellence of its wines as an inducement to the quality of the products displayed.

You can get more information about each by clicking on its name

Meanwhile, a contest of sandwiches, involving twelve competitors, preceded the closure of the First Fair of Excellence Products of Galicia and Northern Portugal.

 The winner was José Luis Ferreira, who used as a main ingredient pepper pate. The second and third prizes went to Franciso Bussieres Valcarce and Manuel Fernández Lopez, respectively. The winners will enjoy of three days stay in Barcelos (Portugal), a weekend in Sarria (Lugo) and the spectacular "O Pazo de Castro" in the village of O Barco.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Two "Acio" Gold awards, one Silver and one Bronze for the DO Valdeorras wines at the "XXIV Wine Tasting of Galicia"

Info Source: "La Voz de Galicia" newspaper - Marta Sertaje (A Coroa Winery)
Gold "Acio" award to Joaquin Rebolledo in the category of best red wine of Galicia, Gold "Acio" award to Godello Bioca Selección as best white wine of the DO Valdeorras, Silver "Acio" award to Godello A Coroa and Bronze "Acio" award to the Hacineda Ucediños, are the prizes that have certified the great moment of 2011 harvest  in the DO Valdeorras.

Following the line of recent times, the DO Valdeorras wines are still causing sensation in the different competitions in which they take part.

A good proof of this is the Golden awards that accredit the Joaquin Rebolledo's Mencía as the best Galician red wine at the "XXIV Wine Tasting of Galicia", award given under the approval of the Department for Rural Affairs.

Joaquin Rebolledo continues to reaffirm the tradition that credits one of its wines as one with most projection and recognition in Spain. This award joins the former wins that the winery got beyond our borders to reinforce the quality and excellence that characterizes the 2011 harvest of the DO Valdeorras.


Meanwhile, as the best white wine in the category of guarantee of quality, Bioca Godello Selección has been awarded with the Golden "Acio" award, as far as it concerns the DO Valdeorras.

Bioca Godello, belonging to María Teresa Nuñez Vega winery, has been one of the great ambassadors of the DO Valdeorras wines internationally, achieving become a creditor of multiple awards in several competitions in Europe and North America.

In turn, the Valdeorras winery "A Coroa" has established itself in the Galician wine industry, becoming  Silver "Acio" award in the category of white wines of the DO Valdeorras.

After being considered as the great white spanish wine in North American, as it is credited through the "The New York Times" publication and the gold medal in  "Selections from Canada Mondiales de vins" competition (the largest wine contest in North America) among many other awards gotten ​​in this continent, while continuing to reaffirm its presence in Europe with the gold medal in Citadelles Vin in France, Excellence in ProWein (Germany) and tender the monopoly on the Swedish market, now takes revalidation with this new award of its excellence in the Galician market.

While the Bronze has been given to Eladio Santalla Freire winery for its 2011 Godello "Hacienda Ucediños"

Through these three new awards, it is been proved the  great work of the DO Valdeorras wineries, in order to offer a premium product that has become a benchmark in the most demanding markets of the international wine industry.

Come and enjoy this weekend of the I Fair of Gastronomic Excellence Products of Northern Portugal and Galicia, in the village of O Barco (Ourense)

  As we announced in previous publications, the town of O Barco (Ourense) will host this weekend the I Fair of Gastronomic Excellence Products of Northern Portugal and Galicia, with several wineries of Valdeorras as protagonists.

 Some of the most outstanding gastronomic manufacturing of Galicia and Northern Portugal, flagged under the seal of Euroregion Excellence Products, will be shown on 14th and 15th July at the Malecon Avenue, in the village of  O Barco de Valdeorras.

In a must for the DO Valdeorras wines, several wineries will represent the quality of their products in the region. These may be purchased and enjoyed in the stands in combination with the most delicious cuisine of different regions that make up the transboundary project of collaboration and promotion.

We would like to remind you the cellars of Valdeorras that will be at the event under the Euroregion Excellence Seal:

You can get more information about each by clicking on its name

As an added bonus, all those who so wish may participate in the event through culinary creation, consisting in a sandwiches competition. Those participants will have the opportunity of winning three exclusive tourist weekends in three major tourist centers of Galicia and Northern Portugal.

Click on image to enlarge

Through this initiative, you are invited to know the rich gastronomy of the Euroregion, inmerse in the idyllic place of the Valdeorras region.

Do not miss it!