Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The New York Times qualify the Godello as "the promise of Spain in the international wine sector"

 The wine critic of the American publication The New York Times, Eric Asimov, surrenders to the peculiarities of the Godello variety, extolling the virtues of the wines made ​​from this variety and considering this as the great range for the future of Spanish white wines internationally.

Major critics of American wine world  and of remarkable global impact in the sector, have echoed the awakening of the indigenous variety of Valdeorras, the godello, as the great promise of Spain in the international wine scene.

Emphasizing the area that characterized the wine, a tasting group, formed by four of the most famous American wine critics (Florent Fabricant, Kerin Auth, Michael Madrigale and Eric Asimov) have evaluated 20 white wines of various regions made ​​from Godello.

Among them, five wines produced by wineries of Valdeoras have been highlighted in the Top 10, especially the A Coroa Godello 2010 wine, which has  stood out with great notoriety.

A Coroa Godello 2010 has topped the list of the Godello wines evaluated in New York Godello, with the following tasting notes: "Deep, savory and distinctive, with a succulent lip-smacking texture and tropical fruit flavors" being described as: "This wine did not merely represent potential; it was potential realized"

In a framework in which the godello varieties were from areas such as Monterrei, Ribera Sacra, Bierzo and, of course, Valdeorras, the Godeval Godello 2010, Guitián 2010, As Sortes 2008 and Ladera Sagrada 2010 have joined the Godello A Coroa to conform the list of major godellos of the DO Valdeorras sold in the U.S. market, at the discretion of these well-known specialists.


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