Friday, May 11, 2012

Over 500 members of the wine sector from Asturias twin with Valdeorras through the wines of this Galician DO

Photo: Jorge Mazaira
New success for the embassy in Gijon of the DO Valdeorras which, through their wines, get a new critical success and affluence in Asturias. 

"The uniqueness and quality of the Valdeorras wines strongly position the image of these wines in the Asturian region." This is what sums the assessment fo the Regulary Council, in the words of its techical manager Jorge Mazaira, who has echoed the general feeling of the more than 500 people attending the event.

 In an event marked by a turn mainly professional, attendees were able to taste the excellent wines of Valdeorras represented by 21 of the most significant wineries in the region. This fact serves to reaffirm the maxim that gives the wines Valdeorras the name of "Revolution winemaking of the century XXI" and emphasizes the quality of some of the most fashionable wines in international wine scene.

Photo: Marta Sertaje
  The assessment of the wineries get us back by the hands of Marta Sertaje, commercial director of the winery A Coroa, who has highlighted the large number of distributors attending the event and high ratings shared of these wines. 

The group of attendees, a part of sharing the accolades mentioned above, highlighted the exquisite treatment received by winemakers and the Regulatory Council, within the wide grounds enabled for the act. 

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