Monday, May 14, 2012

The winery Alan de Val captivates the audience in its day of gastronomy and sexology

 The firm commitment of the Valdeorras' wineries with the wine tourism was ratified last Friday with a day of gastronomy mixed with sexology held in the winery Alan de and carried out by the sexologist Monica Novas. 

About thirty attendees were able to enjoy a day of suggestive and original wine tourism which, in addition to discovering the erotic secrets of the gastronomy of valdeorras, allowed them to taste the high quality of the wines and spirits produced by Alan de Val winery. 

Within a theoretical and practical framework in which the sexologist Monica Novas discovered the culinary secrets that give certain dishes a clear erotic touch. The breaded rib, a typical dish of the region, was the great protagonist of an event in which it was able to enjoy not only of mussels of O Grove but also of cheeses, typical pies of the region called "bicas", chestnuts and truffles. 

According to the sexologist: "In the breaded rib the highest sexual desire is related to the preparations prior the tasting of this dish, a ritual that difference this variety of pies of the others, as it is required to separate the bread covers to savor the rib. These movements and the hot spice used to seasoning it, makes it to produce more pleasure than a normal pie" 

Referring to the spicy, Monica says that " the spicy stimulates heat receptors and the brain sends endorphins to palliate the pain , and these are the same that stimulate sex" 

The event has shown a strong commitment with the ethnotourism offered by the winery Alan de Val and serves as a complement to their offers on its website. 

In addition, this act has been useful as a dynamic element to the next open day that the wineries of Valdeorras will held next May 26 and where the participants who so wish can visit the facilities and taste the wines from the wineries that make up the DO for free. 

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