Monday, May 30, 2011

Draw of invitations for presentation of the wine DO Valdeorras in Madrid

The Regulatory Council of Valdeorras, through Mother of wine, offers the chance to the presentation and wine tasting that will be held on June 6 at the Palace Hotel in Madrid.

On the occasion of the presentation and tasting held DO Valdeorras in Madrid, bringing together the more important persons of the professional sector, the Regulatory Council of this appellation of origin, through the mother of wine, has made available to Internet users the opportunity to attend this event for free  by through the granting of a large number of invitations to his followers.

To search for equity and that all those who wish to attend can do it; the mother of wine reserved the latest 10 double invitations to deliver them by drawing of the contest to the first 10 users who answer the question that you formulated below.

To participate, just send us the correct answer together with your name and the name of your companion to:, or by private message to facebook account of the Mother of wine. Besides meeting our winemakers, have the opportunity to taste for free the excellence of the best wines from Valdeorras.

Are you going to lose it?

This is the question:

What is the most significant and relevant grape of the DO Valdeorras?

A) Tempranillo
B)        Godello
C)      Albariño

Answer the question and come  to enjoy the wines DO Valdeorras for firsthand.

See you there!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The wine cellars of the D.O. Valdeorras will present their wines on the 6th of June in Madrid

The wine cellars of the D.O. Valdeorras will present their new crop in the Palace Hotel in Madrid, on 6 June.

Confirming the date for the submission that wineries DO Valdeorras will present its new crop in Madrid. The date and location selected are, on 6 June at the Hotel Palace in Madrid, hall Cánovas, from 12:00 to 2:00pm and 17:00pm to 21:00pm.

In the D.O. Valdeorras policy to bring the excellence of their wines will be known to all areas with a strong wine culture, could not miss the Spanish capital as a major point of sale and promotion of these wines. Whereupon, the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras, through its president José Luis García Pando, aims to bring together the most prominent professionals of the wine and catering sector, to wineries belonging to the DO to showcase the excellence of the new crop 2010.

In its promotional policy, the C.R.D.O. Valdeorras not want to leave out the general public. And through the mother of wine, will make available on Monday, a set number of invitations to all those non-professionals who wish to attend the event and enjoy this promising harvest of winerys of the D.O. Valdeorras, will can do so for free.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The quality of the wines D.O. Valdeorras extends its qualities abroad

The quality of the wines D.O. Valdeorras extends in markets with strong potential and culture of wine. 

Events as the Great Match in Dallas and FENAVIN, are an example of the great reception they are getting the wines of the DO Valdeorras abroad. In this respect, although from the Regulatory Council is said that there is still much to do although it is working very well, many wineries are beginning to reap the benefits of the quality outreach work of the wines Valdeorras abroad. 

The advocacy work undertaken by the wineries themselves, reinforced by the Regulatory Council's promotional policy, coupled with the exquisite work of producers, resulting in a high quality of the wine, does that today, the wines of the DO Valdeorras are in high demand in markets with high potential and wine culture. 

 And there is nothing more than stare at the recent confessions of major food critics and sommeliers  beyond our borders, to eliminate any kind of vanity of these words. Thus, for the U.S. Gerry Dawes, one of the most important wine and food writers who best knows our country, is not lost on the large growth in all facets of the wines have reached DO Valdeorras. 

Meanwhile, winemakers are beginning to feel the effects of these policies that combine promotion and quality in the increasing import demand ever more regions to beyond our borders. From Valdesil, echoing the message left by collecting baton the excitement from the Albariño for the Godello . And speaking of the demand for their wines in markets like the Swedish, Norwegian, Swiss, Danish, Belgian, Canadian, Japanese, Australian or Brazilian. Affirming that the most relevant sommeliers settle your bet on the criteria of authenticity and quality. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

The wines of Wineries Ruchel have been sign an important agreement for import and distribution in Brazil

Wineries Ruchel , through the mediation of the Xunta de Galicia, has sign an agreement with the promotion and distribution company Gmg Importação e Exportação to offer their wines in Brazil.

The company of Brazil Gmg Importação e Exportação, inked a agreement commercial for the promotion, distribution and offering in Brazil of wines produced by wineries Ruchel framed within the seal of quality CRDO Valdeorras. The event, which has brokered the Xunta de Galicia through the Regional Minister of Rural Areas, Samuel Juárez, and of the Sea, Rosa Quintana, along with the manager of Galicia Calidade , Carlos Vila Enriquez, and along with of national secretary Agricultural Protection in the Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil, Sergio Herrera Francisco, has completed the signing of an agreement to import and promotion in Brazil of the products of four important food companies in Galicia.

Thus, Bodegas Ruchele, with extensive experience in the field of processing, distribution and export of wines, firmly it will be positioned in a market with high expectations of growth in what the wine industry is concerned. And will reward all the exquisite mime  in safeguarding the pure essence of godello  within which avoids the use of enzymes that can produce flavors and aromas for this variety unfit , what has already exalted it as the best white wine of Galicia in 2010, awarded with the seal of "Galicia Calidade."

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Know the wines and wineries that will represent at Valdeorras tomorrow at the Great Match in Dallas

Tomorrow will start the XVIII edition of the Great Match which take place in Dallas, and where the CRDO Valdeorras plays a prominent role.

The Great Match is the most important initiative to promote Spanish wine in the important U.S. market. In this issue, and because of the great success over the last years of the wines DO Valdeorras, the Regulatory Council Valdeorras will be the responsible, along with CRDOCA Rioja, to exalt the excellence of Spanish wines in the stronger wine import market worldwide.

Through a tasting seminar which will be held tomorrow at the Old Red Musseum from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. for DO Valdeorras and 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. for DOCA Rioja (Dallas time), the two regulatory councils will have the important task of representing the large group of Spanish wineries with the presence, or with presence expectations, put on this market.

Of the large quantity of quality wines coming out of the region of Valdeorras, the following have been selected to participate in the act, according to the organization of the Great Match.

Godeval Godello 2009

Vía Nova Godello 2009
Vía Nova Mencía 2009
Pagos de Galir Mencía Crianza 2005

ValdeSil Godello 2008
ValdeSil Montenovo Godello 2010

Ruchel Godello 2009
Ruchel Mencía 2009

A Coroa Godello 2009

Casal Novo Godello 2009
Casal Novo Mencía 2009

Castelo do Papa Godello 2009

Click on the winery for visit their website or online store

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

El Ibérico, first informative newspaper written in Spanish in London, will celebrate its anniversary with wines from the DO Valdeorras

 The winery Alan de Val , a member of the D.O. Valdeorras, along with Chef Nacho del Campo, has been selected for pairing the Spanish food tasting at the event to mark the first anniversary of the newspaper "El Ibérico "

El Ibérico is the only fortnightly newspaper written in Spanish for the Spanish community in London. The idea to set up the newspaper came about following a detailed study which noted the large number of Spaniards living in the British capital. Whilst other communities already have their own newspaper, ours lacked this fundamental medium, providing on the one hand Spanish and British news stories and on the other hand, creating links with readers and companies of the city.

El Ibérico is distributed once a fortnight at more than 100 key spots in London populated with large numbers of Spanish and Hispanic speakers. Furthermore, they are the only form of written communication issued at the traditional newsstands located at tube stations such as Victoria, Charing Cross, St James Park, Queensway, Tower Hill, Baker Street, Camden Town etc.

Thus, the winery valdeorresa continues to reaffirm the high quality of its wines both outside Spanish borders. Strengthen its commercial position in the important market of the British Isles, which are already known its excellence.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Regulatory Council of the D.O. Valdeorras will represent Spanish wines in U.S.A on 19 May

The Regulatory Council of the D.O. Valdeorras next to the body of that name of La Rioja, will be responsible for representing the Spanish wines in the "Great Match" in Dallas next May 19.

The next May 19 will be held in Dallas the XVIII edition of the "Great Match". Again this year will have a prominent role the Regulatory Council of the Valdeorras, which, in its zeal to bring the excellence of its wines all over the world, will present the new crop of wines from Valdeorras in the strongest sector market.

In an event open to professional groups as the general public, the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras, will be responsible to convey the excellence of wines from Galicia, represented by those belonging to the DO Valdeorras, through a trade and tasting seminar aimed at distributors, winegeeks, press ... which will be held on May 19, in time from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm (Dallas time), in the Old Red Museum, 100 Houston Street, Dallas. The event will close with another trade and tasting seminar conducted this time by the Regulatory Council of the D.O. Rioja in time from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm (Dallas time).

Thus, these two denominations of origin will be responsible for introducing a more specific way the Excellencies of the many Spanish wineries participating, through one of the best white and one of the best red wines produced in Spain.

In this video we present the participation of the DO Valdeorras in the "Great Match" held in 2010 in New York

Monday, May 9, 2011

Vicente del Bosque expected to wines D.O. Valdeorras at the National Wine Fair, FENAVIN

The next 10, 11 and 12 OF May, Ciudad Real hosts the National Fair of Wine,and how could it be otherwise, will feature wines from the DO Valdeorras; and this year will enjoy the presence of important figures in art, sport and communication as ambassadors of luxury.

"FENAVIN is the reference trade fair worldwide within the Spanish wine-growing sector." This is the way the National Wine Fair is defined by the famous newspaper EL PAÍS, in its Business supplement, and ICEX (the Spanish Institute for Overseas Trade), in an assessment report carried out when finishing the fifth edition of FENAVIN, which took place from 5 to 7 of May 2009.

Spanish wineries and cooperative associations have committed themselves to the National Wine Fair as an instrument to boost the domestic and international wine business since its first edition. Although FENAVIN is a consolidated trade fair, every year the management team has the same goal: Do business with a pragmatic and efficient working system able to meet the best relationship between offer and demand. 

Since the very beginning, it specializes in overseas business, an international project that allows the Spanish wine offer be present in the most important markets. In this way, the Trade Fair has delegacies all over the world: 2,150 buyers from more than 50 countries worked at the fair in 2009 and the participation of 507 of them was managed by the organization.
 Buyers’ countries present at FENAVIN from the first to the fifth edition
In this context, D.O. Valdeorras will share its wonders with the audience in its own stand that will have the Control Board, located in Hall ENEO, A Street No. 19, where 10 wineries will be represented to DO, that offer the possibility to enjoy "in situ" their good work and its prestigious wines.

In addition, the delegation of the D.O. Valdeorras actively engage in innovative activities in this edition, these are based on synergies between the wine and the world of sport, health and culture. In this context, the sixth edition will feature FENAVIN of significant figures in art, sport and communication as ambassadors of luxury.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Valdeorras white wine is the protagonist in the award ceremony by Robert Parker

Source: comunicalium - - ElEconomista
Pezas da Portela of Wine Cellars Valdesil, soars as the lead in the medal ceremony for Robert Parker in Madrid.

If someone has set the trend in the wine world in recent years, this person has been Robert Parker, through his publication "The Wine Advocate". He has been responsible for the grand opening to foreign markets, especially U.S., of the Spanish wines. Therefore the government of Spain, in recognition of the promotion and unification of criteria that Robert Parker made, has decided to award the medal of the Grand Cross of Civil Merit  which has been imposed by the Minister for Rural Affairs and Marine, Rosa Aguilar.

Back in 2007, Robert Parker, had transmitted a prophetic speech in wich heralded the arrival of the internationalization of Spanish white wine, in this played an essential role  the wine cellar of Valdeorras, Valdesil. That year, Robert Parker, did not hesitate to describe the Godello of this winery, made from century-old grape vines, as one of the best white in Spain.

 After nearly four years hard work and careful mime, the most prestigious and world famous "guru" of wine, did not fail to enjoy the company of this wine in one of the most important events nationwide.

Today, the work of Robert Parker, has been internationalized so that in order to reliably track the proliferation of wines worldwide, is assisted by a team of experts, in Spain represented by Jay Miller, who do not hesitate to praise the quality of wines from Galicia, between those who play a prominent role the Godello of Valdeorras.

Learn more about Jay Miller through this video

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

French enologists rewarded the wines of the DO Valdeorras

Two white wine of  Valdeorras winners in two prestigious wines competitions in France.

 Award-winning two wines Valdeorras in two importants wine events in France. Bioca Godello 2010, Maria Teresa Nunez Vega wineries, has been awarded a silver medal in the 35 edition of Challenge International du Vin, held in the towns of Bourg and Blaye, near Bordeaux. This event received a total of 4,624 samples came from of 34 countries on five continents. The , organized by the association Concours Des Vins (CDV), is characterized by the rigor of the process of tasting, which is made ​​taking into account the views of producers, technicians, distributors and final consumers, who share a seat on the jury.

While the 2011 Paris Vinalies contest organized by the Union des Œnologues de France, highlighted with another silver medal to the broth VALDEORRAS "Viña Somoza on Lias 2010"  of the Winery and Vineyards Viña Somoza. This competition aims to recognize the "terroir" and the uniqueness of the wines in front of the growing internationalization of the market. In this competition has involved more than 3,000 samples came from 39 countries and were judged by over 100 professional tasters worldwide.

As input to highlight these awards only say that both belong to the vintage 2010, which talks of the excellence of this new crop, which has been brought to market by almost all  wineries of Valdeorras.

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