Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wine industry professionals from Switzerland give a great welcome to the DO Valdeorras wines

Wine industry professionals, comprised of specialized press, importers and large Helvetic wineries, remarked the qualities of the D. O. Valdeorras wines at the presentation held last Monday.

The Regulatory Council of the Valdeorras Guarantee of Quality and an important delegation of wineries attached to this designation, in their initiative to show the excellence of this land all over the world through their wines, held a presentation of their wines in Zurich last Monday, 24th October, which has brought high praise for the Valdeorras wines.

As evidenced by the photos sent by the technical manager of the Regulatory Council "in situ", Jorge Mazaira, the Swiss professional sector has enjoyed a more than pleasant evening, in which it has been highlighted the quality of the Valdeorras wines, referring specially to the excellent structure of the whites Godello and emphasizing the strong presence of fruit in the red wines.

This is another success for the Valdeorras delegation, which prepares the next presentation in Barcelona on November 10th.

Know all the attending wineries at the presentation of Zurich:

Adega Roandi

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Valdeorras godello selected as the best Galician white wine and as the second best in Spain

.The prestigious "Guía Peñín", made by the wine critic Luis Peñín, elevates the "Pedrouzos Valdeorras Godello 2008" as the best Galician white wine and the second best in Spain.

Once more, a Valdeorras Godello shines with its own light in the international wine scene. If only a month ago the noted American critic Stephen Tanzer gave to the wines of the cellars Valdesil scores that exceeded ninety points, is now Luis Peñín who soars to a new godello deValdesil, Pedrouzos 2008, with a score of 96 points of 100.

To this wine has been joined Pezas da Portela, also from the 2008 harvest, reaching 94 scores out of 100. In this way it's confirmed the great harvest for the winery owned by the DO Valdeorras in 2008, that continues to collect major awards within or beyond our borders.

The good time of the winery is evident with the foresight of expanding their plantations of the godello grape variety to meet the expected sales of its white wines of high quality.

In the last three years, the Galician winery has planted 15 hectares of Godello and is planning to add 25 more, so its annual production could evolve from the 200,000 bottles, that normally obtains in a normal year, to the 500,000 bottles that have been predicted to get the medium-term.

These new plantings will be added to the 30ha of own vineyards and to the 58ha controlled, which are the property of local winegrowers, mainly of the white variety godello and the rest of Mencia for the red wines.
Galicia sells 35% of its production overseas, and now wants to set up in new markets such as the Swedish, the Russian, the Mexican or the Chinese. And due to its expanding purpose, there's been a significantly increase of its workforce.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The D.O. Valdeorras is committed to the quality of its vineyards

  1The decreasing number of vineyards hectares and the strong increase of the land extension of preferred varieties, show the clear commitment of the DO Valdeorras to substantiate his defining criteria on quality aspects.

As proved, the newspaper "La Región" has collected the following information provided by the Regulatory Council:

"The 1,300 hectares of 11 years ago have turned into the current 1,159. Furthermore, there has been a significantly increase of the vineyards extention of godello and Mencia, which went from 206 and 132 to 286 and 274 hectares respectively. Additionaly, the vineyards of Alicante and Jerez have dropped from 582 and 307 to 235 and 139 hectares respectively. "

The grants, the labor specialization and the international leadership have garnered the preferred qualities. And now these are the leaders of this commitment which has been rewarded in recent years by a relentless rain of awards, both nationally and internationally.

Meanwhile, from the technical department of the Regulatory Council, an important research is being held in several directions, an information that has been given through this blog. The investigation of the wine in Galician oak , the development of the toasted wine of Valdeorras and a possible future production of Cava, are some of the projects that keep our expectations of an encouraging future for the DO Valdeorras.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Valdeorras wines present their excellence in Switzerland

A great group made up of 12 Valdeorras wineries, under the Regulatory Council of this DO, are preparing to submit their best finery on Monday 24th in Zurich, Switzerland.

After an excellent harvest that brings the best omens for the crop 2011, the best wineries of Valdeorras wear their finery to bring to the Swiss public the essence of a land.

Next Monday 24th of October, at the Metropol Restaurant located in Zurich at Fraümunsterstrasse,12, twelve of the most representative wineries of the guarantee of quality Valdeorras will present several wines that will surely delight the most discerning palates. It will be opened form 3:00pm to 7:00pm to all the people and from to 7:35pm to the specialized press.

For the occasion, and as a demonstration of the commitment of the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras to bring the excellence of its wines to the general public, The Mother of Wine offer to all his followers five invitations for free to attend the event. These invitations, courtesy of the C.R.D.O. Valdeorras, will be granted to anyone who wants to first-served basis at the following address:

Here we show you the wineries that will join the entourage of the DO Valdeorras in Zurich. You can access your website and know more details by clicking on each of them.

Adega Roandi

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Official data from the harvest 2011 in Valdeorras

Art: La Región
 The wineries of the Valdeorras Guarantee of Origin closed their doors at the entrance of grapes on Sunday. Until then, the Valdeorras Regulatory Council had registered 7,627,358 kilos of grapes. Waitting for a final confirmation, we have to go back to 2006 to find a larger harvest of 7,710,859 kilos.

The Council records also enable to observe sharp increases in the preferred varieties production, particulary godello grapes (2,731,594 kilos) and Mencia (2,178,777). The favorable weather also affected to the Jerez harvest (967,090) and Alicante (1,725,125), dividing 24,772 remaining kilos among the varieties merenzao, alvarellos, sousón and tempranillo.

Weather conditions were decisive for the 75% production increase of the last harvest, compared with the previos one (4,355,084 kilos). "We have had a large harvest because of the weather conditions. We haven't had to deal with many problems that we had before, when we had to hurry not to lose the harvest " said José Luis García Pando, president of the Reguladory Council.

The last harvest productions highlight the progress of the preferred varieties, mainly mencía and godello compared with sherry and alicante. In 2000, before it started the restructuring program of the vineyard, the harvest was closed with the following productions: godello (1,690,091 kilos), mencía (997,012), jerez (1,760,204) and Alicante (2,865,614 ). According to José Luis García, the grants received, that exceeded in some cases the 80% of the costs of pulling off the the old vines and their replacement by other varieties, helped to achieve this change.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Marriage between avant-garde cuisine and Valdeorras wines

The D.O. Valdeorras and the prestigious group of the new Galician cuisine, "Grupo Nove" work together in the promotion and mutual diffusion of Valdeorras wines and avant-garde author cuisine. 

Therefore they will produce and perform a serie of videos about the marriage between of the wines from this guaranty of quality and the vanguard recipes of the new Galician cuisine, inspired by the traditional heritage and the quality of the products of this land.

11 group members (Miguel Angel Campos, Javier Rodriguez "Taky", Pablo Romero, Antonio Botana, Alberto González, Iñaqui Bretal, Javier Olleros, Pepe Solla, Hector Lopez, Javier González and Yayo Daporta) went to Valdeorras to testify by their presence of the participation of a typical cellar of the region, a "Cave" and also of one of its most emblematic places of autumn vineyards in the recording of this video.

The collaboration between the sides was fixed with a lunch at a restaurant in the area where, besides appreciating Valdeorras typical dishes, the chefs enjoyed a tasting of Godello and Mencía, guided by the technical director of the DO, Jorge Mazaira, who was in charge of being the ceremony master in this extraordinary event.

The recipes mixed with Valdeorras wines will be exclusively of the "Grupo Nove" and uniques in the entire panorama of the international cuisine. The first video of a serie of nine will be released this upcoming Christmas holiday and you could enjoy it exclusively on the Web site of the DO Valdeorras.