Monday, November 22, 2010

galician wine in galician oak, is promising

By: La voz de Galicia
The Galician Oak is presented as an alternative to aged

Tasting wines aged in oak Galicia. This past Saturday was the penultimate activity and Augardentes Hall Wines of Galicia (the last was an evening of jazz), held this week in A Coruña. Before the tasting, Ignacio Díaz Maroto, agroforestry engineer of the University of Santiago, advanced some research data on the use of Galician carballo wine aging, work ID also involving the University of Castilla-La Mancha, the Adega Algueira of the Ribeira Sacra, and Valdeorras Control Board. "Not that we're not inventing anything, because it already did the Romans," noted Maroto.

Year and a half lead with this project and made an initial sample of Valdeorras Mencia and Ribeira Sacra "in order to make a comparison." Two 225-liter barrels, a wine from each area, have served to be recording the first data. Valdeorras barrel was about four and a half months in the barrel "and you take it out." The Ribeira Sacra is almost ten months. The first one "has a slightly roasted, that's when the barrels were in contact with the smoke, not fire, because the wines here can not stand the superior roasted having, for example, rioja" Ignacio Diaz explained. In the case of the barrel with Ribeira Sacra "is not roasted to compare, to see what happens without any external interference", he said.

Marcial Pita, secretary of the Spanish association of journalists in the wine tasting, addressed these wines bred  Galician oak, an investigation will continue with the harvest this year "because sometimes there is a difference between a year and add another, "stated Díaz Maroto.

The expert Luis Diaz, according to which there are some growers, as Ribeiro Eladio Rodriguez, who has long made "a red wine in barrels of forest carballo manufactured in a cooperage in Jerez. "

Maroto, the problem is that in Galicia there are not enough oaks, "some 220,000 hectares." Tooling for barrels, "must be more than 40 cm at breast height," would have about 20,000.

"This is a special timber with songs in tannins and good quality at least equal to that of American oak, and would have to see if the same French oak," he concludes. Proof: Macallan Whisky owners have been raising by Galician oak. Therefore, the future of this pair of 'galician wine in galician oak  "is promising.

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