Monday, February 27, 2012

Traditional Galician cuisine and Valdeorras wines continue to reasserting their twinning thanks to Benigno Campos and Jorge Mazaira

Yesterday, within the activities under the Santiago Gastronomic Forum 2012, the prolific chef Benigno Campos, who beats records on TV with the culinary program "Larpeiros", exalted the peculiarities of the Galician cuisine in the company of Jorge Mazaira, technician responsible for the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras.

In a day in which the traditional Galician cuisine showed again a strong twinning with the Valdeorras wines, Benigno Campos, cheff of the kitchen program which is succeeding on the Galician small screen, "Larpeiros," guided his presentation at the Santiago Gastronomic Forum in company of the technical director of the CRDO Valdeorras, Jorge Mazaira. Both highlighted the peculiarities that make the Galician gastronomy and wines as a hallmark of this generous land.

Jorge Mazaira and Benigno Campos
With products "made in Galicia" as hallmark, some of the most fashionable wines in the international sector showed their excellences in combination with several typical products. In this way, it was reasserted the close involvement generated by the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras with the Galician cuisine, within a framework which aims to showcase the highest ranks internationally obtained that qualify Valdeorras wines as "enological revolution of the 21st century ".

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Coroa Lias 2010 awarded with the Excellence in International tasting contest "Premium Select Wine Challenge ProWein 2012", in Germany.

The Winery A Coroa remains the great ambassador of Valdeorras Godello in Germany with the recognition of Excellence for its wine A Coroa Lias 2010 in the International tasting contest Premium Select Wine Challenge ProWein 2012, awarded by the prestigious publication "Selection" and has had the participation of 1500 wines from all wine regions of the planet.

In a country renowned for the prestige of its white wines, the winery A Coroa again reaffirm the winemaking revolution that emanates from DO Valdeorras achieving the qualification of Excellence for Godello A Coroa Lías 2010.

Here we present the A Coroa godello tasting notes:

Brilliant verdant yellow with straw coloured reflections. Complex, elegant and intense. Aromas of mature fruit (apple, pear, melon) stand out, pleasant floral notes of gorse, and the deep hint of fennel characteristic of great godellos.

The wine is big, very fresh, and balanced on the palate. Sensations of mature fruit, hints of balsamic and flowers. Smooth, and gifted with the appropriate acidity.

Long persistent aftertaste with a light varietal tartness gives fullness in the mouth.

Thus, the DO Vadeorras winery reaffirm again its position in the country Teutonic place, where it awared the last year, with the gold medal of Berlin Wine Trophy for its young godello A Coroa 2010

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Valdeorras wines are presented in Bembibre while finalizing preparations for its participation in the Forum Gastronomic of Santiago de Compostela

 The Valdeorras wines, accompanied by wines DO Bierzo and DO wines of Leon, were responsible for giving the green light to the Fair Agrifood Bembibre.

On the occasion of the Fair Agrifood of Bembibre, held last weekend in the community of Leon, one of the wines chosen for giving the green ligth to one of the most important fairs in the community have been, again, the wines covered under the seal of quality from Valdeorras.

After the opening ceremony, which was held last Friday 10 February, one of the hottest wines on the international scene twining with their counterparts belonging to the DO Bierzo and DO wines from Leon, in a tasting that showed the excellence of the wines of this magnificent area of northwestern Iberic peninsular.

While this event was celebrating, the preparations for participation in the Forum Gastronomic of Santiago de Compostela did not cease. One of the most important events of the sector in the national scene, and that each year are divided between Catalonia and Galicia, will have another year with the presence of DO Valdeorras.

Within a framework in which the Galician wine play an important role. The excellence of the wines from Valdeorras again have a leading position in the events to be held between Feb 26 and 28 in Santiago de Compostela.