Friday, December 16, 2011

DO Valdeorras wines and Gastronomic Group "nove" present a Cinema pairing

Photo: David A. Panizo
The wines of DO Valdeorras and the cuisine of vanguard of Galician Group Nove unite under the same flag to present internationally the wine and culinary delights of Galicia.

The exaltation and international recognition of DO Valdeorras wines and Galician vanguard cuisine  represented by the prolific  " Grupo Nove", unite in a joint promotion of the excellence that highlight the strength of the wine-gastronomic revolution of the century XXI.

Through a perfect marriage and by means of three videos that you can enjoy at DO Valdeorras web site throughout 2012 under the name "A universe in every dish"; the best of Galician cuisine represented by "Grupo Nove", which is awarded with seven Michelin stars that are shared among its 20 members for the total of nine  Michelin stars that was awarded the Galician cuisine on 2011, join the international repercussion of Valdeorras wines to publicize the unique stamp of Galicia´s quality which has fallen in love to kin and strangers from around the world.

The setting of values ​on both parties to adapt their creations to the new times, always based in the protection of fundamental traditional heritage and maintain the high quality of the products of Galicia.

With the presentation of the first video, held today in Valdeorras and for which have come the representatives of the gastronomic group from the 4 provinces of Galicia, has served to give the starting point for one of the most important campaigns to promote the wine and gastronomic to Galicia. Through this campaign, Valdeorras and Nove aims to bring to all publics the chance to enjoy the dishes most significant of the new Galician cuisine in a close pairing with the high quality Valdeorras wines.

Whether at DO Valdeorras Website or on the table of the Group Nove restaurants,  From the mother of wine urge you to enjoy this holiday with the wine-gastronomic revolution of the XXI century.

Remember that you can find the recipes for the dishes in the gastronomic section of the DO Valdeorras Website .

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