Friday, July 29, 2011

110 Galician Wines in the pantheon 2011 of Robert Parker

110 Galician wines, between which play a paper stood out the wines of the D.O. Valdeorras, enter in the selection 2011 of Robert Parker in "The Wine Advocate".

Presence prolific of the Galician wines in the publication Robert Parker´s "The Wine Advocate" that have managed to position of 110 wines in the pantheon of the wines of the American Guru.

The big work realised by the 5.029 viticultores ascribed to  the DO Rías Baixas,  which are divided  in four zones differentiated with a total of cellars that surpass the 160 wineries, follow occupying a place stood out with 51 wines selected. 

By his side the D.O. Valdeorras, with a significantly lower number of wineries, is positioned in a more than creditable second place with 34 wines selected, of which 26 have achieved to surpass the barrier of the 90 points, figure that separates the remarkable of the excellent for Robert Parker. This fact comes given by the proliferation of the godello and the mencía of the region of Valdeorras in the North American market of the that comes  giving fulfilled account in the last years from the profesional sector.

In third place finds DO Riberia Sacra, with 19 wines of which 16 have achieved to surpass the 90 points; followed to a considerable distance by the D.O. Younger of Galicia, Monterrei, that with his 25 cellars has achieved to include 4 wines in the edition 2011 of "The Wine Advocate".

The big victim by Robert Parker in this edition has been the D.O. Ribeiro, only attaining include 2 wines between the best of 2011.

Although the assessments have not closed  definite, and maybe it can appear some surprise, not foresee substantial modifications in this listing.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Winery Ruchel expands its installations to satisfy growing market demands

The winery that belonging to the D.O. Valdeorras "Ruchel", has expanded its his installations to satisfy the prolific demand of its wines in Spain and abroad.

The project, introduced by its manager Inmaculada López and which has been accompanied by the president of the Regulatory Council of Apellation of Origin from Valdeorras, Jose Luis Garcia Pando and several personalities from the worlds of politics from Galicia and Ourense,it has put of self-evident the good moment that are living the wines elaborated by Ruchel, so much to national level like international.

Under the protection achieved by the Godello Ruchel in 2010, which placed him as the best Galician white wine, and the ratification granted by the prestigious label of "Galicia Calidade" that according to words of the General Director of Innovation and agricultural politics of the Xunta de Galicia, Alejandra Álvarez, "It turns these wines into a more than excellent ambassador of Galicia in the outside"; the cellar realises an important bet by the increase of the production of his prestigious wines.

The winery of Valdeorras,that produces annually a thrown of 125.000 litres of wine, has made an investment of 435,000 euros that will serve to expand the production rate that will satisfy the great demand for their wines have in demanding markets such as the U.S. and growing as the Brazilian market, with which a few months ago signed a major import agreement.

The act has served his time to present the new corporate image of the winery, accompanied by a commitment to the development of the red variety Mencia,  typical of the region, within a framework that combines tradition and innovation in presenting to the market a product of outstanding quality.

An ambitious commitment in the producing wines of great quality and that surely will please the most discerning palates.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The D.O. Valdeorras collaborates with the galician kitchen of avant-garde

The regulatory council of the D.O. Valdeorras demonstrated its commitment to cutting-edge Galician cuisine through collaboration in the presentation of the new campaign of comunication of the Grupo Nove "Nove ataca de novo."

The twenty Galician cooks that integrate the group of gastronomic avant-garde "Grupo nove", they presented the past 11 July in the City of the Culture, in Santiago de Compostela, a Showcooking to present his new campaign of communication "Nove Ataca de novo".

The event, in which were accompanied by Carmen Pardo, Secretary of Tourism of the Xunta de Galicia, Antonio Fernández Campa, Secretary of the Department of Culture, and Gerardo Conde Roa, Compostela Mayor, the members of Group Nove developed "live" and "in situ" 18 culinary creations that show the characteristic philosophy of the group, based on the culinary innovation respecting tradition and local produce.

With "Nove ataca de novo", the group conformed by twenty prestigious Cheffs and professional of the Galician kitchen, pretends to claim the modernity and the force of the kitchen of the Galicia of an innovative way without renouncing to the identity and Galician roots. For this serve they used of the cinematographic emulation of the image of the filmography of 007, representing to his members to the purest style James Bond with tools characteristic of the art culinary and under the graphic and scenographical direction of the agency "Item/Aga".

Within the event, the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras in its bid to join tradition and modernity as a hallmark of their wines, wanted to give their generous collaboration giving different wines to complete this perfect marriage between art and sill, showing this way the commendable work done by this representative group of gastronomic avant-garde.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bode well for the harvest 2011 in Galicia

The flowering advanced of the vineyards in spring heralds that advance  the vintages in three of the Apellations of origin in Galician. Predicting, in appearances of strength and health of the grapes, "a great harvest".

Although the weather in the next month and a half will play a key role in the evolution of crops, the Regulatory Councils expected a great harvest in 2011.

The five names in wine in Galicia, as indicated from their Regulatory Councils, the harvest of grape of this campaign "goes on wheels". The fruit is healthy and the maturation process is progressing smoothly. All indications are that there will be quality and quantity.

To the hour to do forecasts on the vintage, because of the dry and hot spring that precipitated the flowering, Rías Baixas, Ribeira Sacra and Valdeorras suggest that the harvest will be ahead. From the organ of certification and control of the Regulatoryu Council of Rías Baixas foresee an advance of two weeks regarding the past year, always with the nuance of the meteorological evolution of the next month and half. In this appearance the main worry for Rías Baixas is the severe drought  and as they will be able to bear it the plants.

From Ribeira Sacra Xosé Manuel Rodriguez, President of the Regulatory Council, clarifies an advance of two weeks over the previous year, which would begin the work of collecting the last week of August or first week of September, always at the expense of the climatological evolution of the next month.

While in O Ribeiro and  Monterrei still show caution in Valdeorras, of mouth of the Technician of the council Santiago Pérez, promises us a forecast of advance of the harvest of a week, explaining that the bloom this year in the county came forward almost half a month. Although the condition of health of the grape promises quantity and quality in the region of  Valdeorras, Santiago Pérez is cautious in its forecasts stating that "we must be cautious and wait for the evolution of temperature and precipitation for the last week of August"

As a remarkable fact that 126 millimetres was the average of the precipitations fallen in the past spring in Galicia, 40% less than the usual in a normal year. It was the lowest register of the last 50 years, an only comparable figure to the one of the year 1982.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Spain created the first wine technology platform in Europe

The Wine Technology Platform in Spain aims to improve the sector in research and development, maximizing existing resources.

This July 14 in Madrid has become the technological platform of Wine from Spain, the first in Europe dedicated to this sector, whose creation had been announced last April in different media-related sector.

The creation of the Wine Technology Platform, with an initial budget of 290,000 euros, responds to the need to avoid duplication of existing investments in R + D + I.

With over 200 members (warehouses, regulatories Councils, universities, foundations, technology centers, business associations, companies and professionals) and with the support of the Government of Spain, aims to increase the competitiveness of the sector, identifying the main needs and technological challenges to facing and overcoming them through innovative initiatives.

The Constituent Assembly was opened by the provisional president of the Governing Council of the Platform, Jose Luis Benitez, and representatives of the Ministries of Education and Science and the MARM.

The Wine Technology Platform is a forum for discussion and reflection among the various players in the Spanish wine industry that aspires to become a true business-cooperation network science capable of defining a common strategy in the field of R + D + I under the business leadership.

Among the founding partners are: European Project Tech Wine, Spanish Wine Federation (FEV); Sciences Institute of Vine and Wine; Spanish Conference of Regulatory Boards; group of wineries in Rioja.

Another key aspect of the Wine Technology Platform is to perform different actions related to promotions, communications and marketing in the wine sector.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

90 points of Robert Parker for a Wine of D.O Valdeorras valued in 1,50 Euros

 The generic wine of variety Jerez "Rúa", elaborated by the cooperative of Valdeorras Virxen das Viñas, achieves the qualification of 90 points Parker.

The work, the honesty and big know do of the winemakers of Valdeorras is attaining his deserved recognition of hands of Robert Parker and Jay Miller, commissioned to value the Spanish wines for the prestigious publication The Wine Advocate, that have not doubted in rewarding the big work realised by the cooperative of A Rúa Virxen das viñas when awarding the qualification of 90 points to the generic wine of Jerez variety "Rúa", valued in 1,50 euros.

Julio Ricarte, oenologist of the cooperative from Valdeorras, shows gratified by the qualification obtained by "Rúa" in a category in which this wine had to compete with the best whites wines of the world-wide wine.

The fact is not trivial for the national and international market and since the news has spread the number of applications of this wine that has increased of form more than remarkable, translating in some available forecasts suppose an increase of 40.000 to 125.000 bottles only for USA

The interest of the European regions also has done patent in the crowd of applications that have arrived from diverse countries of the European Community, such as: Germany, Holland, France, England, Belgium ... To which Julio Ricarte has warned that in a lot of cases cost more the carry that the request.

The cooperative also commercialises in EE UU his wine variety godello, designated "tempestad" and that by third consecutive year attains to surpass the 90 points Parker.

The variety Godello, elaborated by Virxe das viñas, carries several years causing in the American market. Fact that has seen reflected in the change of name of the product for this market, in search to facilitate the pronunciation for his demand, since in Spain it commercialises under the name of Pingadelo.

Ricalte, that stands out the characteristics of the zone of Valdeorras to the hour to attain the maximum expressiveness of these varieties more common, does us patent the interests to form of demand of the American market for the red generic wine of the cooperative of A Rúa, elaborated with grape variety Alicante and of the that expects a similar success to the elaborated by the white wine "Rúa".

All a deserved recognition for the honesty of the wine makers of Valdeorras in his dedication for offering a high qualitie wine without that it suppose an excessive increase of the price.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Coroa 2009 obtains 91 points from Robert Parker

It makes public  another  new assessment of the magazine The Wine Advocate, directed by Robert Parker, that describes the excellence of A Coroa 2009 with 91 points.

For Robert Parker, and more specifically for his representative in Spain Jay Miller, no unobserved raisin the quality that year after year add the wine of the D.O. Valdeorras. If yesterday it was the harvest 2010 of Godeval the one who achieved the Rating of 91 points Parker; today it joins him  the harvest 2009 of To Coroa. All a deserved recognition that celebrate the big work realised by growers and winemakers  in the D.O. Valdeorras.

To concretise more over A Coroa 2009, we will transcribe the notes of cata facilitated by Miller that come to mean the following: "A Coroa´s 10 hectares of Godello are farmed organically, the grapes are fermented with native yeast, and are aged sur lie for 6 months. Mineral,melon,tropical aromas, and floral notes inform the nose of this savory, dry, concentrated, effort. With excellence volume, balance, and length, it should provide much enjoyment over the next 4-5 years.

A well-deserved recognition for winery A Coroa

Monday, July 4, 2011

91 points of Robert Parker for the Godello of Godeval

Godeval 2010 has obtained 91 points in the last listing that has published The Wine Advocate.
It treats  of the best qualification obtained by this wine in his history in the magazine that directs and edits Robert Parker, since you has them 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, 90 points.

For the collaborator of the publication and specialist in Spanish wines, Jay Miller, "Godeval 2010 is fresher and more expressive that add them previous" and recommends his consumption until 2016.

In addition, Miller shows his preference for native varieties, such as the Godello of the DO Valdeorras: "The founders of Bodegas Godeval really deserve recognition for having rescued the nearly extinct Godello and for having produced the first wine with base Godello, in 1986," reflects on his tasting notes.

Therefore, this punctuation no only is the best that has obtained the cellar in The Wine Advocate, but praises his path and backs the quality of his wines and his good aging in bottle, when recommending his consumption during the next five years. All a success for wineries Godeval.

Perhaps it can interest you

Meet the new wines toasted from Valdeorras

Meet the wineries Godeval

Know the process of Godello in Valdeorras

Valdeorras already has a new wine of prestige: The Toasted wine from Valdeorras

The Regulatory Council of the D.O. Valdeorras in his research for the quest of the excellence and the recovery of the wines of quality that the tradition has salvaguardado in the region, tuning ends in the investigation and development of the Jewel of the Crown: the toasted of Valdeorras.

The result of the successful collaborations that for years have maintained between the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras and Agri-Environmental Research Group and the Faculty of Food Sciences of Ourense (Universidade de Vigo), these two institutions decided to collaborate again on a research project (funded by the Xunta de Galicia and part of the doctoral thesis of Rachel Noguerol Pato) focused in recovering the wines toasted of Valdeorras that traditionally are elaborated of form artesanal inside the familiar wineries. While there is a long tradition of developing in Valdeorras these sweet wines  with white grapes godello , the Regulatory Council now seeks push the red sweet wine made from naturally  Grenache grapes undergo a raisining process. This will be able to offer the producers of the DO new initiatives that result in a new product of high quality and competitive while the market will diversify Galician wine quality. These wines can compete with other European sweet wines (Tokaji Aszu Hungary, Sauternes from France,Icewine from Austria and Germany, Toasted of Ribeiro in Spain , among others) that already have a great international prestige.

Yesterday in the Room of Tasted of the Council Regulatory conducted  a sensory assessment of the sweet wines of 2008, 2010 and of another pertinent wine of the mix of wine aged in barrica with sweet wines. The sweet wines 2008 and 2010 had a big acceptance by his calidez in mouth, as well as by his aroma standing out the nuances to raisins grape,berries, clove, caramel, chocolate and vanilla. 

At the same time presented the results of the research laboratory of the Faculty of Sciences of Ourense consistent with assessments of the tasters. This is the first time that determines the flavor profile of sweet wine from Galicia. While a sweet wine from 2010 presents a greater wealth of varietal aromas with respect to a young wine of Garnacha (mainly aromas in the grapes are starting) because of their concentration during the raisining of the grape, the aromas down fruit coming from the fermentation of wine because the yeast activity in an environment with so much sugar is altered. Favorably, new aromatic notes of caramel, toasted aromas and spicy as a result of the synthesis of volatile compounds during raisining such as acetoin, the sotolon, guaiacol and 2-furfuraledehído. Moreover, wine subjected to aging in oak barrels for 2 years  appear and intensify notes of chocolate, vanilla, spice and smoke as its alcohol content favors the extraction of compounds from wood that provide this kind of nuance .

Again this year will take place the harvest, and processing raisining of the toasted from Valdeorras 2011 with the aim of optimizing the process raisining of grapes and continue to discover new nuances potential of these wine toasted.