Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bode well for the harvest 2011 in Galicia

The flowering advanced of the vineyards in spring heralds that advance  the vintages in three of the Apellations of origin in Galician. Predicting, in appearances of strength and health of the grapes, "a great harvest".

Although the weather in the next month and a half will play a key role in the evolution of crops, the Regulatory Councils expected a great harvest in 2011.

The five names in wine in Galicia, as indicated from their Regulatory Councils, the harvest of grape of this campaign "goes on wheels". The fruit is healthy and the maturation process is progressing smoothly. All indications are that there will be quality and quantity.

To the hour to do forecasts on the vintage, because of the dry and hot spring that precipitated the flowering, Rías Baixas, Ribeira Sacra and Valdeorras suggest that the harvest will be ahead. From the organ of certification and control of the Regulatoryu Council of Rías Baixas foresee an advance of two weeks regarding the past year, always with the nuance of the meteorological evolution of the next month and half. In this appearance the main worry for Rías Baixas is the severe drought  and as they will be able to bear it the plants.

From Ribeira Sacra Xosé Manuel Rodriguez, President of the Regulatory Council, clarifies an advance of two weeks over the previous year, which would begin the work of collecting the last week of August or first week of September, always at the expense of the climatological evolution of the next month.

While in O Ribeiro and  Monterrei still show caution in Valdeorras, of mouth of the Technician of the council Santiago Pérez, promises us a forecast of advance of the harvest of a week, explaining that the bloom this year in the county came forward almost half a month. Although the condition of health of the grape promises quantity and quality in the region of  Valdeorras, Santiago Pérez is cautious in its forecasts stating that "we must be cautious and wait for the evolution of temperature and precipitation for the last week of August"

As a remarkable fact that 126 millimetres was the average of the precipitations fallen in the past spring in Galicia, 40% less than the usual in a normal year. It was the lowest register of the last 50 years, an only comparable figure to the one of the year 1982.

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