Tuesday, July 12, 2011

90 points of Robert Parker for a Wine of D.O Valdeorras valued in 1,50 Euros

 The generic wine of variety Jerez "Rúa", elaborated by the cooperative of Valdeorras Virxen das Viñas, achieves the qualification of 90 points Parker.

The work, the honesty and big know do of the winemakers of Valdeorras is attaining his deserved recognition of hands of Robert Parker and Jay Miller, commissioned to value the Spanish wines for the prestigious publication The Wine Advocate, that have not doubted in rewarding the big work realised by the cooperative of A Rúa Virxen das viñas when awarding the qualification of 90 points to the generic wine of Jerez variety "Rúa", valued in 1,50 euros.

Julio Ricarte, oenologist of the cooperative from Valdeorras, shows gratified by the qualification obtained by "Rúa" in a category in which this wine had to compete with the best whites wines of the world-wide wine.

The fact is not trivial for the national and international market and since the news has spread the number of applications of this wine that has increased of form more than remarkable, translating in some available forecasts suppose an increase of 40.000 to 125.000 bottles only for USA

The interest of the European regions also has done patent in the crowd of applications that have arrived from diverse countries of the European Community, such as: Germany, Holland, France, England, Belgium ... To which Julio Ricarte has warned that in a lot of cases cost more the carry that the request.

The cooperative also commercialises in EE UU his wine variety godello, designated "tempestad" and that by third consecutive year attains to surpass the 90 points Parker.

The variety Godello, elaborated by Virxe das viñas, carries several years causing in the American market. Fact that has seen reflected in the change of name of the product for this market, in search to facilitate the pronunciation for his demand, since in Spain it commercialises under the name of Pingadelo.

Ricalte, that stands out the characteristics of the zone of Valdeorras to the hour to attain the maximum expressiveness of these varieties more common, does us patent the interests to form of demand of the American market for the red generic wine of the cooperative of A Rúa, elaborated with grape variety Alicante and of the that expects a similar success to the elaborated by the white wine "Rúa".

All a deserved recognition for the honesty of the wine makers of Valdeorras in his dedication for offering a high qualitie wine without that it suppose an excessive increase of the price.

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