Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

The Regulatory Council of D.O. Valdeorras, the winemakers and the entire team of "the mother of the Vine"  wish you  Merry Christmas .

Friday, December 16, 2011

DO Valdeorras wines and Gastronomic Group "nove" present a Cinema pairing

Photo: David A. Panizo
The wines of DO Valdeorras and the cuisine of vanguard of Galician Group Nove unite under the same flag to present internationally the wine and culinary delights of Galicia.

The exaltation and international recognition of DO Valdeorras wines and Galician vanguard cuisine  represented by the prolific  " Grupo Nove", unite in a joint promotion of the excellence that highlight the strength of the wine-gastronomic revolution of the century XXI.

Through a perfect marriage and by means of three videos that you can enjoy at DO Valdeorras web site throughout 2012 under the name "A universe in every dish"; the best of Galician cuisine represented by "Grupo Nove", which is awarded with seven Michelin stars that are shared among its 20 members for the total of nine  Michelin stars that was awarded the Galician cuisine on 2011, join the international repercussion of Valdeorras wines to publicize the unique stamp of Galicia´s quality which has fallen in love to kin and strangers from around the world.

The setting of values ​on both parties to adapt their creations to the new times, always based in the protection of fundamental traditional heritage and maintain the high quality of the products of Galicia.

With the presentation of the first video, held today in Valdeorras and for which have come the representatives of the gastronomic group from the 4 provinces of Galicia, has served to give the starting point for one of the most important campaigns to promote the wine and gastronomic to Galicia. Through this campaign, Valdeorras and Nove aims to bring to all publics the chance to enjoy the dishes most significant of the new Galician cuisine in a close pairing with the high quality Valdeorras wines.

Whether at DO Valdeorras Website or on the table of the Group Nove restaurants,  From the mother of wine urge you to enjoy this holiday with the wine-gastronomic revolution of the XXI century.

Remember that you can find the recipes for the dishes in the gastronomic section of the DO Valdeorras Website .

Monday, December 12, 2011

The international industry praises the enological revolution of Valdeorras with an imports increase of 93%

The cellars of the Valdeorras Guaranty of quality almost doubled its exports in 2011, comparing with the previous year. The volume of 166,469 liters sold abroad is 93% greater than 86,196 liters of 2010, according to the data gathered by the Regulatory Council of the bottlers. Only the period of 2007, with 209,577 liters, is larger than this last campaign.

As for the types of wines exported, 106,757 liters were of the white variety and 59,712 were red wines. These figures show the good period of the godello variety, which are the grapes that top the consumers' preferences of the above two named varieties.

The American continent is the largest market for valdeorras wineries. To this land were sent 68,643 liters. More than half, 47,022 liters, were white. This variety has found in the U.S. market an intenresting customer, by consuming 42,262 liters. The European Union, with 42,327 liters, ranks the second in the list of importers. Generally, buyers show a strong preference for whites, as shown by the acquisition of 38,599 liters of such wines. By the contrary, the rest of Europe prefers the red wines,with a purchase of 28,868 liters of this variety.

United States and Switzerland, with 49,834 and 31,845 liters respectively, are the largest importers. This fact fully justifies the foreign cities chosen by the Regulatory Council to present their wines. On October 24th, a dozen cellars presented their wines in Zurich (Switzerland). Five months earlier, on May 19th, seven bottlers brought their wines to the 'Great Match' in Dallas (USA).

"The promotional events organized by the Council were scheduled for those countries that reflect the major exports and have a larger number of purchases', said the President of the Valdeorras Regulatory Council, Jose Luis Garcia Pando.

The Regulatory Council refers to a favorable combination of 'quality, price, raw material and development' to justify the wines' success of the Guarantee of Origin. A proof of this are the awards and the mentions by enology experts. The last success was achieved by the "Godeval winery" for its wine 'Godeval 2010'. It was ranked in the 71st position of the 100 best wines in the world by the prestigious American magazine 'Wine Spectator', being the only Spanish white wine.

"It's not a surprising. We had already been highly valued, "said Horacio Fernandez Presa, Godeval's technical director. The Valdeorras' winery has its major markets in the U.S., Canada, China, Japan and the UK, exporting 40% of a production of 150,000 bottles. This percentage exceeds widely 4% the production intended for exports.

For its part, the Valdeorras' winery 'A Coroa' is well-consolidated in Asia, getting a remarkable silver medal in the contest named "Best Spanish wines to Asia", held in Hong Kong. Thus, the Valdeorras godello achieved a deserved recognition for its quality, standard-bearer for the effort that some wineries have been doing over several years by to be known in new markets.

As this happens, the commitment of the DO Valdeorras with its followers is evident with new mariage bets, so you can enjoy with these magnificent wines at its finest essence.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wine industry professionals from Switzerland give a great welcome to the DO Valdeorras wines

Wine industry professionals, comprised of specialized press, importers and large Helvetic wineries, remarked the qualities of the D. O. Valdeorras wines at the presentation held last Monday.

The Regulatory Council of the Valdeorras Guarantee of Quality and an important delegation of wineries attached to this designation, in their initiative to show the excellence of this land all over the world through their wines, held a presentation of their wines in Zurich last Monday, 24th October, which has brought high praise for the Valdeorras wines.

As evidenced by the photos sent by the technical manager of the Regulatory Council "in situ", Jorge Mazaira, the Swiss professional sector has enjoyed a more than pleasant evening, in which it has been highlighted the quality of the Valdeorras wines, referring specially to the excellent structure of the whites Godello and emphasizing the strong presence of fruit in the red wines.

This is another success for the Valdeorras delegation, which prepares the next presentation in Barcelona on November 10th.

Know all the attending wineries at the presentation of Zurich:

Adega Roandi

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Valdeorras godello selected as the best Galician white wine and as the second best in Spain

.The prestigious "Guía Peñín", made by the wine critic Luis Peñín, elevates the "Pedrouzos Valdeorras Godello 2008" as the best Galician white wine and the second best in Spain.

Once more, a Valdeorras Godello shines with its own light in the international wine scene. If only a month ago the noted American critic Stephen Tanzer gave to the wines of the cellars Valdesil scores that exceeded ninety points, is now Luis Peñín who soars to a new godello deValdesil, Pedrouzos 2008, with a score of 96 points of 100.

To this wine has been joined Pezas da Portela, also from the 2008 harvest, reaching 94 scores out of 100. In this way it's confirmed the great harvest for the winery owned by the DO Valdeorras in 2008, that continues to collect major awards within or beyond our borders.

The good time of the winery is evident with the foresight of expanding their plantations of the godello grape variety to meet the expected sales of its white wines of high quality.

In the last three years, the Galician winery has planted 15 hectares of Godello and is planning to add 25 more, so its annual production could evolve from the 200,000 bottles, that normally obtains in a normal year, to the 500,000 bottles that have been predicted to get the medium-term.

These new plantings will be added to the 30ha of own vineyards and to the 58ha controlled, which are the property of local winegrowers, mainly of the white variety godello and the rest of Mencia for the red wines.
Galicia sells 35% of its production overseas, and now wants to set up in new markets such as the Swedish, the Russian, the Mexican or the Chinese. And due to its expanding purpose, there's been a significantly increase of its workforce.

                               Perhaps it can interest you

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The D.O. Valdeorras is committed to the quality of its vineyards

  1The decreasing number of vineyards hectares and the strong increase of the land extension of preferred varieties, show the clear commitment of the DO Valdeorras to substantiate his defining criteria on quality aspects.

As proved, the newspaper "La Región" has collected the following information provided by the Regulatory Council:

"The 1,300 hectares of 11 years ago have turned into the current 1,159. Furthermore, there has been a significantly increase of the vineyards extention of godello and Mencia, which went from 206 and 132 to 286 and 274 hectares respectively. Additionaly, the vineyards of Alicante and Jerez have dropped from 582 and 307 to 235 and 139 hectares respectively. "

The grants, the labor specialization and the international leadership have garnered the preferred qualities. And now these are the leaders of this commitment which has been rewarded in recent years by a relentless rain of awards, both nationally and internationally.

Meanwhile, from the technical department of the Regulatory Council, an important research is being held in several directions, an information that has been given through this blog. The investigation of the wine in Galician oak , the development of the toasted wine of Valdeorras and a possible future production of Cava, are some of the projects that keep our expectations of an encouraging future for the DO Valdeorras.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Valdeorras wines present their excellence in Switzerland

A great group made up of 12 Valdeorras wineries, under the Regulatory Council of this DO, are preparing to submit their best finery on Monday 24th in Zurich, Switzerland.

After an excellent harvest that brings the best omens for the crop 2011, the best wineries of Valdeorras wear their finery to bring to the Swiss public the essence of a land.

Next Monday 24th of October, at the Metropol Restaurant located in Zurich at Fraümunsterstrasse,12, twelve of the most representative wineries of the guarantee of quality Valdeorras will present several wines that will surely delight the most discerning palates. It will be opened form 3:00pm to 7:00pm to all the people and from to 7:35pm to the specialized press.

For the occasion, and as a demonstration of the commitment of the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras to bring the excellence of its wines to the general public, The Mother of Wine offer to all his followers five invitations for free to attend the event. These invitations, courtesy of the C.R.D.O. Valdeorras, will be granted to anyone who wants to first-served basis at the following address:

Here we show you the wineries that will join the entourage of the DO Valdeorras in Zurich. You can access your website and know more details by clicking on each of them.

Adega Roandi

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Official data from the harvest 2011 in Valdeorras

Art: La Región
 The wineries of the Valdeorras Guarantee of Origin closed their doors at the entrance of grapes on Sunday. Until then, the Valdeorras Regulatory Council had registered 7,627,358 kilos of grapes. Waitting for a final confirmation, we have to go back to 2006 to find a larger harvest of 7,710,859 kilos.

The Council records also enable to observe sharp increases in the preferred varieties production, particulary godello grapes (2,731,594 kilos) and Mencia (2,178,777). The favorable weather also affected to the Jerez harvest (967,090) and Alicante (1,725,125), dividing 24,772 remaining kilos among the varieties merenzao, alvarellos, sousón and tempranillo.

Weather conditions were decisive for the 75% production increase of the last harvest, compared with the previos one (4,355,084 kilos). "We have had a large harvest because of the weather conditions. We haven't had to deal with many problems that we had before, when we had to hurry not to lose the harvest " said José Luis García Pando, president of the Reguladory Council.

The last harvest productions highlight the progress of the preferred varieties, mainly mencía and godello compared with sherry and alicante. In 2000, before it started the restructuring program of the vineyard, the harvest was closed with the following productions: godello (1,690,091 kilos), mencía (997,012), jerez (1,760,204) and Alicante (2,865,614 ). According to José Luis García, the grants received, that exceeded in some cases the 80% of the costs of pulling off the the old vines and their replacement by other varieties, helped to achieve this change.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Marriage between avant-garde cuisine and Valdeorras wines

The D.O. Valdeorras and the prestigious group of the new Galician cuisine, "Grupo Nove" work together in the promotion and mutual diffusion of Valdeorras wines and avant-garde author cuisine. 

Therefore they will produce and perform a serie of videos about the marriage between of the wines from this guaranty of quality and the vanguard recipes of the new Galician cuisine, inspired by the traditional heritage and the quality of the products of this land.

11 group members (Miguel Angel Campos, Javier Rodriguez "Taky", Pablo Romero, Antonio Botana, Alberto González, Iñaqui Bretal, Javier Olleros, Pepe Solla, Hector Lopez, Javier González and Yayo Daporta) went to Valdeorras to testify by their presence of the participation of a typical cellar of the region, a "Cave" and also of one of its most emblematic places of autumn vineyards in the recording of this video.

The collaboration between the sides was fixed with a lunch at a restaurant in the area where, besides appreciating Valdeorras typical dishes, the chefs enjoyed a tasting of Godello and Mencía, guided by the technical director of the DO, Jorge Mazaira, who was in charge of being the ceremony master in this extraordinary event.

The recipes mixed with Valdeorras wines will be exclusively of the "Grupo Nove" and uniques in the entire panorama of the international cuisine. The first video of a serie of nine will be released this upcoming Christmas holiday and you could enjoy it exclusively on the Web site of the DO Valdeorras.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Godello from Valdeorras gets the silver medal in the competition "Mundus Vini", held in Germany.

Bioca Godello 2010, from the "Maria Teresa Nuñez Vega" winery, gets the silver medal in the competition "Mundus Vini" in Germany.

The event has been characterized by the strong presence of Spanish wines, which this year have been placed at the third position the ones from after Italy and Germany, even doubling the all-powerful France in number of awards.

Being aware of the growing increase in wine exports from this country we should value that the new single-variety Godello is reaching a reconnaissance by one of the most demanding markets and with a wide tradition and culture in the wine's world.

The tasting notes for the single-variety Godello Bioca 2010, elaborated by Maria Teresa Nuñez Vega under the nomination of the DO Valdeorras, are as follows:

"Lemon color, very lifted floral style, with jasmine and orange blossom. Good level of acidity, with spice on the midpalate, layers of complexity, and a long finish."

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wine Espectator gives 90 points to Godeval 2010

The Wine Spectator magazine gives  90 points to Godeval godello 2010.

The prestigious U.S. magazine Wine Spectator, of which the godello of Godeval is one of the regulars in recent years puntuations, did not want to lose the tradition of giving to this Godello 2010 a rating of 90 points.

This award joins to given for The Wine Advocate to the 2010 harvest a score of 91 points. This is the best grade for this wine in its history in the magazine that Robert Parker directs and edits, as the harvest 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 had reached 90 points.

The godello of Godeval, which is marketed in the U.S. under the name "Viña Godeval" includes the following assessments by the prestigious publication:

"This nervy white shows crackling acidity that carries focused flavours of mineral, grapefruit and fresh herbs. A bit austere, but bracing and balanced. A fine complement for food"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The D.O. Valdeorras, with a harvest of excellent quality, increases the production by 63% over last season.

We are close to end the harvest, and the DO Valdeorras' grape harvest forecast is approaching 7 million kilograms, an increase of 63% compared to the previous campaign, accompanied by an excellent quality of the grapes.

The best omens are being fulfilled for the wine of quality from the DO Valdeorras that with an expanded production in quantity and excellent in quality, determine an historical harvest that that will certainly give a lot and very good to talk in the most demanding international wine sectors.

If the weather conditions have helped to achieve this success, now is the turn of the winemakers and processors to provide a bit of wisdom and good work to prepare the excellent wines.

The different "terroirs" that are in this guarantee of quality bind to the preferences of the winemakers when making the collection, either with a high or a low graduation or with more or less maturation, just to offer to those high qualified wines a diferent note and transform them as unique and distinct in their essence.

Still, the less positive side comes from the hand of the winemakers that, with a so high production, have been forced to decrease the price of grapes. "Palomino" and "Alicante" are very affected in this economic and productive dynamic, being relegated to a background for the quality of the local and traditional "Godello" and "Mencia".

Friday, September 2, 2011

The internationally renowned chef Eric Ripert Yorker, exalts in his television program "Perfect Pairings" the Valdeorras mencia's wine Casal Novo

 Eric Ripper, chef winner of three Michelin stars and four New York Time stars is a great philanthropist, actively involved in helping the needy of New York. Morover, he presents an awarded cooking show in which the Valdeorras mencia's variety "Casal Novo" has been included, like the perfect match for dishes and meals with intense flavor.

Eric Ripert is the executive chef and co-owner of one of the largest U.S. restaurants, Le Bernardin, who settled in New York in 1986 after its foundation in Paris in 1972. Furthermore, he has presented several television "cooking shows" that have won major awards in the audiovisual international market. To all this, we must add his great philanthropic work for the most needy, giving a large daily amount of qualified products for free through the organization City Harvest.

Through one of his greatest TV hits "Perfect Pairings", known by taking away from the culinary topics that characterize the international cuisine, Ripper shows us the Casal Novo wine, a young wine that belongs to the DO Valdeorras, as a perfect companion to intensive flavored  and fine food.
This program breaks with the topic that a young wine can not accompany strong flavors, intending to prove that they are the perfect complement. So he presents the "Casal Novo" as a wine "light" but with a great exquisiteness, that keeps the acidity and freshness needed to counteract intense flavors, such as the high deli sausages shown in the video.

This young wine, soft and spiced, in words from the same Ripert is "the most successful combination to accompany a meal of intense flavors with friends", pointing out that  "definitely, we need a young wine with body and personality to match with those dishes of intense taste and thus achieve an harmonious and proportionate balance of flavors. "

It is not a coincidence that this great chef has chosen a wine belonging to the DO Valdeorras among the immensity of young wines offered by the market; and it's that if the winegrowes of this region have a great knowledge about something, this must be about combinations and pairings exquisite wines with high deli sausages and other intense flavor foods, such as the well-known Botelo of Valdeorras.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

13 wines of the D.O. Valdeorras distinguished by Sommeliers from Galicia

 Yesterday were made ​​public the awaited marks. These were provided by the Galician Association of Sommeliers "Gallaecia" which, after a double tasting in different D.O. in Galicia over the months of June, July and August, yesterday performed the final tasting where the winners recieved the distinguished Gallaecia 2011, an award recognized by the Ministry for Rural Affairs of Spain.

Out of the 21 wines that the D.O. Valdeorras selected in the initial tasting, held at the headquarters of the Regulatory Council of this D.O, 13 have been awarded. This has been a selection defined by the President of the Galician Association of Sommeliers, Mercedes Gonzalez, as "a very tight one", adding that "it was sad to leave some out, but you can not reward all them, as it would lose stringency".

 To highlight the professionalism and thoroughness of these awards, the final tasting is done with samples collected directly from the market. As Mercedes tries to clarify us "for the final tasting we take samples directly from the market to ensure that the consumer will buy what we have tasted, and this is the reason why we certify the batch".

Regarding the final result of what was tasted, she emphasize as a differential aspect, compared to other years, that "the wines are evolving faster than other years because we have had a dry summer, and then the freshness has been a little more camouflaged and the acidity a little hidden". She noted the variety "crianza"  as "a very long-lived wines, keeping their variety".

The wines of the D.O. Valdeorras awarded with the prize "Gallaecia" are:
(You can know them first-hand by clicking on them)

White Wines


Red Wines


Erebo 2010 / Carballal

Friday, August 26, 2011

Valdeorras prepares to welcome "La Vuelta 2011"

The next August 31, the region of Valdeorras prepares to welcome the eleventh stage of the Ciclying Tour of Spain 2011, which will begin in the neighboring region of Monterrei and will tour the region of Valdeorras, concluding with an exciting end in the Manzaneda Ski Station.

"La vuelta" returns to Galicia after the last departure of Vigo in 2007 with a very exciting and selective stage, formed by four very demanding mountain ports distributed throughout the day.

The start of the stage will take place in the village of Verin at 12:40 pm with a diferred start and which is going to tour the N-550 to A Gudiña, where it's going to take the turning to the OU-553 to enter into the region of Valdeorras. The stage is going to pass through the towns of Viana do Bolo, A Veiga, O Barco de Valdeorras, Vilamartín and A Rua to reach a demanding and exciting final stage in a Mountain pass, that hasn't still hold a competition like this.

Click on image to extend the route
The Manzaneda Ski Station, with its thirty kilometres of ascent, is the highest and most emblematic peak in the Central mountain range of Ourense and is expected to cause changes in the overall standings with the emergence of new figures to dispute "La Roja". The Nibali, Rodriguez, Chavanel, Escarponi, Sastre, Nieve, Antón ... and all the bulk of the squad that makes up this "Vuelta 2011", will have to play a full part in this demanding stage to keep their options to get the final victory in Madrid.

Click on image to extend the profile
 But all the effort involved in this demanding sport, it's sure to be rewarded by the heat of the attending audience form Ourense and particulary from Valdeorras, that either form the roadside or from their carefully tended wineyards, while gathering the appreciated and fantastic fruit  harvested with effort and sacrifice over the year, will give all their support to athletes in a historical stage that also augurs a historic harvest in 2011.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The winery Maria Teresa Nuñez Vega gives the starting signal for the grape harvest 2011 in Valdeorras

 The high temperatures recorded as well as the combination of Atlantic and Mediterranean winds, have led to the optimal ripening of the grapes in the vineyards of the Maria Teresa Nunez Vega winery, located in the town of Petín at the Valdeorras region.

Although the bulk of wineries belonging to the DO Valdeorras will still have to wait at least another week, the excellent fruit ripening, driven by the optimal weather that has characterized the season in Valdeorras, has predisposed that this wine cellar, based in the town of Petín, to kick off the 2011 grape harvest.

Sunday began with the preparations and this Monday morning around 2,000 kilos of godello were collected, which include "its high quality 'and a graduation of around 13 degrees.

The winery of Petín expects to end up the collection of the two varieties' grape production in 15 days; these are Godello and Mencía, and they hope to collect around 47.000 kilos. 'We maintain that the figures will be more and less the same than the last year ones, although there may be an increase of 10% ", says Celestino Noveira, co-owner of the winery and winemaker of Bioca.

From the Regulatory Council, it has been emphasized that the intense heat experienced in this region during the spring months has helped that now, in the month of August, the harvest  has had to be brought forward. Although traditionally, the Regulatory Council has always set the date for the grape harvest during the early September, this year, the 35-degree temperatures experienced during most of August and the combination of Atlantic and Mediterranean winds, have favored this advancement.

Jorge Mazaira, technical director of the Regulatory Council of the D.O. Valdeorras, ensures that the harvest of this year will exceed 'without doubt'  the 5.5 million kilos that were collected last year. "We have and will have a good production and a very good harvest in quantity and quality", says Mazaira.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The grape harvest that is coming brings with it a bumper and excellent harvest.

 The forwardness of the harvest, conditioned by the good weather in recent months, promises to be historic in terms of quantity and quality in Galicia.

Several media pick up the general feeling of the Galician growers under the words "possibly, the best crop in history". The weather influence that has marked Galicia since spring, is about to give the forecasted rain for the next days. This will allow that producers can establish the exact date of the beginning of the collection, that is awaited to be abundant in quantity and quality criteria.

While several Rías Baixas’ guarantees of quality, as the case of Ribeira Sacra, have already defined the beginning of the harvest by  the end of August,  Ribeiro and Valdeorras are still waiting a little longer as to improve in the quantity and the quality, as well as they're looking for the awaited rain, that could define a historical crop in their respectives areas.

On criteria of quantity, the overall feeling of the most of Galician DO is that this year it's going to surpass the record of 2006, reaching an amount that approaches or even exceeds the 50 million kilograms of grapes harvested. Of these, the wine cellars attached to the Council of the Designation of the Gaurantee of Quality Valdeorras are expected to contribute with an amount that will exceed 6 million kilograms, far exceeding the amount collected last season.

On the othe hand, the quality will not be left behind, as it is defined by having a ripe fruit and be in optimal health conditions. In this regard, the regulator DO Consello Valdeorras  has made ​​public that the strains have are a number of heavy load, while guaranteeing optimum quality and a fruit with a state of advanced maturity and perfect conditions for producing excellent wines. It's just awaited that the rainfall forecasts are fulfilled, to get a harvest that is expected to be excellent and plentiful.

While the weather helped all Galician DO, irrigating with rain when it was necessary and maturing the fruit with the suitable sun, the most damaged wineries of this year seem to be the ones of the DO Monterrei, as many producers have been unable to stop in time the disease commonly known as "Balrog", which has reduced the production to the similar quantities that were reached in the last campaign of  the year 2010, and which means that the amount of grapes collected will be about 2 million kilograms.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The single variety Sousón, a jewel to be exploited.

"Today we would like to share with all the followers of Mother of Wine this interesting article about the variety Sousón. We would also like to ecommend you to visit the IvinOurense blog, as to enjoy the interesting articles uploaded about the world of wine in this Galician province."

Galicia, land of amazing wines, great diversity of terroir, climate, heights and hundreds of native varieties, lost and forgotten by the fashion and trends.

One is these is the magnificent red variety Sousón. This is one of the most difficult varieties to grow. One of the difficulties is that it is a long cycle one, which means it reaches its optimum ripeness in October. Furthermore, we must add that it is very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, sunlight, pests, rain and autumn frost, and all them condition its development. The clusters are small sized and conical shape, with its shoulders very compacted, skin thin and very bloom. Of course all this fragility and delicacy combined with its high content in tannins and acidity make up these red elegant wines, with the subtlety of its grapes which few are able to boast, as they are ripe and have and intense bouquet of powerful aromas.

However, those days to put aside the varieties that used to give problems were left behind and we can be very proud of the efforts made by the Galician winemakers to recover the local varieties, which are surprising and seducing the most demanding palates of the world wine scene.

Until recently it was unthinkable to find a 100% single varietty of wine Sousón, and even it may seem strange, since the usual practice was to use this range as complementary to other varieties.

Wines made from the variety Sousón, with a uniqueness that is worthwhile to be drunk and appreciated.

Caco Cuvée 2007 VX Sousón, of the Coto de Gomariz Winery is a great example of the consolidation of this noble variety. Xosé Luis Sebi is the winemaker who directs this amazing creation and perhaps the man who best knows the behavior of this strain.

Quinta Muradella Sausón is developed by José Luis Mateo. This man is undoubtedly one of the young winemakers that with his very little wine production, is achieving the perfection the terroir and native varieties.

Viñaredo Sousón, afterwards the recovery of small plots of Sousón strain, born this unique wine cellar located in Santa Marta, a beautiful town of Valdeorras, led by the winemaker José Moreno Galindo. Despite being its second vintage, it can be seen that there is great potential on it.

Although Sousón is a gem to explore, with these three great examples of different terroirs already consolidated, it seems to be clear that return to the past is the best innovation.

Considering that today wine is made in almost all corners of the world and also that the consumer is increasingly sophisticated, knowledgeable and want to enjoy, have fun and try wines that express the terroir identity, there's where Galicia has a great role because it has a great diversity of native varieties, climate, soil and so on.

And do we must not forget that in a bottle of wine, regardless the grape variety and the area where is developed, there is something else inside, which is our culture, climate, rivers, the smells of the slopes, in short our way of living and understanding the wine.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Celebrating one hundred one thousand accompaniments

To feel myself today in Valdeorras, more Mother of Wine than ever,
I will have more than one hundred one thousand reasons...

But it is more than enough to have felled, with your help, a universe in each one of your visits,
to celebrate the one thousand visits to anyone of my universes.

Please accept, with my affection and gratitude, basis for the pairing of our past, present and future.


The Mother of Wine

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Great success of the XIV edition of the Wine Valdeorras

 Early last night, the fourteenth edition of the Valdeorras wine Fair was closed down. It was qualified as a success by the president of the Regulatory Council, who announced that it had reached the best expectations.

The Fair was opened up on Saturday by the Regional Minister for Rural Affairs, Samuel Juarez, beneath the praises of great work of winegrowers, winemakers and Regulatory Council. He wanted to highlight the great international success that these wines have reached in recent years: " Its projection is progressing over the last years, going from a DO almost exclusively known by the wine lovers to occupy a privileged position, both in specialized guides and restaurant menus. "

Regarding the number of visitors, we can say that there has been a considerable increase in public respect previous editions. Without a detailed analysis, the first data figures show close to 3500 visitors who, despite the bad weather, attended the Fair to taste some of the most renowned wines of the current scene. In the words of the chairman of the Consell Regulador, José Luis García Pando, the event could be summed up thus: "the Fair has perfectly achieved their goals, which are not the same as a the ones of a professional salon, but has tried to be a meeting point for different wine agents as well as a place where the wineries ara albe to show their wines. "

XII tasting of the XIV Fair of  Wine of Valdeorras

The night before the Fair of Wine of Valdeorras started, the awards of the  XII  official tasting of Valdeorras' Wine were given. These are recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment in which Alan Val Pedrazais Barrel 2009 (winery of Alan) got the special mention of the harvest.

Regarding the white wines submitted to the contest (from a total number of 22) the first award went to Erebo, of the wineries Carballal, the second for Pagos Galir, of Virxe of Galir and the third for Viñaredo, of Santa Marta. In red (from the 26 that attended the contest) won Ventura, Winery of the A Pinguela, the second was for Joaquin Rebolledo, from Joaquin Rebolledo, and the third for Quinta da Peza Gold,  from Quinta da Peza.

You can visit the wineries and know first hand the wine by clicking on the name of each winery.

With all this, the new edition of the Fair of Wine of Valdeorras is understood to be finished. It has demonstrate that it's still growing, as well as ensured the prestige and acceptance of the Valdeorras' wines in the international wine world