Friday, January 28, 2011

Sampayolo´s winery launches new 100% Grenache wine

Sampayolo´s winery launches an exclusive new single varietal Grenache

"Garnacha vella da chaira do Ramiriño"  is the name of the new wine from this small winery in the DO Valdeorras. A wine made with grapes from centuries-old grenache vines very low yield (2 kg maximum per strain) which has allowed for a wine of intense aroma, color and flavor.

A little wine, of which only 700 bottles are produced, consisting predominantly red fruit aromas, pronounced minerality and a long palate, persistent and well-structured where the integration of wood (6 months in barrel) and the fruit it becomes a work of art.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The D.O. Valdeorras confirmed attendance at Xantar 2011

The XII edition of the event of gastronomy and tourism in Galicia, will be held in Expourense between 2 and 6 February, with the participation of the DO Valdeorras.

The most important hall dining and tourism in the Galicia devoted special emphasis, on its XII edition, to the Road of Santiago and local Carnivals, as important event gastronomic and touristic character of the country. This meeting will bring together about a year to profesinals of sector with public from all over Spain and Portugal, to which airs through lectures, tastings and workshops teaching the good work of the Galician gastronomy.

In this area of excitement in the gastronomy sector, could not miss DO Valdeorras as identificator label from Galicia in many corners of the world. This confirmation will make with the inclusion of a stand where the public may wish to sample the quality of some of the most significant Valdeorras wines.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jay Miller, a member of the team of Wine geek Robert Parker , held today in Madrid a tasting in which the protagonist is an Godello of D.O.Valdeorras

Jay Miller, in charge of the selection of wines in Spain for the famous list to the Wine Advocate's Robert Parker, held a tasting in Madrid, in an act for the Madrid Fusion gastronomic event, in which the protagonists are a Godello of Valdeorras and a Mencia of Ribeira Sacra.

In recent years, with the wealth of the famous wine Robert Parker Wine geek to shape their values, this understanding has decided to divide his work among a group of specialists of the wine world, creating in this way, a team to can respond to growing Worldwide wine production. This is where Jay Miller is framed as responsible for select the list of Spanish wines that will become part of the assessment year after year published "The Wine Advocate".

Miller has been for many years the great diffuser of the quality of the wines produced by the various Galician D.O , opening the doors to many wineries of diversity of countries, most notably throughout North America. In collaboration with Madrid Fusion has decided to select two Galician wines among which is one Godello of the winery Rafael Palacios. This recognition adds to the last collected by this winery of A Rúa as a reward to the great work being done in the elaboration of internationally recognized wines.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Another award for a winery in the D.O. Valdeorras

The Spanish Association of Wine Writers and Journalists has praised the cellar of Valdeorras Rafael Palacios, giving the first prize in the category of aging white wines,their wine "As Sortes 2009".

Members of the Spanish Association of Wine Writers and Journalists (AEPEV) have voted every year the Best Wines and Spirits of Spain in a two-round voting in which took part 72% of its members and which have had to decide between the 393 proposals marks the first stage of the competition.

In a prolific  year in awards for the DO Valdeorras, again the cellar Rafael Palacios walked off with first prize awarded by a jury recognized in Spain. From the mother of wine we invite you to try this wine, and that D.O. Valdeorras multiple offers, this weekend in "Fair of Botelo". A culinary show for the most demanding palates.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valdeorras awaits you for a great gourmet this weekend

Photo: La Región
The sausage king of Valdeorras gastronomy dresses up to volunteer as a tasting this weekend in O Barco.

This weekend will be held in the Valdeorras village of O Barco, the popular "Botelos Fair", which every year receives about a thousand people from all parts of Spain and northern Portugal.

This popular tradition that is widely accepted as part gastronomic north of the peninsula,this year will be reinforced by bars and restaurants listed in the 'I Snacks Road' that will take the " Botelos fair" to promote this valued product always accompanied by fine wines from the area. If you do not have plans for this weekend, from the mother of wine you are encouraged to value this option, you will not regret it, guaranteed.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valdeorras toasting wine, a treasure kept for generations

Photo: Rosa Veiga
While the Regulatory Council tries to retrieve the mass production of this variety for marketing based on grenache grapes, the secular tradition of the toast prepared from godello, has managed to survive in the vineyards and cellars of some individuals.

The land and the quality of the grapes we augur future Valdeorras toasting wine high quality, comparable to the Hungarian Tokaji or the closest Porto of Portugal. This was endorsed by the quality, tradition and reputation that these wines have in the past in Valdeorras land. Back in 1900, were notorious reputation and wide acceptance in the Paris Universal Exhibition.

Today, the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras, hand technical direction select the Garnacha as the prolific and adequate for the recovery of these wines, though, the seed has been stored with care and attention within the cellars of a few individuals, who maintained the tradition of preparing these rated concoctions  by the local variety godello.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The export wine, a commitment to the current economic situation

The strength of this sector and the great reputation that gives Galician wines abroad,conducive to the regional administration, through the Ministry for Rural Affairs, grant aid of around one million euros for international promotion.

Through this campaign, which will last three years and will be funded by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (EAGF) aims to increase the flow of communication on the Galician wines in third countries, to expand, in turn, marketing of them through promotional programs that will last three years per beneficiary country.

This would value the appreciated Galician wine industry abroad as a response to the current economic situation, trying not to leave the hand the "fragile" fortress which today have the Galician wines abroad, since, not promoted, major surveys and assessments could become volatilized.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The MARM has today published the official schedule of wine competitions in 2011

The Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Spanish (MARM) has published today in the Official State Bulletin (BOE) the official schedule of wine competitions in Spain this year.

Today has published the official schedule of wine competitions 2011, which summarizes a set of events on the world of wine that are organized by the Ministry of Environmentand Rural and Marine, the various DO Spanish, the regional governments, regulatory councils, etc.

This document details the oenological events, organizers, venues, dates and prizes awarded in each of the many competitions that take place during the year.

For lovers of the wine world as you want to attend the events, we leave a link to the official publication for you to check and plan your attendance at these official acts necessary for the more regulars.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snaks and Valdeorras wines due to the weather in O Barco

Photo: La Región

With the initiative "O Barco goes to wines - I Snack Route", which has been very well received among participants, try to recover the tradition of wines accompanied by Snacks in the Valdeorras village .

This weekend, which marked the start of activity, which will run until 22 January, when it will close with the finale of Botelo Fair, has been well received by the public, which has faced to inclement weather to enjoy the delicacies offered by the rich cuisine of this land.

The nearly thirty establishments engaged in the activity, do not want marked previous initiatives, preferring to focus its efforts on recovering the tradition of "Go to Snacks" always accompanied by Valdeorras wine. From the mother of wine team supportthis initiative and we invite you to share your pictures with this great family, sending it to: In addition, we would like to tell you that you think of this initiative and if you wish that are maintained for the remaining months of the year, share your comment on this article.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

O Barco opens its Snacks and wine route

From this weekend until the January 22, a date that coincides with the Fair of Botelo, thirty establishments in O Barco promote its Snacks and wine route.

26 bars and cafes and 4 restaurants promoted in these early days of 2011 the recovery snacks and wine route in the village valdeorresa. With this initiative, where those who wish may enjoy the wines in the company of traditional and innovative cooking skewers, opens a cuisine for the locals and visitors to the area.

Since the typical tortilla until zorza puree and egg, passing the famous botelo, beans with clams, roast beef jerky and cheese, skewered octopus, cotofello, scones and pancakes stuffed pregnant among others, the chefs of these bars, restaurants and cafes will make every effort to satisfy the most demanding palates always at prices more than recommended.

To facilitate the location of the premises, and in turn provide a route you can taste all these dishes, the organization made available to anyone who wants hundreds of plans for not to miss this great initiative.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Celebrating 2011. Happy New Year family!

We have a good year of four seasons balanced
where land, air and vineyards celebrate the most perfect of marriages.

Referring to that, once again, in this 2011 that begins, "the mother of wine" will be with you celebrating, informing, debuting and sharing a whole universe news
related to the wineries and their wines, around one of the most pluralistic and diverse cultures that exist in the world: the culture of wine.

In that sense we were released remembering what already proposed, the videos of the homepage that were part of the News, 2010, are now available to Internet users in the pages that correspond to its reference titles:

Thus, the presentation of New York is the News of the Regulatory Council, the descent of the Sil River and Sculptors Tremiñan in "fiesta" and craftwork
and Pruning, Grafting and Winemaking process in Cycle of wine, corresponding to the Guaratee of Origin.