Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The growing demand Godello Valdeorras, makes it out the bottling of the new harvest more than a month

The depletion of stocks of the 2009 harvest, it makes more holds the Regulatory Council requesting permission to begin the process of pouring the new crop.

The increasing demand for wine Godello, has led to several wineries requested permission from the Regulatory Council to start bottling wine from the new harvest, and thus to meet the growing demand for these wines.

Although the situation is the same for all warehouses, it becomes clear that the Valdeorras Godello is a significant demand situation. Much blame for the foreign market value and demand ever greater extent these wines.

The chairman of the Regulatory Council, José Luís García Pando said that those wineries that do not focus their markets and are committed to export have many more defenses before the crisis which is a feature of the internal market. Thus supporting the initiative that many winemakers have taken the commitment to internationalization of its wines.

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