Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Synergy as a marriage between Valdeorras wine and Lulavai music

 The story of Lulavai started at the "Arts and Crafts School" in Vigo, the place where these four women met. (Paula Oanes, Josefa Fernández, Lorena Reinaldo e Elena Paz) They study celtic harp with the teacher Rodrigo Romaní, and become members of the folk orchestra Sondeseu, playing their music on many different stages in Spain and other European contries. At the end of 2007, they decided to create Lulavai, a new project where the band mixes the sound of celtic harps and human voices, performing with their own sound traditional tunes as well as new compositions. On March 2008, Lulavai was selected as one of the finalist groups of the "Festival Cancioneiros" contest, suported and created by the "Barrie de la Maza foundation. After that they started to play around Galicia and Europe. On April 2010 they public their first CD, "CorDasVerbas". 

The commitment of these four artists with the products of Galicia is evidentcon with the collaboration with their song Amalgama  for the development of  DO Valdeorras Web Portal videos. From the mother of wine want to show our thanks, sharing your music with you, our family, at this time so special.

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