Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Alan de Val presents the project of the School-Winery for theoretical and practical training in viticulture, enology, wine tasting and marketing

 The School-Winery Alan de Val presents an innovative and effective training action for real learning viticulture and enology within a theoretical and practical framework of the winery, its vineyards and its wines.

In order to achieve a successful training, Alan de Val focuses its course on the student's personal experience through the implementation of the knowledge acquired, that represents a revolutionary strategy both in the professional and educational area to understand all the processes of the vine and the wine.

     The training program in viticulture, enology and wine tasting named "Experience" is aimed at the following groups of people:

  • Entrepreneurs in the agro-rural area, who wish to acquire the necessary knowledge to create and perform a new wine industry, whether working a vineyard or setting a family winery.

• People who have finished their ethnological studies and wish to perform their winemaking practicals and acquire the keys for a successful, effective and reasoned viticultural activity.

• Anyone who wants to experience the world of wine and its production in all its phases, not only for being an unforgettable experience but also for being highly educational rated.

The "Experience" program will run for two months, beginning on September 17 (being this the starting date of harvest in Valdeorras) and ending on November 16.
    The total amount of class hours are 384 from Monday to Friday, from which 160 hours are of theory and 224 are for the practice.

The course includes the accommodation and full board during the whole program. Furthermore, all the educational materials (books, manuals and other necessary items), personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as proper clothing for the winery and vines are also included. All these services and equipments, plus the classes given in the vineyard, winery, testing laboratory and tasting room have a total cost of 2,900 Euros.

The registration period starts on August 20 and ends on September 14. The pre-registration may be filled via mail or attached application duly completed and accompanied by an ID photocopy. The tuition payment may be done through bank transfer or by cash.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The galician film Vilamor and the wines of the D.O. Valdeorras appellation winery "A Coroa" reap awards and high praise in New York.

 The New York International Film Festival, held last week in the American State capital, has resulted in a resounding success for the Galician culture represented cinematically by the film Vilamor and enologically by A Coroa wines.

Synergies between cinema and winemaking have turned into a successful reception for Galicia at the New York International Film Festival. Thus, the winery belonging to the D.O.Valdeorras appellation "A Coroa" wanted to contribute selflessly to the galician film presentation, which took place last week in the House of Spain in the capital of New York and has won two major awards at the Festival, handing over several crates of wine for the event.

In an event of a cultural nature, which was also attended by leading figures from the international audiovisual and several institutional representatives, the Vilamor team presented D.O. Valdeorras appellation wines personified in the A Coroa winery, as one of the great ambassadors of Galicia worldwide.

During the film presentation the Vilamor team paused for a toast with A Coroa, in which the film director Ignacio Vilar explained in detail, and through an intervention of about 15 minutes, the long path and characteristics that have led  the D.O.Valdeorras appellation wines to become some of the most fashionable wines in the international wine scene.

Once the presentations finished, attendees had the chance to taste the A Coroa wines among high praises, while taking photos with the Vilamor team represented by the director Ignacio Vilar and the actors and actresses Rubén Riós, Sabela Arán, Xoel Yáñez and Mayka Braña.

On the other side, Isabel Pérez  (Councilor of Culture of Ourense) made sure to remember the importance of joining the Galician traditions through the diverse expressions of the land: culture, art, gastronomy and ethnology.

Through this event, it is showed the strong commitment of the D.O. Valedorras appellation with the internationalization of the Galician culture, reinforcing, in turn, the prestige of this appellation wines abroad.

Through this event, it is showed the strong commitment of the D.O. Valedorras appellation with the internationalization of the Galician culture, reinforcing, in turn, the prestige of this appellation wines abroad.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Great success for the da Pinguela Winery at the "Arribe 2012" Awards.

 Da Pinguela winery is rewarded with two silver prizes at the 8th edition of the homonyms and prestigious “Arribe” awards, held on 6 and 8 August in the town of Travanca, Salamanca.

New success for the D.O. Valdeorras appellation wines, personified in the reds of  Da Pinguela winery, that gets two silver "Arribe" awards joining two other wineries of the D.O. which are still to be determined.

A committee of winemakers and prestigious professionals with international experience, tasted a total of 507 wines from 56 appellations from Spain and Portugal, giving two silver "Arribe" awards to Da Pinguela winery for its wine "Mencia Memoria de Ventura", in the category of young reds, and "Memoria de Ventura Garnacha", in the category of red wines aged in wood less than 6 months.

In this way, the D.O.Valdeorras appellation becomes the origin mark of Galicia most rewarded at the 2012 “Arribe" awards, with four recognitions; two of them given to two other wineries that we will announce when their names are ​​public.

So far, we leave you with this exclusive micro-documentary produced by Da Pinguela winery and made by "Pasen y Vean Comunicación".

Over 4,000 people attended the 15th D.O. Valdeorras Wine Fair

 Over 4,000 people visited the D.O. Valdeorras appellation Wine Fair, in which stood out the interest and participation of the Japanese businessman Masashi Kamada.

A total of 23 wineries participated in this wine event, which was closed on Sunday evening and - still waiting for an official confirmation - was attended by over 4,000 people.

The coincidence of the celebration with other wine fairs in the province has not made decrease the number of visitors at this, as confirmed by Jorge Mazaira, Technical of the Regulatory Council of the D.O. Valdeorras appellation, which highlighted 'the loyalty of the people who each year come to taste the best wines from the region's wineries '.

The technician noted the presence of the Japanese businessman Masashi Kamada, who expressly requested to come and see first hand the evolution of red and white wines of the Appellation, for future agreements to import the Valdeorras production to the Nippon country.

At the event, the winner wineries of the '13th tasting of the15th D.O. Valdeorras Wine Fair' that took place last Thursday and Friday were awarded; at this, the three best red and white wines of the region were chosen, among 50 that were presented.

As for white wines, the first award was for the Ruchel wine, from Ruchel Winery; the second was to Quinta da Peza, from the same winery; and the third for Cepado wine, from Cepado Winery S.L.

The first red award was for the Memoria de Ventura wine, from A Pinguela S.L. Winery; the second to Alan de Val, and the third award was given to Sampayolo, from the Sampayolo S.L. winery. There was aslo a special mention to wine Juan Sales wines, from Roandi winery.

According to Jorge Mazaira, the jury agreed with the fact that the selection was very difficult as the level of all the wines presented was very high 'with minor differences'.

While this was happening in Valdeorras, the Coroa Winery was sharing its presence between the Fair and the New York City International Film Festival, in which contributed to the release and promotion of the Galician Film "Vilamor", directed by the nominee for best director Ignacio Vilar (Petín Valdeorras ), offering for free its wines during the presentation act in the American city.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Come and discover all that Valdeorras can offer you at the 15th DO Valdeorras Wine Fair. Incentive 2: Nature and Art

On the occasion of the 15th DO Valdeorras Wine Fair, from the Mother of the Wine we want to present all the hallmarks of this land and its people, to encourage you to visit the region with a complete plan of leisure, culture and high level cuisine.

After the gastronomic proposal we offered you last Tuesday, what do you think about a good walk?. If you like it, just say that Valdeorras outstands in this field too.

If we presented the thousand and one natural attractions that Valdeorras have, we could almost write an encyclopedia. Therefore, and to leave some surprises for the time you will arrive, we are just going to name a few of the most significant natural and cultural places of the region, so that you could complete your stay in the region while enjoying some of the most fashionable wines in the international scene, in closely line with a rugged unique landscape in the world.

In first time: Valdeorras has a rugged mountainous terrain, mild or mild-fresh mediterranean weather and diverse vegetation.

Serra da Enciña da Lastra
The "Parque de Serra da Enciña da Lastra", in Rubiá council is a valuable region with a 3100 ha surface, it has its interpretation center in Biobra.

The name of the park comes from a big oak which was the guide for travelers along this difficult path.

This rocky mountain setting, unique in Galicia, allows certain caves to appear (called Palas) due to action of water against the stone. The biggest natural cave network in Galicia is located here, with more than 200 caves. “Pala”, comes from before Roman times and means cave. They are a paradise for zoologists due to the large amount of bats living there, also for histrians because some of the caves were used in prehistoric times.

Here appears the best representation of Mediterranean flora in Galicia with oak forests with olive trees, cork trees alternating with the Atlantic forests on the damp hillsides.

The River Sil forms the valley which separates the regions of Bierzo and Valeorras and divides this area creating a canyon. The "Estrecho de Covas" is an aesthetic experience for train travelers or those crossing the region on the N-120. Traveling local roads that connect small towns within the park such as Pardollán, Oulego or Vilardesilva which serve in their own right as a means to admire the beautiful landscape and fine architecture.

Potholing, climbing, orienteering and canyoning have in the Parque de Serra da Enciña da Lastra and in Trevinca a privileged space.

Peña Trevinca
Peña Trevinca, is the highest height in Galicia (2127 mts). It is sourronded by other which make the Macizo of Trevinca, like Pena Negra (2119) and Pena Surbia (2095).
This area is included in Red Natura and recognized as Lugar de Importancia Comunitaria (LIC) (community important place), and also as Zona de Especial Protección para las Aves (ZEPA) (special bird protection area).

Tourism is not so high on the Sierra and the other places of Valdeorras so that we can enjoy nature in pure state.

Through one of the trekking routes marked, we will now interesting places without any danger. There are lots of routes used by the more experienced mountain lovers.
In a mountain environment with high level rivers and houndreds of km of rural paths, we have the best place for nature adventure sports. We can go algon with quad, a guided service which can show us spectacular routes along vineyards and mountain, adapted to the drivers level. There is something similar for those who enjoy using a kayak to know rivers and lakes.

Some of the wine cellars of the wine route of Valdeorras make also visits to their facilities in 4x4 for small groups.    

Peña Trevinca
 Besides, if we talk about cultural tours our proposal is no less attractive, since in the area we can find important artistic monuments that you could enjoy from the first to the last piece for free.

As Ermidas
An example is the Santuario de As Ermidas, in O Bolo council, has one of the most traditional holy weeks in Galicia in a beautiful enclave surrounded by spectacular vineyards. The Via Crucis procession on Good Friday morning is special. It starts at the sanctuary and goes up through the village until the “Estación de la Resurrección”. The small chapels have staturs which depict Jesus’ Passion.

Different gastronomic fairs bring us closer to the traditional  food of the region, traditional fare based upon excellent products born of a well-cared for natural environment. There is the Fiesta del Botelo in O Barco de Valdeorras, the Fiesta de la empanada de Costrelas in A Rúa or the one of the Febra in Petín.

Vilamartín de Valdeorras
In the country, trekking recovers old paths. Walking along the paths we can imagine the muleteer’s carriages on those narrow ways, with livestock, wine and other products travelling from one village to another; people selling and buying as well as pilgrims from other times.

The dimensions of a rural area like Valdeorras can only be truly appreciated through walking. Besides the paths through the Natural parks and protected spaces, there are also other signposted tracks which allow a close contact to the culture of the zone. A couple of minutes with the farmers and other visitors will show us much more than the info in guidebooks. Using a little common sense, this is a safe area, in which when we see chestnut trees or vineyards, there must be a house near. A small road will always bring us to a village and most of the dirt tracks are perfectly usable.   

 And with this preview of what Valdeorras can give us, we invite you to come and discover some of the most amazing wines in the international wine scene in the very essence of their land, within the events included in the 15th DO Valdeorras Wine Fair.

We are waiting for you!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Come and discover all that Valdeorras can offer you at the XV DO Valdeorras Wine Fair. First incentive: The Gastronomy

Through the XV DO Valdeorras Wine Fair on 11 and 12 August, we offer a range of leisure, culture and nature, encouraging you to enjoy an unforgettable weekend in which the wine will be the main protagonist.

As we have been advancing in recent days, from the Mother of the Wine we propose you a different weekend to enjoy some of the most fashionable wines in the international wine scene, accompanied by an excellent range of leisure, culture and cuisine. You can choose just an incentive or take them all; Valdeorras is waiting for you.

Our first proposal is based on the rich local cuisine, a perfect complement to pair with the excellence that characterizes the Valdeorras wines, being these a source of inspiration for the gourmet vanguard culinary group most significant of Galicia, "Grupo Nove".

Valdeorras's cuisine focuses on natural and homemade products. Starting from the tasty meat dishes that you can enjoy in the excellent restaurants that characterize the land, the following are some samples that will surely delight you: kid goat with garlic, chicken or turkey stewed, foie micuit or, why not, a Valdeorras stew. Besides, you can also taste one of their most known regional dishes, the breaded cutlet pie, which is also a great incentive to amaze your palate in these special summer dates.

Seasonal vegetables are another major attraction of this land; in a region bathed by the Sil and Xarés rivers, garden produce such as peppers, zucchini, tomatoes or lettuce, provide incentives to complement the fine dining in Valdeorras.

Fish and Seafood complete the gastronomic offer we propose you, as we can not forget that we are in Galicia and the rich fruits of its coasts also emerge in the culinary art of Valdeorras;  from mussels, clams, lobster rice, cod, hake, sea bass and monkfish prepared with Godello Valdeorras, it may be in the octopus (prepared in the Galician way) in which you can find your ideal companion for the regional wines, Godellos and Mencías.

And for the sweet-toothed, who we do not forget, you can also taste a wide selection of traditional desserts as: Fried milk, Milk Pudding, French Toast, Cracklings Pie and Rice with Milk,... leaving for those more daring, the innovations of  the new avant-garde cuisine, such as Pears in Red Mencia Wine, Caramelized Bananas with Brandy or Sweet Cane; these are the perfect complement to combine with the spirits of the region (Coffee and Cream Liqueurs, Herbs, Liquor, Cherry liqueur ...) or the  famous toasted Valdeorras wine.

Despite that today's topic is all about gastronomy, in the coming days we will offer you thousand and one incentives of Valdeorras, that make this land a unique place in the world which will welcome you with opened arms.

We will be waiting for you!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Know the wineries that will welcome the 15th DO Valdeorras Wine Fair

 The XV DO Valdeorras Wine Fair is coming and the wineries are finalizing their preparations to bring you the best reception through the excellence of their wines.

Through this article, we present you the wineries that will take part in the 15th DO Valdeorras Wine Fair, offering you the possibility to expand your information about each by "clicking" on their names. Thus, you will be able to know first hand their working philosophy, the excellence of their wines and the awards that have turned the DO Valdeorras into an international benchmark in the wine sector.

These are the wineries that will take part in the 15th DO Valdeorras Wine Fair:

In addition to the DO Valdeorras wineries, the event will be attended by the City Council of the town Almendralejo (Extremadura) , which will show the typical products of its region, in close brotherhood with the DO Valdeorras wines.


Know the events of the 15th DO Valdeorras Wine Fair

In an magic edition, winemakers and the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras have made ​​a great effort to focus the events on the use and enjoyment of visitors. With the DO Valdeorras wines as protagonists, the excellence of the international wine scene awaits you on 11 and 12 August in the town A Rua.

To encourage you to come and be able to organize your schedule, we show you below the distribution of the acts that will make this edition unique.

Thursday, August 9

19:00 pm - Pretaste of the XIII Tasting of the XV DO Valdeorras Wine Fair

Friday, August 10

11:00 am - End of the XIII Tasting of the XV DO Valdeorras Wine Fair

Saturday, August 11

12:00 pm - Opening of the Wine Fair

12:30 pm - Opening of the XV DO Valdeorras Wine Fair by the authorities and awards ceremony of the XIII Tasting of the XV DO Valdeorras Wine Fair.

14:30 - Closing of the exhibition and lunch break

19:00 - Reopening of the Wine Fair

22:30 - Closing of the Wine Fair  until the next day

Sunday, August 12

12:00 - Reopening of the Wine Fair

14:30 - Closing of the exhibiton and lunch break.

19: 00 - Reopening of the Wine Fair for the DO Valdeorras wines tasting

22:30 - Closing of the XV Edition of the DO Valdeorras Wine Fair

In addition to this program throughout the week we will offer you a broad range of cultural, natural and playful so you can enjoy the region of Valdeorras in all its essence.


Friday, August 3, 2012

The XV DO Valdeorras Wine Fair will be held on 11 and 12 August

 The dates are already confirmed and the XV Valdeorras Wine Fair  will be held  the next 11 and 12 August.

Once again, the banks of the Sil river in the recreational area of O Aguillón, located in the town A Rua, will host the XV edition of the Fair.

After the prolific national and international host that the wines belonging to the DO Valdeorras have received, it's time to present their excellence in the purest essence transmitted by earth, Valdeorras.

 With a wide and full program of events, the DO Valdeorras aims to show, once again, the evolution of some of the most prestigious wines in the international wine scene.

If from the States to Russia, passing through Europe and laying a solid foundation in the Asian continent, the Valdeorras wines are getting known as the  "Winemaking Revolution of the XXI Century", will you miss the opportunity to experience and enjoy firsthand their quality  in a setting of incomparable beauty?

In the coming days, from the Universe in each bottle and the mother of wine, we will let you know more about the Fair program, the participating wineries, the recreational offer of the area and a large number of initiatives that may encourage you to enjoy of these wines, as the highest expression and reflection of a land.