Sunday, August 19, 2012

Over 4,000 people attended the 15th D.O. Valdeorras Wine Fair

 Over 4,000 people visited the D.O. Valdeorras appellation Wine Fair, in which stood out the interest and participation of the Japanese businessman Masashi Kamada.

A total of 23 wineries participated in this wine event, which was closed on Sunday evening and - still waiting for an official confirmation - was attended by over 4,000 people.

The coincidence of the celebration with other wine fairs in the province has not made decrease the number of visitors at this, as confirmed by Jorge Mazaira, Technical of the Regulatory Council of the D.O. Valdeorras appellation, which highlighted 'the loyalty of the people who each year come to taste the best wines from the region's wineries '.

The technician noted the presence of the Japanese businessman Masashi Kamada, who expressly requested to come and see first hand the evolution of red and white wines of the Appellation, for future agreements to import the Valdeorras production to the Nippon country.

At the event, the winner wineries of the '13th tasting of the15th D.O. Valdeorras Wine Fair' that took place last Thursday and Friday were awarded; at this, the three best red and white wines of the region were chosen, among 50 that were presented.

As for white wines, the first award was for the Ruchel wine, from Ruchel Winery; the second was to Quinta da Peza, from the same winery; and the third for Cepado wine, from Cepado Winery S.L.

The first red award was for the Memoria de Ventura wine, from A Pinguela S.L. Winery; the second to Alan de Val, and the third award was given to Sampayolo, from the Sampayolo S.L. winery. There was aslo a special mention to wine Juan Sales wines, from Roandi winery.

According to Jorge Mazaira, the jury agreed with the fact that the selection was very difficult as the level of all the wines presented was very high 'with minor differences'.

While this was happening in Valdeorras, the Coroa Winery was sharing its presence between the Fair and the New York City International Film Festival, in which contributed to the release and promotion of the Galician Film "Vilamor", directed by the nominee for best director Ignacio Vilar (Petín Valdeorras ), offering for free its wines during the presentation act in the American city.

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