Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The New York Times qualify the Godello as "the promise of Spain in the international wine sector"

 The wine critic of the American publication The New York Times, Eric Asimov, surrenders to the peculiarities of the Godello variety, extolling the virtues of the wines made ​​from this variety and considering this as the great range for the future of Spanish white wines internationally.

Major critics of American wine world  and of remarkable global impact in the sector, have echoed the awakening of the indigenous variety of Valdeorras, the godello, as the great promise of Spain in the international wine scene.

Emphasizing the area that characterized the wine, a tasting group, formed by four of the most famous American wine critics (Florent Fabricant, Kerin Auth, Michael Madrigale and Eric Asimov) have evaluated 20 white wines of various regions made ​​from Godello.

Among them, five wines produced by wineries of Valdeoras have been highlighted in the Top 10, especially the A Coroa Godello 2010 wine, which has  stood out with great notoriety.

A Coroa Godello 2010 has topped the list of the Godello wines evaluated in New York Godello, with the following tasting notes: "Deep, savory and distinctive, with a succulent lip-smacking texture and tropical fruit flavors" being described as: "This wine did not merely represent potential; it was potential realized"

In a framework in which the godello varieties were from areas such as Monterrei, Ribera Sacra, Bierzo and, of course, Valdeorras, the Godeval Godello 2010, Guitián 2010, As Sortes 2008 and Ladera Sagrada 2010 have joined the Godello A Coroa to conform the list of major godellos of the DO Valdeorras sold in the U.S. market, at the discretion of these well-known specialists.


Monday, May 28, 2012

The London International Wine Fair reaffirms the international success of the Valdeorras wines

While several wineries have won awards at the event through the publication Decanter, those attending the London International Wine Fair have thrown into know the new crop of the DO Valdeorras wines.

The Stand of the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras, located in the ICEX Pavilion of the Fair, has become one of the nerve centers of the London International Wine Fair. The international impact of the wines protected under the seal DO Valdeorras awoke the interest of the finest palates when assessing the quality that store these wines.

In the words of experts: "The DO Valdeorras has presented high quality wines to  Fair's professionals. Complexity, differentiation and quality are attributes that these wines have obtained of the general feel in an environment of intense competitiveness, as is the London International Wine Fair. "

Meanwhile, the CRDO Valdeorras is pleased for the great reception, appreciating the attendants' opinions as "very encouraging". According to the Regulatory Council's technical director, Jorge Mazaira: " the DO Valdeorras presence at the Fair has not gone unnoticed by leading experts and industry professionals. Again, whites have been rated as outstanding and reds highlighted by its freshness and hints of fruit ".

This reinforces the maxim that defines these wines beyond a fad, increasing year after year its quality and the effects that this produces to great Gurus of the international wine industry.

A gold medal, three bronze medal and a special mention medal for wines DO Valdeorras in "Decanter World Wine Awards", the largest wine competition in the world

  The largest wine competition in the world that is held in London under the name "Decanter World Wine Awards", awarded to the DO Valdeorras wineries a Gold Medal for Avanthia Godello 2010, three Bronze medals: two for Joaquin Rebolledo with Mencia 2011 and godello 2011 and one bronze medal for Valdesil Montenovo Godello 2011, closing the list with a special mention medal for the Ruchel Godello 2010.

The results were announced yesterday during the London International Wine Fair, act in which the CRDO Valdeorras is presenting the excellence of the wines from this appellation. The wines DO Valdeorras included among the winners are: Mencia 2011 and Godello 2011 from the winery DO Valdeorras Joaquin Rebolledo, both awarded with bronze medals, another bronze medal for the Montenovo Godello 2011 from winery Valdesil, special mention medal for the Godello Ruchel 2011 and Gold medal for the Avanthia Godello 2010.

Prizes are awarded by the magazine "Decanter", respected internationally for its prestigious reputation and influence in the wine consumers.

These awards are based on contacts with leading independent experts in the wine world sector to create a panel of more than 200 merchants, sommeliers, journalists and international wine sector, including 54 Masters of Wine and 11 Master Sommeliers.

The wines are judged by region and price in a blind tasting conducted and all unopened bottles, are sold and the profits are donated to "WaterAid" institution that, to date, Decanter has made a contribution of more than 260,000 pounds.

These new awards continue to show the validity of the interest generated by Valdeorras wines in world wine sector and reaffirme the maximum rates of the wines produced in this appellation of origin called: "The Enological Revolution of the XXI Century".

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Known the Valdeorras wineries that present their excellences in London

  The DO Valdeorras, through its regulatory body, will share its excellences with the London audience at the Excel Exhibition Centre in the British capital, one of the events that make up the London International Wine Fair. 

The Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras is promoting the excellence of the wines assigned to this guarantee of origin, in one of the most important events of the international wine industry: the London International Wine Fair

Attendees who so wish, may see first hand the qualities of one of the most fashionable wines in the international wine scene, located at the Stand of the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras, and from today until Thursday, between 9:30 am to 6 pm (British time), within the pavilion that ICEX (Spanish Foreign Trade Institute) has on the fair.

In addition to the novelties in toasted wines and of new generation that the DO is working in, participants will have the opportunity to know some of the most representative wines of Valdeorras through the following wineries:


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New international awards for the winery DO Valdeorras Joaquin Rebolledo

  Completing the information published on 16 May, we like to comunicate two more international awards for the winery DO Valdeorras Joaquin Rebolledo. This fact leads to a Silver Bacchus for red wine barrel 2010 and a Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, for the second consecutive year, for the Godello Joaquin Rebolledo 2011. 

30 years ago the Rebolledo family led the way in the recovery of the grape Godello. Driven by Joaquín Rebolledo and his risk bet, today the winery has a vineyard of Godello vines with an average age of 30 years. Joaquín Rebolledo Godello was the first Galician wine to win the Golden Tendril (1993), sparking a dramatic legend about around Valdeorras, culminating culmitating this year with the second achievement of the gold medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. 

The potential of this variety, as well as the characteristic soil of Valdeorras, have brought the most distinguished Spanish Winemakers to produce wines in Valdeorras. Mencia is the quintessential red variety of the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. 

Joaquin Rebolledo prestige in the red wines is very important and continues to gain first class awards. This is the rhythm of wines such as the Barrica and Mencia of Joaquin Rebolledo that set the standards. 

The collection of wine barrels is sufficiently complex, so as to confer distinctiveness to Joaquín Rebolledo wines. French, American and Caucasican oak, are the predominant wooden barrels that fill the caverns of the winery. There, with specific humidity, temperature and silence, the reds take on a remarkable and distinctive expression. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The DO Valdeorras wineries invite you to enjoy its open doors day the next May 26

 To mark the celebration of the open doors day, included within the promotional events of the Valdeorras Wine Route, several wineries attached to this DO will open their doors to offer to the public the excellence of their wines and the magic of their installations. 

Twelve of the most prestigious wineries attached to the seal of quality that is part of the DO Valdeorras, will open their doors to the public to offer some of the most fashionable and prestigious wines in the international wine scene. 

Besides tasting the excellent wines, those interested can visit the installations of production and processing of the wines. The visit will be completed by the offering of typical meals and "tapas" from the region.

The Wineries that can be visited are: 

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To complete the offer, some of the most important gastronomic centers and restaurants in the district, offer to the visitors two delicious menus, prepared exclusively for this event and composed for the most prestigious meals of the region. All these meals can be enjoy for a adsequible price of 25 euros for adults and 10 euros for children under 12 years. 

The restaurants and gastronomic centers that offer this service are: 

You can expand your information about each one by clicking on its name 

In addition, attendees can know one of the most interesting natural areas of the Iberian Peninsula, visiting the nearest mountains of Manzaneda ski station and Peña Trevinca, the natural parks of "A Lastra" and "A Enciña", the Romans archaeological remains as Portomourisco Bridge and Éntoma bridge and also the important architectural centers as the picturesque village of "O Bolo" and one of the masterpieces of Spanish baroque collection, the Shrine of "As Ermidas".

Can you lose this marvelous proposal?! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

The winery Alan de Val captivates the audience in its day of gastronomy and sexology

 The firm commitment of the Valdeorras' wineries with the wine tourism was ratified last Friday with a day of gastronomy mixed with sexology held in the winery Alan de and carried out by the sexologist Monica Novas. 

About thirty attendees were able to enjoy a day of suggestive and original wine tourism which, in addition to discovering the erotic secrets of the gastronomy of valdeorras, allowed them to taste the high quality of the wines and spirits produced by Alan de Val winery. 

Within a theoretical and practical framework in which the sexologist Monica Novas discovered the culinary secrets that give certain dishes a clear erotic touch. The breaded rib, a typical dish of the region, was the great protagonist of an event in which it was able to enjoy not only of mussels of O Grove but also of cheeses, typical pies of the region called "bicas", chestnuts and truffles. 

According to the sexologist: "In the breaded rib the highest sexual desire is related to the preparations prior the tasting of this dish, a ritual that difference this variety of pies of the others, as it is required to separate the bread covers to savor the rib. These movements and the hot spice used to seasoning it, makes it to produce more pleasure than a normal pie" 

Referring to the spicy, Monica says that " the spicy stimulates heat receptors and the brain sends endorphins to palliate the pain , and these are the same that stimulate sex" 

The event has shown a strong commitment with the ethnotourism offered by the winery Alan de Val and serves as a complement to their offers on its website. 

In addition, this act has been useful as a dynamic element to the next open day that the wineries of Valdeorras will held next May 26 and where the participants who so wish can visit the facilities and taste the wines from the wineries that make up the DO for free. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Over 500 members of the wine sector from Asturias twin with Valdeorras through the wines of this Galician DO

Photo: Jorge Mazaira
New success for the embassy in Gijon of the DO Valdeorras which, through their wines, get a new critical success and affluence in Asturias. 

"The uniqueness and quality of the Valdeorras wines strongly position the image of these wines in the Asturian region." This is what sums the assessment fo the Regulary Council, in the words of its techical manager Jorge Mazaira, who has echoed the general feeling of the more than 500 people attending the event.

 In an event marked by a turn mainly professional, attendees were able to taste the excellent wines of Valdeorras represented by 21 of the most significant wineries in the region. This fact serves to reaffirm the maxim that gives the wines Valdeorras the name of "Revolution winemaking of the century XXI" and emphasizes the quality of some of the most fashionable wines in international wine scene.

Photo: Marta Sertaje
  The assessment of the wineries get us back by the hands of Marta Sertaje, commercial director of the winery A Coroa, who has highlighted the large number of distributors attending the event and high ratings shared of these wines. 

The group of attendees, a part of sharing the accolades mentioned above, highlighted the exquisite treatment received by winemakers and the Regulatory Council, within the wide grounds enabled for the act. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Winery A Coroa wins the tender of the Swedish monopoly, that will open the doors of the Nordic market to the excellence of its wines

The international market is still yielding to the enological revolution of the XXI century that emanates from the wineries of Valdeorras, selecting the single-variety Godello of the A Coroa winery in a tender of the monopoly that will open the doors of several northern regions to the excellence of this wine.

As a recognition of the quality and expertise that comes from the winery attached to the DO Valdeorras A Coroa, the Swedish market, after a rigorous and comprehensive quality control, has selected to a tender of the monopoly, the single-variety A Coroa, 100% Godello. 

This milestone is reflected in Marta Serteje's words, Sales Manager of the winery A Coroa, who makes clear that: 

"It is very difficult to win a tender in Sweden and we are excited! Finally our white wine is going to be red! Godello A Coroa 2011 has won a tender for the Swedish monopoly and our product will be sold very soon in the Nordic market. The products comprising this monopoly are subject to strict controls evidencing the quality of our 100% godello.

From September 2012 our 2011 vintage will be through network of distributors that make up this monopoly based in Sweden and Finland! "

Friday, May 4, 2012

The wineries of the DO Valdeorras show a strong and attractive enotouristic proposal

 Taking advantage of the great international prestige that have the Valdeorras wines have got in recent years, a large group of wineries attached to the DO Valdeorras propose us interesting offers of enotourism by taking advantage of the natural features, cultural and gastronomic of the area. 

Several wineries of the DO Valdeorras show the great international prestige that have earned offering interesting enotourism deals to visitor . In the package, apart of enjoying of Valdeorras wines, it is also included an interesting gastronomic offer, a hallmark of this land, and leisure, taking advantage of the natural beauty and landscape of the area. 

In a framework that combines the purest and traditional ethnic heritage with the most current and modern leisure offer, visitors could enjoy of activities such as skiing, hiking trails, museums, SPA sessions, boat trips and all exquisitely surrounded by the beautiful picture of the mountain station Manzaneda, the ancient roman road vía Nova, the medieval monasteries settled on the banks of the Sil, the Natural Park of Serra de a Lastra, Peña Trevinca, Monte Furado, the nearby Medulas and the neighboring towns of Ponferrada, Riveira Sacra and Bierzo. 

In the coming days we will go echoing the different enotouristic offers dealed by the wineries, so that you feel encouraged to know the appreciated wines of Valdeorras, faithfully reflecting of the idiosyncrasy and feeling of the people of this land.