Monday, May 28, 2012

The London International Wine Fair reaffirms the international success of the Valdeorras wines

While several wineries have won awards at the event through the publication Decanter, those attending the London International Wine Fair have thrown into know the new crop of the DO Valdeorras wines.

The Stand of the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras, located in the ICEX Pavilion of the Fair, has become one of the nerve centers of the London International Wine Fair. The international impact of the wines protected under the seal DO Valdeorras awoke the interest of the finest palates when assessing the quality that store these wines.

In the words of experts: "The DO Valdeorras has presented high quality wines to  Fair's professionals. Complexity, differentiation and quality are attributes that these wines have obtained of the general feel in an environment of intense competitiveness, as is the London International Wine Fair. "

Meanwhile, the CRDO Valdeorras is pleased for the great reception, appreciating the attendants' opinions as "very encouraging". According to the Regulatory Council's technical director, Jorge Mazaira: " the DO Valdeorras presence at the Fair has not gone unnoticed by leading experts and industry professionals. Again, whites have been rated as outstanding and reds highlighted by its freshness and hints of fruit ".

This reinforces the maxim that defines these wines beyond a fad, increasing year after year its quality and the effects that this produces to great Gurus of the international wine industry.

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