Monday, May 7, 2012

Winery A Coroa wins the tender of the Swedish monopoly, that will open the doors of the Nordic market to the excellence of its wines

The international market is still yielding to the enological revolution of the XXI century that emanates from the wineries of Valdeorras, selecting the single-variety Godello of the A Coroa winery in a tender of the monopoly that will open the doors of several northern regions to the excellence of this wine.

As a recognition of the quality and expertise that comes from the winery attached to the DO Valdeorras A Coroa, the Swedish market, after a rigorous and comprehensive quality control, has selected to a tender of the monopoly, the single-variety A Coroa, 100% Godello. 

This milestone is reflected in Marta Serteje's words, Sales Manager of the winery A Coroa, who makes clear that: 

"It is very difficult to win a tender in Sweden and we are excited! Finally our white wine is going to be red! Godello A Coroa 2011 has won a tender for the Swedish monopoly and our product will be sold very soon in the Nordic market. The products comprising this monopoly are subject to strict controls evidencing the quality of our 100% godello.

From September 2012 our 2011 vintage will be through network of distributors that make up this monopoly based in Sweden and Finland! "

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