Monday, April 30, 2012

The Winery Alan de Val offers an enotouristic day of gastronomy and sexology

 The prestigious winery from Valdeorras Alan de Val will offer next May 11, for the modest price of 30 euros, a unique enotouristic offer based on gastronomy and sexology. 

The event will begin on Friday May 11 at 18:00 pm with the arrival of the participants who wish to enjoy the act at Winery Alan de Val. 

After a tour trough the facilities, at 19:00 pm there will be a banquet into the cave, consisting of various dishes of the region and all accompanied by the wide variety of the prestigious wines produced by this winery attached to the DO Valdeorras.

Once the attendees will have enjoyed these delicacies, at 20:30 pm and at the same winery it will begin the tasting of the typical sweets of the region with a gastronimoc and sexological orentation, accompanied, all them, with all the wide range of liqueurs also produced by Alan de Val and under the direction of the sexologist Monica Novas. 

As a plus, in the act will be involved the galician bartender twice awarded, Oscar de Toro, who will serve attendees his expertise and knowledge with the variety of drinks to be enjoyed in the act. It is sure to become a pleasant and intense day for the attendants. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Valdeorras wines generate a great excitement in their presentation at the Makro supermarkets in A Coruña

Jorge Mazaira, technical head of the Regualtory Council of the DO Valdeorras, presented yesterday at the Makro supermarket in A Coruña the excellence of the Valdeorras wines.

 In an act focused on hoteliers and restaurateurs of the area, the presence of Jorge Mazaira raised a great expectation among the attendants who could enjoy one of the most fashionable wines in the international wine scene. 

These attendants were able to appreciate the magnificent evolution of the white wines made from the indigenous variety of Valdeorras known as Godello, emphasizing their high quality and the excellent aging that also characterizes them . 

There were also presented the new trends of the red ones that are being developed in Valdeorras by barrel aging and processed with the new varieties covered by the Regulatory Council, receiving excellent reviews from attendees. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Valdeorras wineries open their doors to the public next 26 May

 On 26 May, the Valdeorras wineries included on the Wine Route will open their doors to share their excellences with the public. 

As the other wineries of the different Galician DO attached to the initiative safeguarded under the name "wine route", the Valdeorras wineries will conduct an open house in which the general public could estimate the excellence of their appreciated wines, offering free admission to know the facilities and all enlivened by various cultural events and gastronomic offer. 

Through this initiative it is pretened to bring to the adjacent public the excellence of one of the most fashionable wines in the international arena, promoting the varied tourist and wine making offer of this region.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The DO Valdeorras presents its toasted wines

After four years of research and successful in a previous tastings, there are new developments in the project being conducted jointly by the Regulatory Council Valdeorras and University of Vigo for for obtaining and recovery the toasted wines from Valdeorras.

A total of twelve tasters have found yesterday the achievements of researchers in the framework of the optimization of aroma and color in the process of obtaining the toasted wine from grenache grapes.

The experience, which takes place in a experimental winery at Regulatory Council, has consisted in a tasting to: a liquor wine, a dry wine and a toasted wine, and all this, it has completed with a comparison of these wines and others with similar characteristics from different regions of world (Portugal, Austria, Hungary and South Africa) to collate and evaluate the organoleptic qualities of the toasted wine from Valdeorras.

The meeting was focused to a toasted wine tasting panel with a important representation of the wineries attached to the Valdeorras Guarantee of Quality , since, as reported by project managers, "Now is the time for growers know the characteristics of these wines and their implementation, daring to produce the toasted wine for the market".

This is to recover a product with a long international tradition of century-old , as evidenced by the award given to these wines by those responsible for the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nearly a thousand of distributors, specialists and hoteliers from Valencia praise the qualities of the Valdeorras wines

Because of the presentation made by the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras in SH Palace Hotel in Valencia, on last April 12 and in which there was record of influx, wines of 18 wineries attached to the DO of Valdeorras have become creditors of the highest qualifiers awarded by the specialized sector of the  Spanish levantine capital.

Taking advantage of the international pull that the Galician wines of this DO have abroad, a fact that has resulted in an increase of 93% of the imports in 2011, the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras has shown its strong commitment to the national audience, in company of a large number of the region's wineries and being Valencia the city chosen to present the excellence of its wines.

Taking the witness of Barcelona and Madrid in Spain and of big cities like Dallas, Zurich or New York beyond our borders, once more both promoters and participants, as visitors and guests have agreed to call the presentation as a success.

This fact is reflected in the statements shared by the Regulatory Council and embodied by its technical manager, Jorge Mazaira, that offers us the following words: - We were very glad with the enthusiasm that the event raised and the public attending this. Furthermore, we were excited with the wide media coverage given to it. In turn, the participation of important technical groups from the Valencian Community have accompanied the presentation with words like "remarkable" and "excellent", reinforcing the image of the DO in the east of the peninsula -.

And Reinforcing the statements of George Mazaira, the Association of Sommeliers of Valencia (FASCV) remarked the following ratings: - The quality of the wines is amazing and excellent. The Godellos match perfectly with our cuisine and the Mencías, Garnacha and Sousones turn to be very interesting and a perfect complement to those most intense dishes-. This statements have resulted in the formal invitation of the Valencian sommeliers to the DO to participate in one of the most important wine fairs of Valencia, "The Great Wine Fair of Gandía 2012".

The presentation's valoration of the participating winemakers sector comes from the hand of Marta Sertaje, commercial director of Bodegas A Coroa. A Coroa is one of the wineries with more international awards for its 2010 vintage and has presented exclusively its new crop 2011 in Valencia. These are Marta's statements: - The act has been very successful. I was not expecting such an influx of people, but once started, and not very late, we only had to wait an hour to see the room crowded. The public had the opportunity to taste the wines that we made in Valdeorras and marveled at the quality of them. In my case, I brought the new vintage 2011, bottled for only 15 days than despite its youth, the audience liked both A Coroa 2011 and A Coroa Lias 2010. The public was also very professional in the sense that almost those who came to taste the wines were restaurant owners or staff working in them.-

After this presentation, the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras and a large number of wineries have already started to move their excellencies to the next promotional event to be held in London from 22 to 25 May.

Monday, April 2, 2012

New award for Godello DO Valdeorras at the LYON WINE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION

Again, the international sector returns to reward the work carried out by the Wineries of Valdeorras, being A Coroa winery awarded against with a silver medal at the LYON WINE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION 2012.

Great start of the year for the DO Valdeorras wines that are still adding several international awards. This time, the award comes from France at the INTERNATIONAL WINE COMPETITION 2012, in Lyon, responsible to include in its list of achievements the 2011 harvest of the young white wine belonging to the A Coroa winery.

Thus, the winery from the "A Rua" town, adds a new recognition to its2012 showcase. And this award has a notoriously importance, highlighting the godello variety among a preponderant number of French wines.