Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The DO Valdeorras presents its toasted wines

After four years of research and successful in a previous tastings, there are new developments in the project being conducted jointly by the Regulatory Council Valdeorras and University of Vigo for for obtaining and recovery the toasted wines from Valdeorras.

A total of twelve tasters have found yesterday the achievements of researchers in the framework of the optimization of aroma and color in the process of obtaining the toasted wine from grenache grapes.

The experience, which takes place in a experimental winery at Regulatory Council, has consisted in a tasting to: a liquor wine, a dry wine and a toasted wine, and all this, it has completed with a comparison of these wines and others with similar characteristics from different regions of world (Portugal, Austria, Hungary and South Africa) to collate and evaluate the organoleptic qualities of the toasted wine from Valdeorras.

The meeting was focused to a toasted wine tasting panel with a important representation of the wineries attached to the Valdeorras Guarantee of Quality , since, as reported by project managers, "Now is the time for growers know the characteristics of these wines and their implementation, daring to produce the toasted wine for the market".

This is to recover a product with a long international tradition of century-old , as evidenced by the award given to these wines by those responsible for the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900.

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