Friday, January 29, 2010


The philosophy of Bodega José González González part of the tradition of their ancestors, as they always turned to winemaking in the region.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


This winery was born of the vision of its founder and his knowledge of fertility and bounty of the land of his birth.

In the 1980s, this project emerges through the dedication, love and tenacity of Joaquin Rebolledo.

The prestige already acquired, recognized with numerous awards, is still retained and increasing with new generations.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The Bodega Jesús Rafael Núñez Rodríguez is a family working in which the wines are made from their oen vineyards.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Godeval account for with a modern winemaking technology, which adds to the noble vocation of its founders to respect the best that tradition can provide. Since its founding premium quality rather than quantity, so their production does not exceed the 150,000 liters Godello made exclusively with grapes from its 17 beautiful acres of vineyards.

Installed in the same monastery Xagoaza, which, remember, XII century, its thick stone walls of old not only provide a beautiful aesthetic but also the isolation best for the birth of this miracle called wine.

Godeval Winery's vineyards were planted in the '70s and '80s by its founders, so that the average age of the vines is over 15 years. They are located on the slopes with steeper slopes of the region, in schistose character grounds, fences and planted mostly oriented towards the south, so it is guaranteed not only maturity but also a perfect health.

Careful with your environment, responsible for warehouse use integrated production techniques which respect the most of the ecosystem of the area. For system and because the terrain requires it, the harvest is entirely manual.

With the recovery of the variety Godello, the intention of the winery has been offering a young white wine, soft, aromatic and fruity, which is up to the concept of a superb single-grape wine. The result has been: Vina Godeval, a noble wine that stands out in both the variety, such as climate and soil where it came from, a wine that has just been chosen by the prestigious American magazine "Wine Spectator" as the best Spanish wine world at a cost of less than 12 euros.

Monday, January 25, 2010


The contest consist of sending by email recipes prepared with wine of some of the wineries of the Valdeorras Gurantee of Origin. Participants may retrieve the wines in

1. The constest is organized by Limaia Produccións S.L. to the

Any person of any nationality, who is over18.

The recipes can be original, traditional or home made.

The recipes must contain the following data author:

Name and surnames. Adress. Postcode and Town. Province. Country.
Phone number. E-mail.

It will be published the datas name, province and country.

The recipes were reflected of six datums:

a) Name of the recipe
b) Number of diners for which is made
c) Ingredients
d) Variety, brand and add wine
e) Production methods of the recipe
f) Presentation of the dish
g) Picture of the dish prepared. It will be accept a video of the recipe.

Participants may send as much recipes as they want to.


For the first ruffle deadline its 22nd March at 18.00h, GTM-Madrid.
For the second ruffle deadline its 22nd June at 18.00h, GTM- Madrid.
For the third ruffle deadline its 22nd September at 18.00h, GTM-Madrid.
For the fourth ruffle deadline its 22nd November at 18.00h, GTM-Madrid.

The recipes that come out of time will enter the next ruffle.

The constestants, except the winners, may participate in the following ones.


1º ruffle: 23rd March of 2010.

Awards: a weekend for two people in the Hotel Pazo do Castro (Barco de Valdeorras).

2º ruffle: 23rd June of 2010.

Awards: dinner for six people in the Casa Galaica restaurant (Barco de Valdeorras).

3º ruffle: 23rd September of 2010.

Awards: a weekend for two people in the Hotel Palladium (Barco de Valdeorras).

4º ruffle: 23rd November of 2010.

Awards: dinner for six people in the Fernando III restaurant (Barco de Valdeorras).

The results of the winners will be published on the blog A universe in each bottle the following days of the ruffle.

The date to enjoy the award it will be settle down throughout the year 2010 by the sponsors.


- E-mail: /

- By mail: Limaia Produccións S.L. Avda Madrid nº69 C.P. 32692
Sandiás- Ourense -Spain

The recipes that complies with the rules, will be given a number in order of arrival.

The contestants will receive a confirmation mail.

The organization of the contest will published in the blog A universe in each bottle the recipes that considered relevant. The organization will keep the right to edit.


The owner of the winery Germain Rodriguez Salgado considers wine as a challenge, is the staging for an actor, is the project for an engineer, is the examination for a student and is the best food for a cook.

Friday, January 22, 2010


The philosophy of the winery owner of the Bodega German Rodríguez Prada is making all processes of winemaking from the vineyard to the market.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The philosophy of the Bodega Eladio Santalla Paradelo, located in O Barco de Valdeorras is to produce wines of high quality and very low production.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The Bodega Cooperativa Virgen de las Viñas was founded in 1964 by wine growers in the region of Valdeorras from four municipalities, Petín, Villamartin de Valdeorras, O Bolo and A Rúa de Valdeorras.

Nowadays the winery has 850 members and has 350 hectares of vineyards account for about 45% of production in the region, guaranteeing the quality of its raw material.

His vineyards sit in slate flooring, limestone, granite and alluvial earthy that extend down the slopes and riverbanks Xares and Sil. This diversity of soil attached to a special microcline ranging from temperate Mediterranean to cool Mediterranean gives a unique character to their wines, very different from other wines, and have received numerous awards and recognitions nationally and internationally.

Monday, January 18, 2010


The Bodega Cooperativa Santa Maria de los Remedios was born in 1959 at the initiative of the parish priest of Larouco along with 97 growers in the area. At present, this company is composed of 265 members, owners of vineyards in the western part of Valdeorras, concentrating in the municipalities of A Rua, Petin, Larouco and O Bolo.

In recognition of his career for nearly 40 years, the Council of the Xunta, grant to this company, the Bronze Medal of Galicia in 1997.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


The Adega Carballal S.L., located in Petín of Valdeorras arose with the need to market their plantations Godello and Mencia, achieving in 2008 the Golden Acio to Erebus, and Mencia Godello mark of Adegas Carballal S.L.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The Bodega Ángela Quirós Medano, located in Vilamartín of Valdeorras, has ancient vineyards that allow them to produce a wine with a strong bouquet and good taste.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The owner of the winery A Tapada, Senen Guitián, was the first vintner who set up a system of anti-frost heater nationwide.

Two aspects should be generous in the wines from this winery: firstly, its rich and aromatic, and secondly, a step in the mouth very wide, so uncommon in white wines and even less in whites from Galicia .

The secret is no doubt in these 9 acres of vineyard surrounding the winery. A splendid grape vineyard planted exclusively with Godello that takes years and demonstrating the enormous potential of this grape variety, now confined to the region of Valdeorras Orense and almost disappear

Monday, January 11, 2010


The passion for wine of Adega Melillas S.L. begins growing its own vineyards in the valley of Valdeorras. The old vines grown in slate land on the slopes of the valley of A Rúa keep the great secret of Lagar do Cigur. The quality from the vineyard to the bottle is his philosophy.

The Adega Melilla S.L. is a family winery recently built from an old warehouse that has restructured inside a cave and a antecueva for winemaking.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Jose Rodriguez, tempered man in the wine world, visionary and intuitive has entered the lands of the region of Valdeorras to try to get them high-quality fruits that produce excellent wines. This raises the project's Day - Noite, which produces a white wine from godello (Galiciano Day), represented by the sun and a red from mencia (Galiciano Noite) represented by the moon.

The way to make this wine accurately reflects the changes in the sector in recent years thanks to the incorporation of new techniques, which have compatibilized cultivation of vines and harvesting chores and gather in a traditional style using advanced technologies in winemaking. The result: the tradition-friendly wines that perfectly express the characteristics of the varieties with which they are produced.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Right in the Valdeorras Valley, already known from ancient times for being one of the natural doorways to Galicia, the A Coroa winery is situated surrounded by sunny hillside vineyards.

The A Coroa winery is at a strategic and historical place; located in a central zone of the Gigurri territory, the XVIII via passed 200 metres to the south and 300 to the north was the gold mine, La Pala.

The winery occupies a small promontory that gives it its name, Coroa or Corona, where a Castreño villiage associated with the previously mentioned gold mine was located.

Because of its geographic situation and the importance of the history of the land, the winery has been reconstructed following the strictest parameters of antiquity: rock, clay, slate and wood. A Coroa has managed to integrate in this emblematic building, part of the history of Valdeorras, and the surroundings that give it its privileged location in this vitivinicultural county.

Wineries A Coroa, with a natural awareness of ecology, is committed to harmony with nature and its surroundings as a way of life. Respect for the environment is a vital principle of all activities.

Poem of wine

The poet of Valdeorras Florencio Delgado Gurriarán envisioned a marriage between Godello and Mencia to be attended as godparents, the Viura and Caíño and post-wedding dance the best couple was formed by the Mociña Fresca y mozo Merenzao and also attended ceremony between Garnacha and Brencellao party was so much joy and occasional flirtation loving as was the case with this girl crazy / they say Vicivera, Jerez, Andalusia, it was fun, despite the opposition of the girl's mother, María Ordoña. Finish this poem called Casorio , published in Galicia Infinda so happy, heralding the birth of a new outbreak, and does it with these verses:

"Son of Mencia
and Godello
child Varudo
gay and restless
(of which people say:
light a candle)
born, by Christ,
in September. "

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The name of this winery comes from the quinta as''rural property consisting of home and breeding ground around.'' And Peza is the name of the estate of the former Casa Grande Fontei, A Rúa (Ourense) a piece of land of about 10 acres that included one of the best vineyards in the region. From the union of two concepts arises Quinta da Peza, a new winery in an old payment. Fifth born to give way to the harvest of A Peza, to transform their grapes in a wine. The Quinta da Peza production guarantees exclusivity of the vineyard and harvest. The grapes, whether Godello or Mencia, born, grows and dies on the vine under their attentive care and then begins a new life in the cellar.

Monday, January 4, 2010


The Adega O Ribouzo, S.A.T. it is a family winery located in Vilamartín de Valdeorras. The goal of the cave O Ribouzo, S.A.T. is to keep the family tradition of winemaking adapted to modern times.