Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Godeval account for with a modern winemaking technology, which adds to the noble vocation of its founders to respect the best that tradition can provide. Since its founding premium quality rather than quantity, so their production does not exceed the 150,000 liters Godello made exclusively with grapes from its 17 beautiful acres of vineyards.

Installed in the same monastery Xagoaza, which, remember, XII century, its thick stone walls of old not only provide a beautiful aesthetic but also the isolation best for the birth of this miracle called wine.

Godeval Winery's vineyards were planted in the '70s and '80s by its founders, so that the average age of the vines is over 15 years. They are located on the slopes with steeper slopes of the region, in schistose character grounds, fences and planted mostly oriented towards the south, so it is guaranteed not only maturity but also a perfect health.

Careful with your environment, responsible for warehouse use integrated production techniques which respect the most of the ecosystem of the area. For system and because the terrain requires it, the harvest is entirely manual.

With the recovery of the variety Godello, the intention of the winery has been offering a young white wine, soft, aromatic and fruity, which is up to the concept of a superb single-grape wine. The result has been: Vina Godeval, a noble wine that stands out in both the variety, such as climate and soil where it came from, a wine that has just been chosen by the prestigious American magazine "Wine Spectator" as the best Spanish wine world at a cost of less than 12 euros.

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