Monday, April 29, 2013

The 2012 harvest of the DO Valdeorras appellation captivates Switzerland

More than a hundred Swiss industry professionals attended the event in Zurich, which was pleased of presenting wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation, being the new crop very praised.

In an event which also sparked great excitement among the general public, the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras valued the promotional presence in Swiss land as very positive.

"We are aware of the uncertainty that the economy is passing through. Thus, and after counting on the presence of the public attending in Switzerland, it clearly means that the wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation are achieving a great fame abroad" explains Jorge Mazaira, Technical Director of the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras.

"The fact that an event of the professional sector had a remarkable turnout, shows the great interest that the wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation arouse on the final consumer. And we consider this as very positive, since it means that our wines are known and valued for those who really consume it" adds  Jorge.

Regarding  the valuation of the new vintage 2012 of the DO Valdeorras appellation, the qualifications of experts and assistants continue to endorse the upward trend of recent years, "As usual lately, and after the good reviews made by major international newspapers - the New York Times (USA) and The Times (United Kingdom) -, the white wines have been valued by the audience because of its great personality and differentiation from other whites in the world " adds Mazaira.

Despite of this, the red wines were the main protagonists of the lounge this year, "the more than 120 attendees - distributors, importers and consumers - praised the excellence of our reds, finding them very fresh, tasty and of a perfect pairing with the food" states the Technical Director.

With this positive balance, the presentation of the DO Valdeorras appellation in Switzerland reaches its end, looking forward to the upcoming appointments in Ciudad Real and Japan, from 7th to 9th May and from 12th to 14th May, respectively.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The wine of the DO Valdeorras closes an historical sale in the Brazilian market

Source: La voz de Galicia

 The cooperatives Jesus Nazareno from O Barco -covered by the DO Valdeorras appellation- along with Viña Admiral de Portas from Rías Baixas, have closed an historical sale of wine in the Brazilian market. Both companies have joined forces to sell, in a single order, 50,000 bottles of wine.

The business deal was hatched five years ago, after that the two companies participated  in Expovinis, the most important wine fair in Brazil. There, they came into contact with the wine club of Latin America, which has 25,000 members and headquarters in Sao Paulo.

The business deal has been closed with the club, which will hold a major promotional campaign. Viña Almirante and Jesus Nazareno will be the protagonists of  an article for the publication of the Latin American club, and the wines will come out on the market in a box containing two bottles.

The cooperatives expect that this deal will be first of many more in the future with the Brazilian market,  and are confident that their work will serve "to put a spear in this market" and to "increase Galician wine sales in this country."

To reach the agreement, both wines have had to overcome strict controls and a series of tough tastings. Both brands are called to make history in a difficult market, which from now on will enjoy with the excellence of a wine of the DO Valdeorras appellation.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation are already travelling to Switzerland while the Mencia Joaquin Rebolledo is awarded as best Spanish young red wine.

The Regulatory Council of Valdeorras, as well as nine wineries attached to this DO, travel to Zurich to present their wines to the professional sector. Meanwhile, last week the Joaquin Rebolledo Mencia 2012 was awarded as the best Spanish young red wine at the Lounge of Gourments of Madrid.

Joaquin Rebolledo Mencia 2011 was honored as best Spanish young red wine according to the Gourmet Wine Guide 2013, which presented the awards for the best wines of Spain at the XXVII Lounge of Gourments, International Fair of Food and Beverage of Quality, which houses the Fair of Madrid-IFEMA.

The award, which was known on November, confirms the high quality of the Joaquin Rebolledo Mencia 2011 which, among several international recognitions, was also prized as best red wine of Galicia in 2012.

In this way, the  success and quality of the harvest 2011 is confirmed with a new award that raises this great wine.

For its part, the Regulatory Council and the wineries of Valdeorras are already traveling to Switzerland. There, they will attend a presentation to be held next Thursday the 18th at the Hotel Metropol in Zurich.
Through this act - addressed to professionals, specialized press and great Swiss wine bars- the wineries of the DO Valdeorras appellation go back to the capital of  Switzerland to reinforce the success of late 2011, with the following  confirmed wineries:

You can access to each of them by clicking on its name.

This event will be the starting point for the international presentations of wines of Valdeorras during the first half of 2013, which will be completed with a presentation in Japan - "Vinalitur" - the next 13th and 14th May.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation will represent Galicia in Madrid and Zurich the next few weeks

The Lounge of Gourmets of Madrid - from April 8th to April 11th - and the presentation in Zurich - 18th April-, will be the next events in which the DO Valdeorras appellation will take part, representing quality products of Galicia.

Once more, the Lounge of Gourmets of Madrid will feature the wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation  which, from the Regulatory Council Stand in the pavilion 6, stand 6F10, will represent quality products of Galicia through the wines and other culinary delights of the land.

In this way, and immersed in the various events organized by the Lounge, one of the star pairings will be held along with the Organization of Boulter Fishermen of A Guardia, ORGAPU. Thus, on Thursday the 11th, the Organization of Boulter Fishermen of A Guardia  will participate in a tasting of tinned and natural food paired with wines of the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras.

This tasting, in which various recipes of natural and tinned swordfish unique in the world will be tasted, will be held at 12:00 pm and will highlight the best of the cuisine of Galicia, combined with some of the most fashionable wines in the international wine scene.

In addition, the following 18th April, wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation will return to Switzerland for their annual presentation in Zurich. The event, addressed to professionals, specialized press and large Swiss wine bars, returns to the capital of Switzerland to reinforce the success achieved in late 2011, with the following confirmed wineries:

You could access to each of them by clicking on its name

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Regulatory Council of de DO Valdeorras appellation is already working on the coming Wine Faire and it broadens its offer of wines to Switzerland and Japan.

Dealers of Japanese and Swiss wines will taste the wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation in May and April, respectively. The presence of a representation of wineries from these countries has the approval of the Regulatory Council, headed by José Luis García Pando. For its part, the Council will also be present at a national fair called Fenavin, an event to be held at the beginning of May in Ciudad Real.

With these upcoming appointments already arranged, the Regulatory Council is working on organizing new presentations according to the DO campaign's budget. And this will vary depending on the fairs decided to be attended and the subsidies received to be present at them.

Moreover, the Regulatory Council has already started to prepare the 'XVI Wine Fair of Valdeorras', to be held in the City Council of A Rúa in August. From  the directive, the president José Luis García Pando has argued that the organization is not related to the preparation of a unique event for Galician designations of origin, which recently was announced by the Government of Galicia. 'It will be held in the future and we have to plan this calmly and according to the needs of each DO. It will be a trade fair representing the whole Galicia, supported by all', he explains.

Regarding the fair in Valdeorras, they are currently deciding either the dates and the programme. One aspect that is practically ruled out is the possibility of extending the sphere of the fair, which would mean to allow the presence of exhibitors from companies related to the wine industry in the exhibition site, exclusively occupied by the wineries so far.

Next week, from the Mother of the Wine, we will also announce all the wineries participating in the coming Fair of Zurich, giving a full account of all the news related with this as well as the focus that will be given to this promotional event.