Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Regulatory Council of de DO Valdeorras appellation is already working on the coming Wine Faire and it broadens its offer of wines to Switzerland and Japan.

Dealers of Japanese and Swiss wines will taste the wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation in May and April, respectively. The presence of a representation of wineries from these countries has the approval of the Regulatory Council, headed by José Luis García Pando. For its part, the Council will also be present at a national fair called Fenavin, an event to be held at the beginning of May in Ciudad Real.

With these upcoming appointments already arranged, the Regulatory Council is working on organizing new presentations according to the DO campaign's budget. And this will vary depending on the fairs decided to be attended and the subsidies received to be present at them.

Moreover, the Regulatory Council has already started to prepare the 'XVI Wine Fair of Valdeorras', to be held in the City Council of A Rúa in August. From  the directive, the president José Luis García Pando has argued that the organization is not related to the preparation of a unique event for Galician designations of origin, which recently was announced by the Government of Galicia. 'It will be held in the future and we have to plan this calmly and according to the needs of each DO. It will be a trade fair representing the whole Galicia, supported by all', he explains.

Regarding the fair in Valdeorras, they are currently deciding either the dates and the programme. One aspect that is practically ruled out is the possibility of extending the sphere of the fair, which would mean to allow the presence of exhibitors from companies related to the wine industry in the exhibition site, exclusively occupied by the wineries so far.

Next week, from the Mother of the Wine, we will also announce all the wineries participating in the coming Fair of Zurich, giving a full account of all the news related with this as well as the focus that will be given to this promotional event.


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