Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Spanish Tasters Union praises the red wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation in its Bacchus awards.

The Silver Bacchus 2013 prize , given by the Spanish Tasters Union, goes to the wines of Memoria de Ventura Garnacha 2011 of the winery Adega da Pinguela and to Joaquin Rebolledo Mencia Barrica 2011, of the homonymous winery.

Among the awarded, and for the second year running, Joaquin Rebolledo with its red barrel wine 2011 is back in the elite of the Spanish wines, getting the Silver Medal.

The 40 hectares of vineyards along with its history and the title of best young red wine of Spain 2012 are the best presentation of the winery.

The red barrel wine is a selection of Mencia, aged for 6 months in French oak barrels and a part of it in American oak barrels too. It highlights  for its bouquet of white pepper and raspberry, being very fresh and sweet as a whole.

 The potential of this variety, as well as the characteristic soil of Valdeorras, have brought the most distinguished Spanish Winemakers to produce wines in Valdeorras. Mencia is the quintessential red variety of the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. 

Joaquin Rebolledo prestige in the red wines is very important and continues to gain first class awards. This is the rhythm of wines such as the Barrica and Mencia of Joaquin Rebolledo that set the standards. 

The collection of wine barrels is sufficiently complex, so as to confer distinctiveness to Joaquín Rebolledo wines. French, American and Caucasican oak, are the predominant wooden barrels that fill the caverns of the winery. There, with specific humidity, temperature and silence, the reds take on a remarkable and distinctive expression. 

For its part, and as a complement of the outstanding work done by the DO Valdeorras appellation with its reds wines, the Spanish Tasters Union has also awarded the Silver Bacchus to the wine Memoria Ventura Garnacha 2011, adding this prize to previous ones like the 91 points gotten in the last Penín Guide and given at the Fair of the Best Wines of Spain.

This award also serves to recognize the enormous potential of the grenache grape, secluded for years of the qualified productions and recovered in recent years either in the DO Valdeorras appellation or in other parts of Spain.

The Memoria de Ventura Garnacha wine has a limited production (1,000 bottles). For its elaboration it has been necessary to locate old vines on the slaty slopes of the Valley of Sil. Francisco Núñez, the winemaker, explains that "the cultivation of these strains in glass is very laborious as it is a kind of viticulture that respects the environment. That notwithstanding, the efforts are worth since the result is a wine that represents well its source".

According to the winemaker, this Grenache was his first bet to explore other possibilities of red wine varieties. Last year, for example, the winery presented the wine Memoria de Ventura Castes Nobres which included sousón and brancellao varieties. As Núñez states, "most of the experts agree that the Galician red wines are leading a revolution in the national scene and we are proud to contribute to this new trend of wines with personality".

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