Monday, November 29, 2010

Valdeorras awards photos of their land

Roman Novoa, Jose Pereira and David, the Jose´s son, pose at the awards ceremony held last Saturday at the headquarters of the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras.

The love of the land and passion for photography come together in the First Exhibition of Photography and digital imaging "The world of wine in Valdeorras". The awards, hosted by José Luis García Pando, president of the Regulatory Council, and the Chief Technical Jorge Mazaira; donate their photographs to the Denomination of Origin.
Through this initiative, the Regulatory Council intends to show its commitment to new technologies and their reflection on the art.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Surveys continue to Godello Valdeorras

Again, the winery  Rafael Palacios given due recognition includes in this case, the Gourmet Wine Guide.

Gourmets Wine Guide, a pioneer in Spain, was born in 1983 with the aim to promote, the independence and rigor, knowledge of Spanish wines. Twenty-six years later, the editorial product goes to his annual meeting with your readers.

Tasting Committee Gourmet Group is composed of 23 practitioners of consensual approach which draws the contents of the Gourmets Wine Guide. In the course of a year, this panel has tasted blind about 5,000 wines and 1,121 selected for review, comment and rate when considered worthy of being among the best in Spain.

One Valdeorras wine and two Rías Baixas  monopolize the top of the Galician wines in this 26 th edition. With a score of 8.5, Laxas  2009 and Pazo San Mauro 2009, both of D.O. Rías Baixas, accompany  Louro do Bolo lías finas 2009 by Rafael Palacios wineries in the honor roll of wines from Galicia.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Valdeorras Godello border on perfection according to the experts

"As sortes 2009" in the winery Rafael Palacios, achieved a score of 99, issued by the Proensa Guide.

Experts have been provided with very high scores to Valdeorras Godellos . If "As Sortes 2009" could touch the perfection with a score of 99 points by Proensa experts , "Louro do Bolo", in the same wells and developed with 92% Godello and 8% Treixadura , he was only 5 points less with a score of 94. The winery Rafael Palacios was accompanied by Guitián which is given to their wines "lees Guitián 2009 "," Guitián 2008 "and " Guitián 2009 "scores of 96, 94 and 93 points respectively.

Meanwhile, the famous wine critic Stephen Tanzer again include the Godello "Louro do Bolo 2009" on his list with a score of 91 points, accompanied, in this case by Godello Valdesil with a score of  90 points.

No stranger to the wine industry worldwide on the boom that is taking the wine made with Godello, and  different D.O.  Spanish are betting on the export and local implementation of this variety. Act that the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras taken with total calm, stating that this variety is very sensitive and need special conditions, and noting that the quality of Galician godellos, especially Valdeorras, is a collection of climate, soils and grape. U.S. specialists confirm the fact that after a thorough follow-up on the subject.

Monday, November 22, 2010

galician wine in galician oak, is promising

By: La voz de Galicia
The Galician Oak is presented as an alternative to aged

Tasting wines aged in oak Galicia. This past Saturday was the penultimate activity and Augardentes Hall Wines of Galicia (the last was an evening of jazz), held this week in A Coruña. Before the tasting, Ignacio Díaz Maroto, agroforestry engineer of the University of Santiago, advanced some research data on the use of Galician carballo wine aging, work ID also involving the University of Castilla-La Mancha, the Adega Algueira of the Ribeira Sacra, and Valdeorras Control Board. "Not that we're not inventing anything, because it already did the Romans," noted Maroto.

Year and a half lead with this project and made an initial sample of Valdeorras Mencia and Ribeira Sacra "in order to make a comparison." Two 225-liter barrels, a wine from each area, have served to be recording the first data. Valdeorras barrel was about four and a half months in the barrel "and you take it out." The Ribeira Sacra is almost ten months. The first one "has a slightly roasted, that's when the barrels were in contact with the smoke, not fire, because the wines here can not stand the superior roasted having, for example, rioja" Ignacio Diaz explained. In the case of the barrel with Ribeira Sacra "is not roasted to compare, to see what happens without any external interference", he said.

Marcial Pita, secretary of the Spanish association of journalists in the wine tasting, addressed these wines bred  Galician oak, an investigation will continue with the harvest this year "because sometimes there is a difference between a year and add another, "stated Díaz Maroto.

The expert Luis Diaz, according to which there are some growers, as Ribeiro Eladio Rodriguez, who has long made "a red wine in barrels of forest carballo manufactured in a cooperage in Jerez. "

Maroto, the problem is that in Galicia there are not enough oaks, "some 220,000 hectares." Tooling for barrels, "must be more than 40 cm at breast height," would have about 20,000.

"This is a special timber with songs in tannins and good quality at least equal to that of American oak, and would have to see if the same French oak," he concludes. Proof: Macallan Whisky owners have been raising by Galician oak. Therefore, the future of this pair of 'galician wine in galician oak  "is promising.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Valdeorras presented in A Coruña the open tasting

Among the events of VI Wines and Spirits of Galicia, the DO Valdeorras shown to the public, through its technical director Jorge Mazaira, Valdeorras wines.

Like the rest of Appellations of Origin Galicia, today's turn to offer a tasting open to Valdeorras in "Puerto Leisure Centre", A Coruña. Their technical director Jorge Mazaira, display the qualities of the wines valdeorras to all those persons on the spot. This event is part  of the acts of  VI Show Wines and Spirits of Galicia, which celebrates its more important day on Saturday in Palexco.

The Saturday Show was the venue for the public presentation of the research is taking place in wine aging in oak Galicia, and in the cellar valdeorresa is involved.

V TV dedicated a program to Valdeorras red wines

This television channel in Spain devoted a full program to three wineries in the DO Valdeorras.

The presenters will reveal a wine tasting "Lagar do Cigur " 2008, we talk about red wines from wineries "Sampayolo", and take us to visit the winery pioneered in innovation in Valdeorras, bodegas "Joaquin Rebolledo".

Friday, November 12, 2010

Remarkable hospitality of the D.O. Valdeorras in Catalonia

The event held yesterday at the Hotel Palace in Barcelona, attended by more than five hundred people, is described as a success by the Regulatory Town Council, wineries, and more importantly, attendees.

The more than five hundred attendees at the event held yesterday in Barcelona, split between professionals, leading figures from the High hostelry, distribution, associations of  Sommelier and people standing have enjoyed the act and have excelled in quality noted Valdeorras wines.

The event which took as a remarkable opening to the public in general, has highlighted the great work being done from the Control Board on promotional wines DO. If only a month ago, was made the presentation in New York, yesterday touched her once to Barcelona, which has given a great response to these wines. So, Christina Martin, a native of Barcelona tells us "I have several years following the high quality of these wines, year after year did not stop to amaze me of the great improvements that are made from the cellars. Hopefully events like this repeated many times over. "

In addition, Cristina, who was present at the ceremony with her sister Helena, entertains the entire family of The Mother of Wine nurtured a number of photos of the event.

Thank you very much, Cristina!
Thank you very much, Helena!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Come and explore the wine of the DO Galician in A Coruña

çUnder the auspices of the Economic Development Council, Employment, trade, consumption and tourism Coruña Town Council and the Provincial Deputation of Coruña will take place between or 15 eo 20 November Week Galician DO Wines is structured into two main groups:

- Public Courses introduction to wine tasting of the wines of the five DO Galician (15 to 19 November) / Harbour Recreation Centre, 2nd Floor. Hours: 20 to 9:30 p.m.
- VI Hall  Brandies and wines of Galicia (November 20) / Palexco, ground floor.Open from 11:00 to 14:30 and 17:30 to 24:00 h.

The Wines and Spirits of Galicia, which is held for the sixth consecutive year in the city of A Coruña, is already a benchmark in the wine sector in Galicia. It has become the Galician winery Hall where more involved and where, in addition, to participate. Will be more than 250 references which can be enjoyed at an event focused on professionals and the wines, but also opens its doors to wine lovers in order to facilitate and raise awareness of the landscape and culture in Galician cup.

Between Monday 15th and Friday November 19 will be held on the second floor of the mall "Port Leisure Center", five courses, free and open to the public in general, initiation and generic tasting wines from each of the five DO existing in Galicia. The courses are run by technicians of the different denominations of origin from.

The most important activity of the hall is the "Exhibition of Wines, Spirits and Liqueurs DO of Galicia" with over 250 brands represented and a significant presence of the producers themselves accompanied by distributors in the province.
Located on the ground floor of PALEXCO, the uncertain salon business on Saturday 20th November at 11 am to 2:30 p.m.. In the afternoon will resume at 17.30. and close its doors after 24 hours.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here are the three photos winners I Contest photography and digital imaging "The world of wine in Valdeorras"

Of the hundred of photos received, and after selecting the 50 finalists, the jury, after a difficult deliberation, has awarded the following:

"O future remains to be waiting" by José Pereira, highlighting the symbolism of the image on the continuity of the ancient culture of wine in Valdeorras.

"Grape" award-winning alarican photographer Roman Novoa. In highlighting the shale processing and image quality.

"Face in the Cup" of Mercedes González, highlighting the originality of the idea and reflects the confluence of the wine world of Valdeorras to innovation and technology.

Award Ceremony of the First International Competition recipes of wine DO Valdeorras

Jorge Mazaira (Chief Tecnichal) María Cao (Winner) and José Luís Pando (President of Regulatory Council)

Mary Cao first finalist, and transfer of Paola Daniela Hernandez, receives the award of the International Competition recipes of wine D.O. Valdeorras

The event, which took place on Saturday November 6 at the headquarters of the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras; exalted to the María Cao of Ourense as successful, in the absence of Paola Daniela Hernández Patagonia Argentina, who did not hesitate to give up their Award to María for her recipe Agamardira.

The recipe, based on an adaptation of a dish of the Maghreb, combines the north african flavor with Galician, through godello "As Sortes 2009."

María, who has lived for several years in Morocco, no doubt enhance his preference for wines DO Valdeorras, and encourages the combination of these recipes from foreign countries to promote culinary innovation.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The technical director D.O. Valdeorras describes the preparation of the "Jewel in the Crown": The Toast wines of Valdeorras

Photo by Rosa Veiga
As we said Jorge Mazaira, head coach of Valdeorras Regulatory Council, the trial started two years ago is gaining strength in recent months

The meticulously detailed and delicate process should follow an extensive and thorough study, since as we forward Jorge:

"First you must set the times of dried grape to produce brown. During this process you should carefully consider the variation of phenolic compounds to be defining the final flavor, and so, to discern if they come when drying or fermentation and aging.

Later we will analyze the aromatic compound to evaluate the possible evolution of time in order to define the aromatic profile of sweet raisin wine grapes.

Another detail that should be highlighted in the analysis is the visual study to differentiate grape raisin grapes and grapes hanging in box.

And finally mind, the whole test is repeated several times to remove the random factor "

With this laborious process attempts to retrieve a variety of wines in the area during the last century and was lost by the act of production cost for these wines bring.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Photography contest digital image "the world of wine in Valdeorras"

Selected works of 50 finalists of digital photography and imaging "the world of wine in Valdeorras"

Of the thousands of photos received in the contest, 50 were selected based on criteria of composition, meaning, representation and reflection of the spirit of wine in Valdeorras.
In the coming days and using the same criteria, will announce the three winners of the contest I digital photography and imaging "the world of wine in Valdeorras".