Monday, September 20, 2010

Galician oak passes his first test with flying

Use Oak of Galician in the  wines aging exceeds expectations in the first tests.

This joint project between: the Polytechnic School of Lugo, the Universities of Castilla la Mancha and Santiago de Compostela; winwri Algueira (Ribeira Sacra) and the Regulatory Council of DO Valdeorras. Has released the first results of the tests conducted in 2009 mencía broth, grown in wooden barrels is almost a year. In the words of project leader, Professor Ignacio Díaz-Maroto, "The texture and porosity of the Galician oak are best. Since 1990 we are investigating the physical and mechanical properties and nothing indicates that this wood is going to behave badly in winemaking. On the contrary, the results are above expectations. My opinion is that it behaves better than the American. Regarding the French, yet to be investigated more. "

The overall results are expected in 2012, but these first test invite to experiment with other native woods, such as Chesnut.

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