Tuesday, September 7, 2010

centenaries vines inaugurate Galician harvest

Galician Harvest Valdeorras began yesterday with the collection of the variety godello in strains of more than 120 years.

The winery Valdesil, on his land Pedrouzos (Vilamartín), yesterday began the work of collecting godello. Following thorough analysis to ensure optimal ripeness of the grapes, the valdeorra´s winery pioneered begin the 2010 harvest in Galicia. The reason that makes this wine are placed ahead of the rest of the community, is evident in the age of their vines. In a year that the late frost and drought in late maturity, these plants, with more than 120 years, have managed to cope with inclement getting more nutrients from the soil, thanks to its roots of over 20 meters.
Today is expected to break in the process that will run until next Thursday, due to the rains that are expected to improve, even in slight measure, the production of the areas most affected by drought.

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