Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Come to know the world of wine in Galicia

Turgalicia offers a package tailored to your needs to know Galicia from wine tourism.

The towering heights that have reached levels Galician wines of quality and development in recent years, attracting hundreds of interested in wine culture to Galicia. Starting today, the government of Galicia in collaboration with the guarente of origin of the community and winemakers, made accessible to all those as you want to know the world of wine, a wine tour package tailored to the needs of every visitor.

It does not take an expert to come and meet some of the best wines in the world. Here we expect the best hosts, our winemakers, showing and guide you through the different processes of planting, cultivation and wine production. In addition, you can participate in tastings, wine knowledge and collaborate on industry events, all complemented by a more than nourished cuisine, cultural landscape that you can not miss.

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