Thursday, September 2, 2010

The wine harvest will start the 6th of September in Valdeorras

On September the 6th is the date selected by one of the wineries of Valdeorras to start collecting the grapes. Last year, on the same date, five bottlers had started work and another three finalizing preparations to begin. Delaying the wine harvest, was complicated cause of the adverse weather conditions, especially drought, in the words of farmers of the region.

The difficulties presented the campaign were highlighted by the Regulatory Council's technical director, Jorge Mazaira, noting that the harvest is presented 'very unequal' to the vineyards of the Denomination of Origin. 'A few were hurt by the frost and other, located 100 meters sea level, not touched them, "he said.

Despite the drought, frost and sudden temperature changes, there are positive factors that benefit the upcoming harvest. The storm during the day of yesterday brought heavy rainfall that was received with jubilation by farmers and winemakers.

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