Friday, September 10, 2010

A wine of Valdeorras win the award for best white wine of Galicia

Ruchel Godello 2009, Ruchele wineries, received yesterday from the President of the Xunta the award which places it at the head of the Galician white wine.

The awards ceremony for the XXII Galician Wine Tasting and Spirits Tasting Galegas XII, held yesterday in Monterrei; in the section on white wines, the big winner was the stock Valdeorras "O Ruchel Godello 2009". Made with exquisite mime in safeguarding the pure essence of godello within which avoids the use of enzymes that can produce flavors and aromas of this variety unfit. The award was collected by José Luís García Pando, president of DO Valdeorras, unable to support the charge of the winery Inmaculada López.

This award also receive award the three best wines of each DO For Valdeorras have been: "A Coroa Lias", Coroa wineries; Erebus godello 2009 gives wineries Carballal and "Viñaredo, godello 2009 " Santa Marta SAT wineries that have received the" Acio "gold, silver and bronze respectively.

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