Thursday, August 26, 2010

Denomination Origin of Ourense expect to maintain, even increase, improving production and quality.

Appellations of Origin Ourense faced by pre-harvest days with different perspectives, but always dependent on the weather.

While O Ribeiro and Monterrei is expected to exceed production and maintain last year respectively. In Valdeorras, although with a slight decrease, Jorge Mazaira, coach of that name, it expects shares approach five million pounds harvested in 2009. He claims that although the state's production is uneven vineyards Due to the late frost, quality and health status are excellent.
The great victim of the province is the Ribeira Sacra, because the mildew fungus attack, caused extensive damage in those vineyards where no appropriate measures were taken in due time.
This information comes to smooth the data largely supplied by the Spanish Observatory Wine Market (OeMv) that predicted a decline in production very important in Galicia.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A wine of Valdeorras represented Galicia in New Zealand

The prestigious import company Saint Vincent Caves selects Pezas da Portela, Valdesil wineries, to raise awareness of the variety godello in New Zealand.

The import company bases its work on marketing in this oceanic region of Spanish products, including wine, olive oil and liqueurs. For the representation of Galician wines have been selected a wine from DO Rías Baixas and Pezas Portela of DO Valdeorras , which bind to a remarkable assortment of products from different Spanish regions.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Valdeorras wine route begins to walk already!

Photo: Lolita Vázquez - La voz de Galicia
Twenty-five companies that joined Inorder and Concellos O Barco, A Rúa and Petín up the Valdeorras wine route .

In a meeting held yesterday, in which he welcomed new members, gets to walk the Valdeorras wine route. Wineries, tourism and catering companies form the initial core of the project. All those new companies that want to add to the project throughout the year must pay a fee established between 100 and 400 euros.

font: la región internacional

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Turgalicia begins signaling Valdeorras Wine Route

It has been applied to several relevant permits Concellos signaling Valdeorras wine route.

With reference to establishments involved in the collaborative program, Turgalicia, after a field study "In situ", has already identified locations where the signs will be located. To carry out this process, the institution has requested the collaboration mode permits different Concellos of the region of Valdeorras, and obtaining the approval of some, as in the case of O Barco application approved by the local board government that took place on August 5.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The first short film promotional Valdeorras wine

Pinguela wineries introduced the monovarietal made from grenache "Memoria de Ventura"

With this short film called "the search" to Pinguela Adegas presents a stock made from Grenache grape variety grown on old vines. In "Memoria de Ventura" is located at the Grenache in the place of great wines.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The lack of rain and high temperatures may affect these crops of D.O. to Galicia

Most winemakers agree that it would be very important to the increased rainfall and cooler temperatures expected to maintain production.

Although the absence of moisture and intense heat of this summer have prevented the development of diseases like mildew, the contrast with the cold and rainy winter can reduce the amount of expected production.

Thus, although the quality will be maintained, can be a hard blow to production level if the situation does not change.

Chronicle XIII Fair Valdeorras wine.

Phot:Lolita Vázquez // La Voz de Galicia
The edition, despite being considered a success, had to face a setback that was resolved with the quality of the wines, the warmth of the audience and the good work of organizers and winemakers.

This thirteenth edition began with the recognition of the good work of the winemakers valdeorreses top awards Arribe 2010. The winery, Joaquin Rebolledo with tinto barrica, won the award for best red wine aged in barrels for less than six months. (Full details here)

At the eleventh edition of the wine tasting Valdeorras, held between Thursday 12th and Friday 13, the jury was general sentiment in extolling the quality of the wines from this DO year after year manage to exceed expectations. The first award-winning wines were: A Coroa Lias 09 - Godello. Winery A Coroa in white and Quinta da Peza 09 - Mencia. Winery Quinta da Peza in reds. (Extended info here)

After the tasting, the XIII edition was ready to begin. Minister Elena Espinosa, who presented himself as the powerful media of the fair, met with authorities and winemakers in the preliminaries at the beginning of the celebration. After praising the wine tradition Valdeorras and assess the quality of their wines, he proceeded to leave, citing his failure in the other acts as a show of solidarity with the families of two brigades killed in the fire of Fornelos.

Since the beginning of an orphan of the event, the organizers showed their good work by offering attendees a wide range of activities for your enjoyment. The price was one of the strengths, because for just 50 cents of Euro could enjoy the excellent wines of the 22 participating wineries.Among the offerings this year, attendees had the opportunity to taste wines made from native grape varietal historic recovered. This is the case of the variety of "Bracellao", "Sousón" and improved "Garnacha". (More info here)

In addition, the Regulatory Council, offered a free tasting for those who so desire, giving test, among other wines, the first wine raised in carballo tree (oak Galician). All this was accompanied by a tasting of snacks offered at the stands and cellars and typical pructos Extremadura Almendralejo local brothers, all entertained by good music, which he accomplished, in the late evening of yesterday, it gave closure to the XIII Fair Valdeorras wine with a full house.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Elena Espinosa and Samuel Juarez sponsors of the XIII edition of the Valdeorras wine

The Minister of Environment and Regional Minister for Rural Affairs, respectively, will share center stage in the events to be held at O Aguillón to a Rúa.

The 22 participating wineries will open their stands at 12.00 hours to 14.30 and from 19.00 to 22.30 on Saturday and was accompanied by positions where they can taste from meat or Caldeiro and
octopus. Additionally, the evening will be completed after 23.00 by a group of the Three Tenors of Colombia to offer a tribute to their namesakes: José Carreras, Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo.

Tonight known the best wines of Valdeorras

Yesterday began the tastings, which will be resolved tonight, with the verdict that will reward the best wines from a total of 53 participants wines.

25 whites and 28 reds are in competition representing 22 wineries of the 45 covered in the D. O.Valdeorras. This year, the tasting panel will consist of members of the Galician association sumelliers , the Galician Association of tasters in the tasting committee and members of press. The results will be announced tonight at a dinner in celebration of O Pazo do Castro (O Barco), which confirmed their attendance the Conselleiro for Rural Affairs, Samuel Juárez.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Begin acts Valdeorras Wine Fair

Today from 19:00 begins the pre tasting of XI edition of the wine tasting Valdeorras.

This pre tasting will start acts of the XIII edition of the Valdeorras wine, held in the town of A Rúa. These events are spread over the whole weekend and this year will include the participation of the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Elena Espinosa.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bodegas A Coroa godello launches a servant in his own lees

Will be marketed production of 9000 bottles at a price of 15 euros each.

The careful preparation of this godello, "A Coroa Lias", is the result of a development based on breeding for six months at their own lees. This process gives the broth of a pale yellow color with greenish hues, texture in the mouth is a complex aroma and fruity flavors with touches include vegetables.

A sunflower Mencia fan grows more than five meters in Negreira

José Ramón Chapas and Gerardo Romarís, neighbors fail to cultivate a sunflower Negreira now exceeding five meters high and five inches in diameter to be watered with wine Mencia.

Not having access to irrigation of the orchard, the owners opted to nurture specimen plant Mencia wine. The results are obvious, achieving provide the "creature" of an unusual size. The alleged parents appreciate the cooperation given by the Café Bolero, without which the phenomenon could not have done

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photo Contest "O camiño da vide"

Photo of Cristina Martín. Vadeorras Vilamartín in connection with a Route of the Caves. August 7, 2010.

Cristina Martín, a native of Esparreguera in Barcelona, shares with the family of The Mothers Wine her experience in land of Valdeorras and claims to extol the beauty of the area.

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Jammie Drummond is speking about Mencía

Jammie Drummond, internationally renowned sommelier and one of the contributors to the prestigious North American magazine "Good Food Revolution" in his tour of the Spanish geography analyzing our stock, as it had done with the godello, exalt the variety of Mencia as prestigious letter of Spanish wines in the world.

This variety of vitis vinifera, which recent DNA testing relational form rather than directly with the Cabernet Frac, is grown mainly in the northwest of the peninsula, with special significance in the region of Bierzo and Southeast Ourense. The latest theories sommelier who defend this lead us to the introduction of the current range via Camino de Santiago from the fertile land of Borgoña, finding in the northwest of the peninsula its best implementation productive purposes. Mr. Drummond did not hesitate to point out a quality comparable to the French wines, but, for the moment, they still need the proper international recognition.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Photo Contest. Tit "O futuro que nos queda que aguardar"

Photo of Jose Pereira. Vadeorras Vilamartín in connection with a Route das Covas. August 7, 2010.

Jose Pereira opened our photo contest with this beautiful contribution, which in essence defines the look of continuity into the future of the ancient culture and tradition valdeorresa.

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Harvest Valdeorras, 2009 described as "VERY GOOD"

The topics addressed by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Valdeorras consensus prevailed since all the proposals discussed were approved.

Regarding the vintages were contracted an agreement with an insurer to acquire a powerful liability insurance to all workers to be hired by a temporary employment agency. Another point to be treated, which also led to a successful conclusion, was that of the status of reserve wines requested by the winery "Pagos de Galdir" for 2003 and 2006 vintages. The climax of the good work being done by the Regulatory Council of the grade came from "Very Good" to the 2009 harvest.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here it is: the Route of the Caves!

As every first Saturday of August, this Saturday from 20:00 PM is held in Vilamartín Valdeorras the Route of the Caves.

This festival, which is probably one of the most influential international of Ourense, this year will feature more than 45 caves in which you can drink the delicious local wines accompanied by typical local snacks. With regard to assistance are expected to be very important, adding the president of the Xunta de Galicia in the audience.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tasting of wine in A Coruña of the winners at the Northwest Wine Competition

Today, from 18:00 pm in the Restaurant of the Domus, Scientific-House Museum of Man, will be the presentation of the award-winning wines in the Northwest Wine Competition.

In this event, which coincides with the big week of celebrations of the city "Herculina", you can sample the winning wines of the III International Contest of Wines Northwest, among which are wines from the appellations of origin Ribera del Duero, León, Ribeira Sacra, Monterrei, Ribeiro, Rías Baixas, Bierzo and of course Valdeorras. Of the latter Designation of Origin stands out among the winners, "REPORT OF VENTURA, MENCIA 2009" Adegas to Pinguela, winning "Big Gold" tasting.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The route of the Caves in Vilamartín this year will open with more than 45 caves

More than 45 caves, with a total of 150 that has the Valdeorras Concello, open their doors to visitors in the fourteenth edition of A Map of Vilamartín das Covas.

This edition, in which participants expect more than ever, will start 20:30 pm next Saturday when they will receive their identification handkerchiefs and a plan to keep people from getting lost. In addition, each entry is allocated a cup, to go wine tasting that is eaten throughout the tour and this year will be accompanied by spikes. The festival will end in "A Rodeleira" enlivened by the group "The Brothers" and "Blues Trio Bukowsky".

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Early progress in Oak Aged wine Gallego

The maturation of wine in oak tree, a project conducted by the Polytechnic School of Lugo in collaboration with the University of Castilla and León involving Valdeorras and winery Algueira (Ribeira Sacra), began providing the first positive results.

From the time of the Romans had not returned to use the oak tree native to Galicia in the maturation of wines. But in 2008, with the help of Ignacio Díaz Maroto and his team at the Polytechnic Lugo has been undertaken to recover the timber, and so 225 liters of wine Mencía resting on four Bordelaise barrels made from oak wood Galician (Carballo) .
Although we must wait until 2011 to find truly reliable data, we can say that the first studies bring us very hopeful expectations. First, the wines are very well maintained in both quality and quantity alcohol content of volatile and provides specific tanito this wood go very well for this type of wine. This, Professor Ignacio Díaz Maroto, dares to say that the Galician Oak has nothing to envy the American or French, and that if everything goes as planned, soon begin to experiment with other native species in Galicia.

Salustiano Mato wants to create a cycle formative of wine on the university campus from Ourense

The new president of the UVigo, Salustiano Mato, announced its intention to establish an upper Enology, focused on the exploitation of the rich wine of the provinces of Ourense and Pontevedra.

With this training offer, which will be located in the Campus Ourense, the principal emphasis is on the proliferation of the quality of the wine sector in Galicia, in addition, would respond to a demand by former presidents of the four designations of origin ourensanos. Salustiano suggested that I take, the sector would play an enormously important role in the curriculum.