Thursday, August 26, 2010

Denomination Origin of Ourense expect to maintain, even increase, improving production and quality.

Appellations of Origin Ourense faced by pre-harvest days with different perspectives, but always dependent on the weather.

While O Ribeiro and Monterrei is expected to exceed production and maintain last year respectively. In Valdeorras, although with a slight decrease, Jorge Mazaira, coach of that name, it expects shares approach five million pounds harvested in 2009. He claims that although the state's production is uneven vineyards Due to the late frost, quality and health status are excellent.
The great victim of the province is the Ribeira Sacra, because the mildew fungus attack, caused extensive damage in those vineyards where no appropriate measures were taken in due time.
This information comes to smooth the data largely supplied by the Spanish Observatory Wine Market (OeMv) that predicted a decline in production very important in Galicia.

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