Monday, August 2, 2010

Early progress in Oak Aged wine Gallego

The maturation of wine in oak tree, a project conducted by the Polytechnic School of Lugo in collaboration with the University of Castilla and León involving Valdeorras and winery Algueira (Ribeira Sacra), began providing the first positive results.

From the time of the Romans had not returned to use the oak tree native to Galicia in the maturation of wines. But in 2008, with the help of Ignacio Díaz Maroto and his team at the Polytechnic Lugo has been undertaken to recover the timber, and so 225 liters of wine Mencía resting on four Bordelaise barrels made from oak wood Galician (Carballo) .
Although we must wait until 2011 to find truly reliable data, we can say that the first studies bring us very hopeful expectations. First, the wines are very well maintained in both quality and quantity alcohol content of volatile and provides specific tanito this wood go very well for this type of wine. This, Professor Ignacio Díaz Maroto, dares to say that the Galician Oak has nothing to envy the American or French, and that if everything goes as planned, soon begin to experiment with other native species in Galicia.

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