Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jammie Drummond is speking about Mencía

Jammie Drummond, internationally renowned sommelier and one of the contributors to the prestigious North American magazine "Good Food Revolution" in his tour of the Spanish geography analyzing our stock, as it had done with the godello, exalt the variety of Mencia as prestigious letter of Spanish wines in the world.

This variety of vitis vinifera, which recent DNA testing relational form rather than directly with the Cabernet Frac, is grown mainly in the northwest of the peninsula, with special significance in the region of Bierzo and Southeast Ourense. The latest theories sommelier who defend this lead us to the introduction of the current range via Camino de Santiago from the fertile land of Borgoña, finding in the northwest of the peninsula its best implementation productive purposes. Mr. Drummond did not hesitate to point out a quality comparable to the French wines, but, for the moment, they still need the proper international recognition.

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