Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rolled Sugar and Orange Wafer Sticks filled with Chocolate Mousse and served with Apple Ice-Cream

To sweeten the weekend and complete the menu that we propose from the Mother of wine, "Grupo Nove" and the DO Valdeorras, today we offer you this wonderful dessert, " Rolled Sugar and Orange Wafer Sticks filled with Chocolate Mousse and served with Apple Ice-Cream". This unique dessert comes from the hand of Miguel Ángel Campos, a member of the prolific avant-garde group of cuisine "Nove" and the Kitchen chief of the nearly centennial restaurant "A Gabeira", located in O Ferrol. To accompany this culinary delight, Miguel Angel proposes us to enjoy of a Valdeorras Godello, from which he extols its virtues in the second video of this publication.

Miguel Angel is presented as follows with an “attentive lookout of the Galician culinary orthodoxy”

Watchtower of the regional larder, his restaurant A Gabeira has also his chef, Miguel Ángel Campos, as lookout of the Galician culinary orthodoxy. They apply a modern touch being always respectful with the genre. Fact that asserts and rewards the prestigious Michelin Guide.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Rib of Beef from Bandeira with poached squash and mature cheese from Arzúa

 In the following video we present to you a gastronomic proposal for this weekend: Rib of Beef from Bandeira with poached squash and mature cheese from Arzua. This recipe arrives to us thanks to Alberto González Plelcic, a "Grupo Nove" member and the kitchen chief of the Restaurant "Silario", located in Tui. And to the perfect pairing for this dish, Alberto recommends us a Mencia of the DO Valdeorras.

Alberto González Prelcic presents himself as a cook of “formation and vocation”, highlighting that:

"Three are the key points why I chose cooking as a way of life: first, the family model, watching my mother cooking everyday; second, mi education at the Hotel Management School of Galicia, where I laid the foundations of my profession. Third, my stage at Casa Solla, where cooking became not just my profession, but also my passion. My stages at other kitchens and the courses I made enhanced these first 3 basic ingredientes until I found myself inmersed in this proyect that makes me feel excited and enthusiastic... like a little child that learns to write with the help of a "silabario" (a "silabario" is an old notebook to learn to write)".

“Silabario” is the name of the restaurant located in the border region of Tui, where Alberto develops his great cooking ability and all his knowledge on this issue.

"Silabario was and old notebook to learn to write. Like a little child at school, at our restaurant we start from the basis of traditional cuisine: slowly cooked stews, oak ember barbecues, traditional confectionery... and we adapt our dishes to modern times. Our cuisine is basically galician, influenced by our environment, but with the portuguese border so close, you can find some hints of portuguese cuisine in our dishes". 

As follows Alberto presents this recipe

Friday, January 13, 2012

Mackerel pickled with cheese from "O Cebreiro" with Godello of Valdeorras

 In the following video we offer you the recipe for making Mackerel pickled with cheese from "O Cebreiro" with Godello of Valdeorras. A recipe that comes from the hand of Iñaki Bretal, chief of the restaurant's kitchen "Eirado da Leña" and member of the prolific Galician gourmet art group, "Nove".

Iñaki Bretal is always concerned with offering "the best of the best product of Galician" always using the highest expression of this product as feature of his kitchen.

His culinary art reaches its highest expression in the restaurant "O Eirado da Leña" , located in an old house in the historic center of Pontevedra, specifically in the "Plaza de la Leña", opposite the main entrance of the ancient Provincial Museum.

The "Eirado" started 7 years ago as a project of three friends (Marta, Robert and Iñaki) in which the main idea was "always to not mount the dining room of a restaurant, but to set up inside a restaurant a dining of a home". A cozy dining room where diners could feel comfortable and relaxed.

As follows Iñaki presents this recipe

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Financial Times selects a Valdeorras Godello among 25 best white wines in the world.

 The journalist Jancis Robinson has written an article in the newspaper "Financial Times" in favour of the great white wines, in which she has pointed out what are their 25 favorites wines from around the world, being the wine Valdesil 2010, the only from Spain in the list.

In his article entitled "The Great Whites", Jancis Robinson expresses her support for white wines as, according to her, they are so consumed as reds but much less praised.

She adds that there are many good white wines today, by those it is not necessary to wait long to drink them.
Robinson describes the wine Valdesil 2010 as follows: "It comes from a guarantee of origin in which are producing some of the most interesting white wines of Spain. From the Godello variety, a revitalized local grape, comes from vineyards of 30 years old and high shale slopes. Very fresh, smoked, a pure wine and self-confident. Creamy. "

You can read the full article in the Financial Times list of the 25 by clicking here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It is coming a new vintage that brings new projects and hopes

 It starts a new year and the new vintage’s scent begins to emanate from the wineries that make up the DO Valdeorras. With this scent, new hopes and projects are also coming with the characteristic essence of this DO, that will be implemented in all the tables through the typical wines of this region that reflect the feelings of a the land and its people.

In these peculiar times, the DO Valdeorras’ honesty will prevail through wines that have achieved great international recognition and prestige, being these affordable to all tables, and always based on the fundamental criterion which includes all The Valdeorras’ Wineries to offer to all the all people the highest quality at best price.

Therefore, and from the Mother of Wine, we will continue supporting the efforts of this DO to bring the hard work of the wine growers, the winemakers and the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras to all wine lovers.

As evidence of this commitment, today we take the proposal’s reference that the DO Valdeorras presents along with Grupo Nove, in its intention to combine the best vanguarde cuisine pairing with one of the most internationally awarded wines in 2011, with the aim of creating an identifying mark with the essence of this region.

As we know that Valdeorras and Nove Gourmet Group presentations are no longer needed, we want to emphasize the great promotional work that the 20 members of this gastronomic group are carrying out to give an international prestige to the traditional cuisine from Galicia, using new gastronomic trends .

For all this, from The mother of Wine we propose an initiative that comes from the Nove Group and the DO Valdeorras, as you could enjoy every weekend on your tables or in the restaurants of Nove Grupo members of the purest essence of Galicia through the wine and the gastronomy.

So every Friday we will offer you a dish prepared by a Grupo Nove Chefs well-accompanied with a DO Valdeorras wine, which will surely delight the most discerning palates.

From the Mother of the Wine, we want to thank you for your faithfulness one year more, and we wish to continue sharing all the love of this land embodied in the aroma, the flavor and he texture of its great wines.