Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It is coming a new vintage that brings new projects and hopes

 It starts a new year and the new vintage’s scent begins to emanate from the wineries that make up the DO Valdeorras. With this scent, new hopes and projects are also coming with the characteristic essence of this DO, that will be implemented in all the tables through the typical wines of this region that reflect the feelings of a the land and its people.

In these peculiar times, the DO Valdeorras’ honesty will prevail through wines that have achieved great international recognition and prestige, being these affordable to all tables, and always based on the fundamental criterion which includes all The Valdeorras’ Wineries to offer to all the all people the highest quality at best price.

Therefore, and from the Mother of Wine, we will continue supporting the efforts of this DO to bring the hard work of the wine growers, the winemakers and the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras to all wine lovers.

As evidence of this commitment, today we take the proposal’s reference that the DO Valdeorras presents along with Grupo Nove, in its intention to combine the best vanguarde cuisine pairing with one of the most internationally awarded wines in 2011, with the aim of creating an identifying mark with the essence of this region.

As we know that Valdeorras and Nove Gourmet Group presentations are no longer needed, we want to emphasize the great promotional work that the 20 members of this gastronomic group are carrying out to give an international prestige to the traditional cuisine from Galicia, using new gastronomic trends .

For all this, from The mother of Wine we propose an initiative that comes from the Nove Group and the DO Valdeorras, as you could enjoy every weekend on your tables or in the restaurants of Nove Grupo members of the purest essence of Galicia through the wine and the gastronomy.

So every Friday we will offer you a dish prepared by a Grupo Nove Chefs well-accompanied with a DO Valdeorras wine, which will surely delight the most discerning palates.

From the Mother of the Wine, we want to thank you for your faithfulness one year more, and we wish to continue sharing all the love of this land embodied in the aroma, the flavor and he texture of its great wines.

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