Thursday, January 12, 2012

Financial Times selects a Valdeorras Godello among 25 best white wines in the world.

 The journalist Jancis Robinson has written an article in the newspaper "Financial Times" in favour of the great white wines, in which she has pointed out what are their 25 favorites wines from around the world, being the wine Valdesil 2010, the only from Spain in the list.

In his article entitled "The Great Whites", Jancis Robinson expresses her support for white wines as, according to her, they are so consumed as reds but much less praised.

She adds that there are many good white wines today, by those it is not necessary to wait long to drink them.
Robinson describes the wine Valdesil 2010 as follows: "It comes from a guarantee of origin in which are producing some of the most interesting white wines of Spain. From the Godello variety, a revitalized local grape, comes from vineyards of 30 years old and high shale slopes. Very fresh, smoked, a pure wine and self-confident. Creamy. "

You can read the full article in the Financial Times list of the 25 by clicking here.

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