Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Results of the First International Competition of recipes with wine DO Valdeorras

Of the 50 finalist recipes, the organization is pleased to announce as the leading and following this order:

Winner to Mrs. Daniela Paola Hernández, a native of Neuquén, Patagonia, Argentina, for the recipe "Tail of rump with  rice of mushroom and sauce emblematic."

2 th Ms. María Cao Mendez for the recipe "Agamardira"

3 th classified to Mrs. Tiziana Santalices Fernández, A Merca, Ourense, for the recipe "Charlotte of eggplant   with wine of Valdeorras "

4 th ranked to Mrs. Helena Martin, a native of Barcelona, for the recipe "Sauerkraut Garnier"

5 th classified to Mrs. Stella Trinidad Fernandez de Canelones, Uruguay, for the recipe of "Red wine pears with cranberry sauce "

We offer our most sincere thanks to all participants who made it possible for the I International Contest Recipes Wine Valdeorras is become a real success.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

U.S. examines future of godello and Mencia

The food writer Gerry Dawes in the United States recently gave a seminar on the future of Mencia and Godello wines that are made in the appellations of origin and Valdeorras Ribeira Sacra.

This first contact was in New Orleans, and for 23 will be the second, planned in the city of Santa Fe. In both cases, their explanations are complemented with informative tasting of wines from these two areas of Galicia, according to Reuters sources said appellations of origin.

Through selected wines during their frequent trips to Galicia, namely the Ribeira Sacra and Valdeorras, writer Gerry Dawes purports to speak of the good future that, in his opinion, are the wines of these two denominations.

In addition, for the second seminar aims to combine the reds and the whites Mencia and Godello with some dishes from the regions of the Ribeira Sacra and Valdeorras.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Galician oak passes his first test with flying

Use Oak of Galician in the  wines aging exceeds expectations in the first tests.

This joint project between: the Polytechnic School of Lugo, the Universities of Castilla la Mancha and Santiago de Compostela; winwri Algueira (Ribeira Sacra) and the Regulatory Council of DO Valdeorras. Has released the first results of the tests conducted in 2009 mencía broth, grown in wooden barrels is almost a year. In the words of project leader, Professor Ignacio Díaz-Maroto, "The texture and porosity of the Galician oak are best. Since 1990 we are investigating the physical and mechanical properties and nothing indicates that this wood is going to behave badly in winemaking. On the contrary, the results are above expectations. My opinion is that it behaves better than the American. Regarding the French, yet to be investigated more. "

The overall results are expected in 2012, but these first test invite to experiment with other native woods, such as Chesnut.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Come and enjoy a wine tourism in Valdeorras

Taking advantage of the harvest time; Turgalicia, in collaboration with the DO Valdeorras and winemakers, offers a Wine Tourism pack for you to see and enjoy the wine world in Valdeorras.

Come and enjoy the best wines and learn about the world around it hand making the best hosts, our winemakers. You will have the opportunity to meet in the first person our cellars and vineyards, plus you can taste our wines and delight with our food. All this complemented with rural tourism of the highest quality at a price you can not miss.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photo Contest "Viña nova do Val"

Photo Series of Carlos Folgoso Sueiro. "Viña nova do val", August 2010, A Rúa.

The award-winning photographer of Verín Carlos Folgoso , offers a series of 10 photographs  to "The world of wine Valdeorras."

Share your views on the world of wine in Valdeorras and win big prizes by sending your pictures to:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Come to know the world of wine in Galicia

Turgalicia offers a package tailored to your needs to know Galicia from wine tourism.

The towering heights that have reached levels Galician wines of quality and development in recent years, attracting hundreds of interested in wine culture to Galicia. Starting today, the government of Galicia in collaboration with the guarente of origin of the community and winemakers, made accessible to all those as you want to know the world of wine, a wine tour package tailored to the needs of every visitor.

It does not take an expert to come and meet some of the best wines in the world. Here we expect the best hosts, our winemakers, showing and guide you through the different processes of planting, cultivation and wine production. In addition, you can participate in tastings, wine knowledge and collaborate on industry events, all complemented by a more than nourished cuisine, cultural landscape that you can not miss.

The river Sil brings forty-four years of history and sport Valdeorras

On Saturday September 11 there was a reference test Galician canoeing.

7 miles on valdeorres geography competition, which celebrated the XLIV  edition of the fall International Sil, coinciding with the fifteenth edition of the cup Galician rivers and hiking.
The best of the Galician Canoeing gathered at this historic trial, which brought together over 200 participants, including professional and amateur, to enjoy a sunny afternoon of sport and adventure in the sparkling waters around the valdeorra´s river.

Reflection of the soul of our land, this competition brings more fans each year who come to enjoy this event, complemented by the parties or Christ.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A wine of Valdeorras win the award for best white wine of Galicia

Ruchel Godello 2009, Ruchele wineries, received yesterday from the President of the Xunta the award which places it at the head of the Galician white wine.

The awards ceremony for the XXII Galician Wine Tasting and Spirits Tasting Galegas XII, held yesterday in Monterrei; in the section on white wines, the big winner was the stock Valdeorras "O Ruchel Godello 2009". Made with exquisite mime in safeguarding the pure essence of godello within which avoids the use of enzymes that can produce flavors and aromas of this variety unfit. The award was collected by José Luís García Pando, president of DO Valdeorras, unable to support the charge of the winery Inmaculada López.

This award also receive award the three best wines of each DO For Valdeorras have been: "A Coroa Lias", Coroa wineries; Erebus godello 2009 gives wineries Carballal and "Viñaredo, godello 2009 " Santa Marta SAT wineries that have received the" Acio "gold, silver and bronze respectively.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

rain combines with wine

Recent rains are favoring the quality of the grapes.

The climate helps growers work favoring not only production but also quality. Weather forecasts, which give insight remission of rainfall in the coming days, will play an important role, especially in aspects of quality, subjecting plants to water stress will facilitate the maturation and increased phenol content, compounds responsible the aromas of wine. Thus, although not exceeded previous years production, quality issues are clearly optimistic.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

centenaries vines inaugurate Galician harvest

Galician Harvest Valdeorras began yesterday with the collection of the variety godello in strains of more than 120 years.

The winery Valdesil, on his land Pedrouzos (Vilamartín), yesterday began the work of collecting godello. Following thorough analysis to ensure optimal ripeness of the grapes, the valdeorra´s winery pioneered begin the 2010 harvest in Galicia. The reason that makes this wine are placed ahead of the rest of the community, is evident in the age of their vines. In a year that the late frost and drought in late maturity, these plants, with more than 120 years, have managed to cope with inclement getting more nutrients from the soil, thanks to its roots of over 20 meters.
Today is expected to break in the process that will run until next Thursday, due to the rains that are expected to improve, even in slight measure, the production of the areas most affected by drought.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The wine harvest will start the 6th of September in Valdeorras

On September the 6th is the date selected by one of the wineries of Valdeorras to start collecting the grapes. Last year, on the same date, five bottlers had started work and another three finalizing preparations to begin. Delaying the wine harvest, was complicated cause of the adverse weather conditions, especially drought, in the words of farmers of the region.

The difficulties presented the campaign were highlighted by the Regulatory Council's technical director, Jorge Mazaira, noting that the harvest is presented 'very unequal' to the vineyards of the Denomination of Origin. 'A few were hurt by the frost and other, located 100 meters sea level, not touched them, "he said.

Despite the drought, frost and sudden temperature changes, there are positive factors that benefit the upcoming harvest. The storm during the day of yesterday brought heavy rainfall that was received with jubilation by farmers and winemakers.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gallaecia Awards 2010

May 44 wines of Galicia Appellations of Origin shall be allocated equally, the Gallaecia Award 2010, with official recognition from the Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Environment of the Government of Spain.

A total of 107 wines gathered yesterday to qualify in Silleda with Gallaecia Awards 2010.These wines, selected finalists, had previously been rated by the Sommelier Association of Galicia in tasting panels in the months of May, June and July, within the regulatory councils for each of the five DO Galicia. In the final tasting, made yesterday by a panel involving ten sommeliers, prizes were awarded to 44 wines from the five DO

The significance of the awards is equity was achieved in Monterrei Valdeorras and between whites and reds wines, with similar and same number of awards respectively.Conveys the fact that we are making excellent wines that are made in these areas with various grape varieties.