Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In 2014 triumph Prowein wines from Valdeorras

Prowein, international fair of wines and spirits in Düsseldorf, Germany. Where the D.O. Valdeorras has been present.The first edition of Prowein 
was 20 years ago. Currently, ProWein is the main fair worldwide in the sector of trade in wines and international spirits. At this time, the number of exhibitors has been done 15 times greater than the first event, they go 30 times more visitors, the number of participating countries is 6 times greater and the surface covering is 18 times larger.

Prowein 2014 Düsseldorf wine fair, took place this year again in this German city, between the last 23rd of March 25, 2014 at the fairgrounds facilities Messe Düsseldorf. 

He has counted with the presence of the best experts of the sector, being for all an event of almost inexcusable assistance, both for innovations that may be as for the contacts that may be established, not in vain is one of the most important worldwide. 

D.O.Valdeorras has been present on its stand no.A40 of the hall n°4 representing 11 wineries with 22 brands. With this broad representation has seduced the palates of Europe competing with wines from France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Australia, etc. That is, the best of the global wine scene. It is also a fair great presence of importers seeking new ethnological values, i.e., wines of new areas with lesser-known varieties, but a quality rather than contrasting. In this aspect Valdeorras has many strengths because their enclave along with varieties that are cultivated here, gives wines of great personality. 

European importers wines of the DO-excited Valdeorras. As it is almost customary definition of our wines has been the differentiation and quality. More than 40 visits visited the stand of the DO Valdeorras. The future opens towards Japan.

"We want godello de valdeorras to Japan;" He said a German importer. 
Success among importers of Norwegian, Belgian and German two wines of valdeorras. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Bacchus 2014 awards. Great success for the wines of the DO Valdeorras.

Wines of D.O. Valdeorras continue collecting awards and citations, in this occasion, Bacchus 2014, being the most awarded D.O. of the province of Ourense.

Bacchus get together for four days in a large cast of expert tasters of worldwide recognition, that make up the staff of the jury of the appointment. More than one hundred names, from different backgrounds, among which there are, journalists, sommeliers, oenologists, Masters of Wine, Sommelier of Masters, a selection of luxury for assessing and recognizing the quality of present at Bacchus wines. 

Of four designations of origin existing in the province of Ourense, D.O. Valdeorras has been the most awarded and thus up to the East of Ourense will come five awards, three at the Bacchus of silver and two in the category of Gold Bacchus, Neno Viña Somoza by Viña Somoza and Guitián godello by La Tapada. Silver Bacchus for Alán de Val Alan godello by Adega Alán, Bioca godello by María Teresa Núñez and Joaquín Rebolledo red barrel.

Congratulations to all and each of the winners, excellent results coming to recognize the effort, work and dedication of each winemaker. A resounding success for the wines of the DO Valdeorras. Congratulations!

Cellar A Tapada S.A.T · Gold Bacchus 2014

Viña Somoza cellars and vineyards S.L. · Gold Bacchus  2014

Cellar Alán S.A.T. · Silver Bacchus 2014

María Teresa Núñez · Silver Bacchus 2014

Joaquín Rebolledo · Silver Bacchus

Friday, March 21, 2014

"Catavinum World Wine And Spirits Competition" awards winery Maria Teresa Nuñez Vega of DO Valdeorras.

Bioca Godello 2013, has been awarded the Gold Medal, awarded by the Association of ethnologists of France, organized the "World Wine Catavinum And Spirits Competition" one of the most prestigious worldwide.

" Catavinum World Wine And Spirits Competition", has a large participation due to its great importance in the world of wine. In this latest edition, involving more than 2,500 wines from 20 countries, including the Godello of Maria Teresa Nuñez Vega, Bioca Godello 2013, cellar received the gold medal.

The Bioca Godello 2013, made with one hundred percent Godello grape, known for its lemon color, very sharp floral with jasmine and orange blossom. Good level of acidity, intense in the middle palate, layers of complexity and a long finish.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Valdeorras wines are perfect for #CocidoDay

The March 15 will be held the first Cooked Day , altruistic event born of social networks and already has added restaurants throughout Spain .

It is a celebration or glorification of a typical Galician families in every dish , our stew . Without any celebration scheduled , no place in particular, it is something much simpler , to celebrate the Day Cooked , it is only necessary that the March 15 , and three o'clock noon, enjoy a good stew as everyone wants , only accompanied, at home, in restaurants, ...
This initiative is the 2.0 world and aims to " formalize " a day to this very important Galician cuisine dish , because until now , there was not a day that the virtues of such exquisite dish is exalted in addition to the known " Fair Lalin Stew " . What you want to get the organizers, is that through social media, those who join that day enjoy a good stew , so comment with Hashtag # CocidoDay , commenting that such is his, sending photos of the celebration , ...
In Valdeorras the request is supported in O Barco, Piquiño in the restaurant, and with the organization of the same through the project " is Valdeorras wine" , launched by the wine tourism guide Soledad Figueroa. In the province of Ourense only going to hold this event in the capital of the region of Valdeorras .
So from here , we encourage everyone to enjoy this great dish , accompanied by one of the very great wines of the DO Valdeorras that maridan cooked perfectly good .
Happy #CocidoDay to all!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Godello, Mencía and Albariño shared seven flavors

A recent article in the press, has drawn attention because it ensures that the Mencía  grape varieties, Albariño and Godello share seven different aromas.

Wines from Mencia, Godello and Albariño mark distances once served in cup. And not only for being red or white, because as you know the Mencía becomes an excellent red wine, Albariño and Godello being excellent white wines. So beyond the visual aspect godellos albariños and appear to have distinct features aromas and flavors. As they say, “looks can be deceiving” and thoughts about being here is what happens, at least in its olfactory profile. According to a study Biological Galicia Mission recently reported, at least seven flavors are present in the taste of each and every one of them.

There is growing interest in the recovery of native varieties and analysis of the unique characteristics of the Galician wines is on the rise in recent years. Nevertheless, the author of the work, Mar Vilanova in the news says that “there are few studies on sensory characterization." The investigation is precisely to apply quantitative descriptive sensory analysis, the study of the aroma of young wines made ​​Mencia, Godello and Albariño , being three of the most representative castes of production potential of Galicia.

Memories become aromas.
There are over five hundred volatile compounds that come into play in its aroma, so the definition of the olfactory profile of the wine becomes a complex task. Depends on the concentration of these volatile compounds, the human nose depends can detect and describe. "In the sensory analysis, description of flavors is one of the most delicate, as it needs very special form of our olfactory memory," explains Mar Vilanova.

Smelling a wine there are a number of volatile substances that stimulate the olfactory nerve, organ from which the central nervous system information is transmitted. Your response to olfactory stimuli may be a feeling or perception. Feel aroma has more history for an individual, while any illness that prevents the transmission of information from the olfactory nerve to the central nervous system, such as a bad cold, for example. Perceiving a flavor, however, requires an interpretation, a memory exercise. It is what distinguishes mere amateur taster.
For this research were selected tasters with extensive experience in sensory analysis of wine aroma descriptors 33 and recognized in the Albariño variety, 22 in and 20 in mencía godello. There are seven descriptors that are repeated: “anise, toast, banana, pear, apple, herbal and flowers.”

 As expected, the largest number of matches came in the tasting of white Godello and Albariño . Both wines shared 16 descriptors " apricot , anise , banana , citrus , floral , herbaceous, dry grass , lemon , mango , apple , honey , pear, pineapple , pink, tan and tropical ."
For the definition of the sensory profile of each variety, however, a smaller number of descriptors was selected because it discarded were those who “by their low intensity or low frequency of occurrence " is not considered relevant . The increased frequency and intensity obtained in the wine aroma albariños was “citrus ". In the prevailing Mencia “red fruit” and in godellos there was greater diversity, showing this variety a great aromatic power . They stressed, in this case, " apple, flowers, melon, pear and herbaceous ."

On the basis of the most repeated descriptors in studying Biological Mission, a young white Albariño wine is characterized by aromas of ' alcohol, citrus , floral, fruit, ripe , herbaceous and apple fruit . " The predominate Mencia " red fruit , balsamic , floral and lactic ', while in the stand out godello olfactory notes of" apple, melon , peach , floral, citrus , herbaceous, dry grass , pineapple , tropical, roasted pear . "

What do you deserve the results of this study? You detect? Seven matches in the different grape varieties?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Forum Gastronómico 2014. A success for DO Valdeorras.

Over 21,000 people have passed through Forum Gastronómico 2014 within 3 days of activities and exhibitors , including booth highlighted Valdeorras that raised excitement among attendees.

Almost a hundred hotel professionals have made ntotal 14 sessions and 18 workshops and 20 Athenians . The occupancy rate was almost 100% in all areas , making this event a success and share call. The regulatory council participated in various workshops organized by the Department of Rural middle and do Mar where the characteristics of the DO explained and different wines were tasted.

The C.R.D.O. Valdeorras has been promoting more than 15 wineries and their wines. With a major hit with the public who visited our booth , among which include hospitality professionals , very interested in incorporating wines from DO Valdeorras letters in their establishments.
After closing the Forum Gastronomic A Coruna 2014 the organization has classified resounding success as they have far exceeded expectations and goals.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Gastronomic Forum of Coruña. You have a date.

The Forum is the first gastronomic congress fair held, alternating location between Galicia and Catalonia.

We are a few hours to start the Gastronomic Forum of Coruña, where the most important personalities in the culinary world of our country will be present. On 22, 23 and 24 of this month, ExpoCoruña, the most representative food professionals, will showcase their creations and offer live cooking demonstrations.

General admission (10 €) of Coruña Forum, which gives access to the fair and sessions Auditorium, will be available at the entrance of the venue day of the Forum. Advance may be purchased through Novagalicia Bank.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Grenaches du Monde awards "Traste" the winery José Aristegui

Les grenaches du Monde, International Competition held in Perpignan (France) , awarded the silver medal wine "Traste" the Adega José Aristegui.

"TRASTE", a blend of Grenache Tintorera centennial with other varieties arranged in clay and slate floors, 
Adega Jose Aristegui , blocks the Silver Medal in the international competition Les grenaches du Monde.

Great news comes from Perpignan (France), Garnacha Tintorera Jose Luis Aristegui has rubbed shoulders with a sample of the best Grenache World, in a contest which is now in its second edition and has become one reference the variety worldwide, obtaining a very deserving and grateful Silver Medal .

Aristegui Jose tells us in reference to the award achieved for its wine, "is a recognition of the work, but above all, a recognition of the work of my ancestors, they are the ones who really have all the credit, I 'm just a producer, an observer, trying to keep alive a vineyard, a legacy, I'm just a shepherd of the vineyards for a while"

Our congratulations.

More Info: Grenaches du Monde

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Joaquin Rebolledo Mencia 2012. Among the 150 wines unbeatable David Seijas.

David Seijas, Sommelier of El Bulli, the prestigious restaurant of Ferran Adria, for nine seasons and now involved in elBullifoundation.

Presents his new book, "UNBEATABLE WINE 150 WINE between 4 and 10 EUROS" in which Joaquin Rebolledo wine Mencía 2012 Bodega Joaquin Rebolledo is highlighted by the prestigious sumillier.

David Seijas, in his latest book, brings together the best 150 wines whose price is between € 4 and € 10, showing that the price is not key when enjoying a great wine. But he is convinced that" The client has to know the story behind the wine to know and appreciate the sommelier is responsible for telling that story, put the wine in context."
Among the latest discoveries of David Seijas, highlight Gallegos wine, he said, are slowly gaining market share in the audience excellent working basis.
David Seijas confesses that every day is a fan of the Galician red, and the Valdeorras out for its dynamism, fragrance and lightness that make them a few wines with friends and friendly gastronomy.

Stresses Joaquin Rebolledo Mencia 2012 , " strong and elegant way, led by a great acidity and tannin shy , but this cast . Of which you 'll end up a bottle ,and more! " 

I thank David Seijas , considered one of the best sommeliers , the words dedicated to the Galician wines and in particular the Valdeorras.

Source: Vinetur