Monday, March 24, 2014

Bacchus 2014 awards. Great success for the wines of the DO Valdeorras.

Wines of D.O. Valdeorras continue collecting awards and citations, in this occasion, Bacchus 2014, being the most awarded D.O. of the province of Ourense.

Bacchus get together for four days in a large cast of expert tasters of worldwide recognition, that make up the staff of the jury of the appointment. More than one hundred names, from different backgrounds, among which there are, journalists, sommeliers, oenologists, Masters of Wine, Sommelier of Masters, a selection of luxury for assessing and recognizing the quality of present at Bacchus wines. 

Of four designations of origin existing in the province of Ourense, D.O. Valdeorras has been the most awarded and thus up to the East of Ourense will come five awards, three at the Bacchus of silver and two in the category of Gold Bacchus, Neno Viña Somoza by Viña Somoza and Guitián godello by La Tapada. Silver Bacchus for Alán de Val Alan godello by Adega Alán, Bioca godello by María Teresa Núñez and Joaquín Rebolledo red barrel.

Congratulations to all and each of the winners, excellent results coming to recognize the effort, work and dedication of each winemaker. A resounding success for the wines of the DO Valdeorras. Congratulations!

Cellar A Tapada S.A.T · Gold Bacchus 2014

Viña Somoza cellars and vineyards S.L. · Gold Bacchus  2014

Cellar Alán S.A.T. · Silver Bacchus 2014

María Teresa Núñez · Silver Bacchus 2014

Joaquín Rebolledo · Silver Bacchus

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