Friday, March 14, 2014

Valdeorras wines are perfect for #CocidoDay

The March 15 will be held the first Cooked Day , altruistic event born of social networks and already has added restaurants throughout Spain .

It is a celebration or glorification of a typical Galician families in every dish , our stew . Without any celebration scheduled , no place in particular, it is something much simpler , to celebrate the Day Cooked , it is only necessary that the March 15 , and three o'clock noon, enjoy a good stew as everyone wants , only accompanied, at home, in restaurants, ...
This initiative is the 2.0 world and aims to " formalize " a day to this very important Galician cuisine dish , because until now , there was not a day that the virtues of such exquisite dish is exalted in addition to the known " Fair Lalin Stew " . What you want to get the organizers, is that through social media, those who join that day enjoy a good stew , so comment with Hashtag # CocidoDay , commenting that such is his, sending photos of the celebration , ...
In Valdeorras the request is supported in O Barco, Piquiño in the restaurant, and with the organization of the same through the project " is Valdeorras wine" , launched by the wine tourism guide Soledad Figueroa. In the province of Ourense only going to hold this event in the capital of the region of Valdeorras .
So from here , we encourage everyone to enjoy this great dish , accompanied by one of the very great wines of the DO Valdeorras that maridan cooked perfectly good .
Happy #CocidoDay to all!

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