Thursday, June 30, 2011

Producers and processors of Txakoli visit wineries in the DO Valdeorras

Araceli Fernandez, representing wineries Godeval, tells us how was the meeting with the Association of Vizcaia Txakolineros, Bialtxa, who spent a day at the winery  tour, tasting and lunch at the Monastery.

-Producers and processors of this organization decided to organize a trip to Galicia and El Bierzo to know  wineries of the two denominations between them, Godeval. They spent a day in the region of Valdeorras visiting the area and tasting it´s wines. 

 Some of them already had visited us does some years and surprised  of the changes that the cellar is making to expand its production capacity and improve service to visitors.In this time wanted to use the Monastery as a place to enjoy your food, after tasting the wines Godeval and Godeval old strains that have been honored with excellence awards 2011, with a score of 98 and 99 points respectively. 

Those who did not visit. Those that did not know the cellar and neither the godello took advantage of to ask after this variety and his preparation. In addition to testing it during the lunch where each one decanted  by his preferred. 

Also during the visit were surprised by the new winery will soon be running at full. They believe that the Godeval is working hard to grow and liked the modern design of the new winery in contrast to the previous location in the basement of the Mosteiro de Xagoaza .-

The association of Txokolineros of Vizcaia, Bialtxa, is headquartered in the town of Lezama since its founding in the year 90. Currently has 218 partners among producers and processors within the PDO Bizkaiko Txakolina which hosts 55 wineries. In 2010 had an output of 1170.000 liters of which 95 percent is white wine and the other rosé wine and red wine.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The winery of Valdeorras Godeval shows its commitment to Paralympic sport

Godeval sample a year more its strong commitment to the integration of physically disabled people, presenting himself as a collaborator in the International Open City of A Coruña Wheelchair Tennis, scoring round for the Paralympic Games in London 2012.

As has been doing during the seven years of existence of the celebration, winery Godeval, has been collaborating closely in this celebration of International Open tennis Cidade da Coruña in a wheelchair, organized by the School tennis Marineda and sponsored by the City Councils of A Coruña and Cambre.

From 16 to June 19 focused the elite of tennis in a wheelchair in the Marineda Tennis School, an institution that has extensive experience realising an important task of integration and normalisation through the practice of this sport.

Besides, during the competition took place an intense calendar of parallel activities, in which Godeval shined with own light in a tasted celebrated the Saturday 18 June.

Its wines, Godeval and Godeval old Strains , satisfied the tastes so much of both its supporters and the neophytes that had the occasion to test them for the first time.

In this tournament,one of the five international that held in Spain and that has the honour to appear between the most important of the circuit, Martín Varela was proclaimed winner, player of Tennis School Marineda and runner up of the XXI edition of the Championships in Spain.

In addition, the participating athletes scored for classification in the next Paralympics games in London 2012, that will celebrate of 29 August to 9 September.

Definitely, a sportive event of high level that demolishes barriers and with which Godeval always has felt sensitised, to reward individually participants

In this way, the cellar from Valdeorras, sample a solid commitment with the integration and normalisation of the physically disabled, supporting and encouraging this laudable initiative; by means of which pretends serve of instrument so that the people with physical disability can achieve his full social integration, defending his rights, deleting social prejudices, realising a work of prevention and of social sensitisation.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The handcrafted wines of great value were announced yesterday in Tui

The handcrafted wines of great value of several wineries from Spain and Portugal, were announced yesterday in the magnificent setting of the cloister of the Cathedral of Tui.

The initiative came from the Galician Association of Sommeliers (AGASU) in collaboration with Marina Garcia, head of a large wine cellar in Tui, has been welcomed by a large audience of professionals and specialized audience.

For one participating winemakers qualify as a brilliant initiative and José Luis Mateo us that "In the moment that test the wines already value them  ... this initiative got to give people the enthusiasm we put into making these wines." These growers, that joined in the pursuit of the highest quality, expression and differentiation, have valued the enhanced by the incomparable atmosphere of the cloister of the Cathedral of Tui, and Ruben Lopez and Rafael Martín Murciego Peral, winemakers craft of area of Valdeorras agree affirm the importance of "to make known our wines for people try them in this unique place"

The event also wanted to include the neighboring Portugal, which reached its peak in the person of Alvaro Castro, grower in the region of Dao, who shared with the audience his career as a winemaker crafts.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Galician Association of Sommeliers presents the best wines: "The excitement of wine"

Next Saturday the city of Tui will host an event led by the Galician Association of Sommeliers, entitled "The excitement of wines", and by which seeks to extol the qualities of Galician wine towering as one of the best wines in the world.

Taking advantage of a special environment such as the Cloister of the Cathedral of Tui, on Saturday, the Galician Association of Sommeliers (Agasu) will release 'The excitement of wines' an event that shows "thrilling wines, wines that go beyond compiled by a group of winegrowers, winemakers, winery owners representing wine with their creations the thousand shades of Galician wine, "says the group.

These elaborations, says the association Agasu, "will restore to Galicia to the place where he belongs in this world of wine, which is none other than the higher quality wines from Europe and therefore the world".

"Those wines that had brought fame to Galicia, for to be tasted in the most noble tables, for the most demanding palates of the continent and also sung by the wisest king that there was, Alphonse X".

Will be gather twenty five Galician wineries, accompanied by a representation of northern of Portugal and Bierzo, because they are a  regions that share a part of your identity with Galicia, to show "emotion" of good wines.

The event will run between 16.00 and 21.00. Agasu partners will have free entry.

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Meet the Galician Association of Sommeliers

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Know about some traditions of Valdeorras

Monday, June 20, 2011

19 wines of the D.O. Valdeorras win the excellence award 2011

19 wines of the D.O. Valdeorras win the award "Excellence 2011" awarded by the Galician Association of Tasters, while 20 wines from this DO will compete for the award of "Honors Gallaecia"

In their eagerness to know and disseminate the Galician wines and spirits, the Galician Association of Tasters (AGC) has launched a series of tastings to value wines of Galicia for the five Appellations of Origin and Geographical Appellations of traditional spirits and liqueurs in Galicia.

These tastings, always 'blind' (stoppered bottle), are made ​​by members of the association and sensory analysis will serve to grant diplomas of "Excellence."

The Galician Association of Tasters (AGC) is comprised of wine professionals, united by a commitment to learning, sharing and disseminating knowledge about wine and spirits, seek that tasting is not just hedonistic and subjective, it is intended within the possibilities, spread some more to technical and objective criteria.

The tasting of wines from the D.O. Valdeorras held last June 14 at the headquarters of C. R. D.O. Valdeorras - Vilamartín Valdeorras (Ourense) tasted a total of 66 wines.

Wines that are related have been those who have obtained the highest scores by type:




99 / Godeval Cepas Vellas / 2010 Godeval
98 / Godeval 2010 / Godeval
95 / Erebo 2010 / Carballal
94 / A Coroa 2010 / A Coroa
94 / Casal de Furcos 2010 / Avelina
94 / Cepado 2010 / O Cepado
94 / Viña Somoza 2009 / Viña Somoza
93 / Joaquín Rebolledo 2010 / JoaquínRebolledo
92 / D´Berna 2010 / Guitian y Blanco
92 / Santa Delfina  2010 / Roandi
92 / Valdesil Lías 2010 / Valdesil
90 / Viña Abad 2010 / Jesús Nazareno


95 /Garnacha Vella Do Ramiriño / 2009 Sampayolo
95 / Quinta Da Peza Oro 2009 / Quinta da Peza
94 / Valdouro 2009 / Jesús Nazareno
94 / Viñaredo Sousón / Santa Marta
92 / Valderroa Carballo  2009 / Valdesil
90 / Erebo 2010 / Carballal
90 / Joaquín Rebolledo 2010 / Joaquín Rebolledo
 The Galician Association of tasters has shared stage one more year with the Galician Association of Sommeliers, "Gallaecia" in charge of granting of the "Distinctions Gallaecia."

The Galician Association of Sommeliers, has been approved as a wine competition since 11 years ago and is one of the more established awards in the national panorama competition, officially recognized by the Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs Minister of Spain.

It is also one of the competitions where most wines are tasted and the peculiarity of the double-tasting, blind tasting in both cases with a stoppered bottle. The first phase of the tastings is carried out in the CCRR of DO in the most suitable dates for the DO, according to the evolution of its wines and the number of wines already on the market.

The profile sheet used is the one of the OIV (International Wine), which is very similar if not identical, to own Gallaecia.

From the first pre tasting, the CCRR selects the wines for tasting will end in the second half of August and this edition will be in the province of Lugo, specifically in Ribeira Sacra. In this final tasting the samples that were selected previously in the CCRR pre tasting samples will market (specialty stores, distribution ... which ensure the proper care of wine) to ensure that the winning wines can be found by the consumers.

The D.O. Valdeorras have selected the following wines:




Friday, June 10, 2011

The American Gerry Dawes,a renowned specialist in gourmet and in the wine world, makes his annual visit to wineries A Coroa

The American Gerry Dawes, a renowned specialist in the world of gastronomy and wine among other works and one of the best specialist that known Spanish culture, makes his annual visit to wine cellars A Coroa making great reviews of their wines.

Broadly speaking, the New Yorker Gerry Dawes is a writer, photographer and lecturer specialized in the cuisine, wines and culture of Spain. He lived in Andalucía for eight years, has nearly 40 traveling around the country and has an average of seven annual culinary trips to Spain. He was awarded with the National Prize of Gastronomy "Marqués de Busianos" 2003 by the Spanish Academy of Gastronomy and The Brotherhood of the Good Food and is the only foreigner honored with the Award of Eleven Wine Dinner. He is the Contributing Editor of Food Arts, Wine News, Santé and several magazines of ICEX and has published hundreds of articles on wine, food and travel in Spain. He has presented papers and presentations at Culinary Institute of America - Napa Valley, Christie's New York, Encounter Verema (Valencia), Philadelphia Museum of Art (six dinners during the exhibition of Dali), International Association of Culinary Professionals (Annual Meeting), IBERWINE, Madrid Fusion, Fenavin, Vino a Toda Vela and host of the Spain's Ten (10 best chefs in New York Spanish). He was the Chairman of the James Beard Dinner-Auction Foundation in 2004 that was dedicated to Spain, honoring Ferran Adrià and Juan Mari Arzak and beating all records of the foundation.

He declares himself as a lover of godellos of Valdeorras and the last Wednesday he made his annual visit to the wineries A Coroa, which in this case he was received in the accompaniment of Emmanuel Dupuy, manager of several wine shops in a lot of U.S. states.

"Gerry comes every year to taste our wine because he is in love with it and with all general godellos too" conveys Marta Sertaje of the winery A Coroa. "He says we have a great potential in Valdeorras, and  that with our dedication and effort we can keep the quality of our wines over the years ". First tasted A Coroa 2010 and A Coroa lees 2010. "He always prefer the wine without lees and without wood because he says that the variety godello has great potential to produce wine by itself without having to put it in wood or with lees. Nevertheless, he said that our wine on the lees is very well done and we have assemble very well ", said Marta.

"We gave him to taste a bottle of 2007 and his surprise was very pleasant, though he knew wich godello is a variety that is developed very well in the bottle. He also said it was a pity that these wines are consumed in the same year of their production instead of leaving them in the bottle 1 or 2 years before being drunk", she explains.

In this way it becomes clear that the interest in the quality of Valdeorras´ wines is both inside and outside of our borders, always based on an exquisite work done by the growers, winemakers and Regulatory Council, covered under the name of D.O. Valdeorras.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wine of the D.O. Valdeorras: From Dallas to Madrid

Promotional policy DO Regulatory Council Valdeorras towards the spreading of excellence of its wines worldwide, recives an impressive recepcion from the U.S. to Spain. 

The evolutionary dynamics of valdeorresa wines in recent years, a faithful reflection of a job well done by the growers, winemakers and regulatory council;generates a large greeted abroad and in Spain.

Thus, it is considered  the visit of last May 18 in the face of the ever more demanding and specialized American professional sector, big fan of wine DO Valdeorras, as a great succes of which do not hesitate to point out their differentiation and identification  quality wines under the emblem protected under this mark of quality that, increasingly, is considered to the DO Valdeorras. 
Seminar given by C.R.D.O. Valdeorras in Dallas
To all this must be reminded nowadays that one of the seals that are used as exemplary model in the world of wine in our country and as a role model in quality development, differentiation, distribution, promotion and price is the DO Valdeorras. This reflex is tangible at events like the one held last Monday in Madrid, said to attract close to 1500 people between professionals and the general public. This have been a significant increase in reception with previous years, making clear, and if you let me redound, progress in quality that year after year is done by the wine from this DO, without a significant increase in its price. 

And if the awards and recognition nationally and internationally covering these wines are more, for winemakers and the Regulatory Council the highest award is that you broadcast with all your interest, your host and your great value that you offer of their wines.

From ourselves and the winemakers of the DO Valdeorras, we send our most sincere thanks, with looking forward to sharing with you many meetings how are you. 
Presentation and tasting of wines D.O. Valdeorras in Madrid

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Successful hosting of the wines D.O. Valdeorras in Madrid

The Apellation of Origin (DO) Valdeorras is resisting well the crisis and even increased sales slightly in recent years, a trend they want to consolidate  through measures as the promote of the presentation of eighty of their wines was celebrated yesterday in Madrid.

The president of the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras, José Luis García-Pando, explained to EFEAgro that has no "complaint" of how they are developing sales with a significant increase in distribution

The Denomination of Origin Valdeorras is located in the province of Ourense, brings together 44 wineries and works in the recovery of native grape varieties like Godello and the promotion of plantations of other varieties like Mencia.

With days like yesterday in Valdeorras presentation, the wines of the D.O. Valdeorras were released a little better because as this is a Apellation of Origin "small", their wines do not reach all distribution channels.

It has therefore insisted that they must "keep moving" to achieve transmit their excellence to the general public and to this end, the DO Valdeorras will hold a similar day in Barcelona, ​​another of its markets "most important", according to Garcia- Pando.

At the presentation day, held at the Hotel Palace in Madrid, have gone 23 wineries in the Denomination of Origin that have exposed some 80 wines.

The organizers, at the expense of a more comprehensive analysis, estimated that attendance was around 1500 persons from industry professionals, sommeliers, restaurant representatives, distributors and general public because, as recalled Garcia-Pando, "they are finally choosing the wine. "

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Important Russian delegation visit today, two wineries in the DO Valdeorras

A group of Russian importers and restaurateurs know, today, the wines of Godeval

While several wineries prepare their finery, to showcase the excellence of their wines in Madrid. The international great prestige of the wines DO Valdeorras, reflected in recent visits made "in situ" to the wineries of Valdeorras by delegations from abroad, is reflected in the important visit of a distinguished delegation to Winery Godeval, wich will receive today Thursday, June 2, a group of special visitors. Are restaurateurs and importers of Russian cities that are interested in the excellence of the wine of Valdeorras. Are conducting a tour to meet some of the most significant apellationgs of origin in Spain and could not miss Valdeorras, including travel plans to visit two wineries in the DO 

The Godeval visit to be held at noon, where the visitors will have the opportunity to know the vineyards and facilities where exquisite wines are produced Godello: Classic Godeval and Godeval old strains. 

This delegation has in its ranks with some important leading importers and sommeliers of restaurants in the cities of Samara, Novosibirsk, Perm, Ekatrerinburg and St. Petersburg. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Know, one by one, all the wineries participating in the presentation of wines DO Valdeorras in Madrid

The findings of the wineries will present their excellence in the presentation and tasting of wines DO Valdeorras in Madrid.

Once closed the drawing invitations to the Internet followers of the mother of wine, who has broken all records for participation. We can only thank the interest shown by all the participants, congratulating the lucky ones and sending an encouraging message to those who were left out, reminding them that they will soon have the opportunity to participate in future acts of this nature, since the Consello Regulator Valdeorras and winemakers, do not forget the important commitment they have with every public.

In this regard, wineries D.O. Valdeorras wearing their best clothes, which are quality and know-how, going to share the excellence of their wines with all attending this event. We remember that the act will be held the next June 6 at the Palace Hotel, Plaza de las Cortes 7, Madrid. From 12:00 to 2:30 pm and 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Thus, from the mother of wine, we are pleased to announce the wineries attending the event; facilitándoos a link to their Web Sites, to which you can access by clicking on the name of the cellar, so that you have the opportunity to see first hand their products and expertise.

Participating wineries:

- Bodega Roandi, S.A.T.