Monday, June 27, 2011

The handcrafted wines of great value were announced yesterday in Tui

The handcrafted wines of great value of several wineries from Spain and Portugal, were announced yesterday in the magnificent setting of the cloister of the Cathedral of Tui.

The initiative came from the Galician Association of Sommeliers (AGASU) in collaboration with Marina Garcia, head of a large wine cellar in Tui, has been welcomed by a large audience of professionals and specialized audience.

For one participating winemakers qualify as a brilliant initiative and José Luis Mateo us that "In the moment that test the wines already value them  ... this initiative got to give people the enthusiasm we put into making these wines." These growers, that joined in the pursuit of the highest quality, expression and differentiation, have valued the enhanced by the incomparable atmosphere of the cloister of the Cathedral of Tui, and Ruben Lopez and Rafael Martín Murciego Peral, winemakers craft of area of Valdeorras agree affirm the importance of "to make known our wines for people try them in this unique place"

The event also wanted to include the neighboring Portugal, which reached its peak in the person of Alvaro Castro, grower in the region of Dao, who shared with the audience his career as a winemaker crafts.

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